Hi everyone, my name is Kevin and I’m Barewire from the twoplustwo forums. I'm a full time HUNL cash player, currently playing regs between 1/2-5/10 on various networks and bumhunting up to 25/50. I graduated from the University of Chicago in early 2011 with a degree in Economics and Statistics and I'm currently taking part time statistics classes at University of Toronto. I've been coaching HUNL since mid 2009 and playing since 2008. I started full time once I moved to Toronto after Black Friday about a year and a half ago.

Because I play cash I'm primarily devoted to helping your deep stacked game, but I have a lot of experience with sub-100bb play as well and would be readily able to coach any stack depth. With that said, I'd most strongly recommend my coaching for HUSNG players looking to break into HUNL cash, slower SNG formats, and working on their HUMTTs.

If you're interested in my poker background, you can check out my player profile, listed under Barewire.

Here are some recent graphs:

Lifetime Heads Up NL Cash (Below)

Heads Up NL Cash Graph

Post Black Friday Heads Up NL Cash (Below)

Post Black Friday Stats

My coaching will primarily focus on deep stacked situations, may that be in sngs or in cash games from anyone trying to make a transition to that structure. I offer the following options:


To give you an idea of what kind of content you can expect from me, here are two free videos from my heads up cash package (available HERE).



Using Camtasia or any similar screen recording program, you can record up to 30 minutes of gameplay silently and I will return the video to you with my commentary. Generally a 30 minute video will end up being around 75 minutes long once I’ve commented on it. I encourage you to record all of your sessions until you find a few players you struggled against, so that you won’t waste your 30 minutes of video with only 5 minutes worth of questionable situations. If you feel comfortable recording audio while playing, feel free to add your thought process to the recording and I’ll return to you a written report rather than a video. This will be particularly useful if you want comments on the way you think about hands, rather than the hands that happened to come up during a session. For both options the price for one video/report is $400 and bulk discounts will be available upon request.

If you don’t have access to a screen recording program we can arrange to do a live session reviewing HEM/PT replays or discussing theory. I’m also open to watching a session of yours while answering questions and taking notes, returning to you a written review of what I think you can improve on. I won’t be doing any ghosting sessions. The hourly rate for a live session is $400.

Please feel free to PM me or post here with any specific questions about the video packs and/or my coaching. I should warn everyone in advance that my availability is limited and I apologize if I'm not diligent about responding to everyone quickly. Contact me on skype at krabi23 and please mention my coaching in your message as I'm trying to be careful with who I add to my contacts. Thanks for your interest!