Perks of choosing Engineering

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Of all the occupation to choose, in the vibrant country, the path of engineering witnesses the most enthusiasm. India is a nation known for its progress in scientific temperament and there will always be a demand for skilled engineers in diverse fields. Some of these are enriching and contribute greatly into the nation’s economy and standard of living.  With progress, the society evolves, with the current infrastructure, products & public services becoming outdated at lightning speed. The intricacy in improving these places a huge burden on the Government, which can be augmented through the insurgence of engineers. Together, they acquire ability to mold the future.

While choosing the path of engineering might involve clarity in finalizing, here are a few reasons to tip the scale for that favor:

Challenge and Creativity are enshrined

Engineers exhibit incredible creativity when confronted with the challenges of modern life. As mentioned earlier, the more complexity involved in a problem, the more creativity is needed in searching for the best solution. The amazing design and ingenuity of a Tesla Roadster and the immersive feel that your smart phone provides for you were the direct influence and creation of engineering, brought about by immense challenges (global warming, global connectivity). Of course there is also input from scientists, designers & business people in such huge projects. While these types are imagining the ideas and envisioning the business model, engineers are creating the reality. If you are curious about how things work and have a keen mind for applying what you learn to solve real world problems, engineering is the perfect avenue for your talents. Read more