We're directing users over to the TwoPlusTwo Heads Up Sit and Go and Spin and Go Strategy Forums to ask questions and receive feedback. We're doing this for several reasons:

- In 2021, the reality of online forums is that a lot of the traffic has moved onto social media website such as Facebook or chat programs such as Discord. This reduces forum traffic on niche-specific sites like HUSNG.com. 

- A redesign of our forums to better attract new users and consistent posting would be costly, it would require raising prices on our products to fund and that is not something we're interested in if there are better solutions available.

- The TwoPlusTwo forums have been around for decades, we've maintained close relationships with the owners and we've sponsored and moderated their forums for many years now. It is a familiar and comfortable place with ownership that we can trust.

- The TwoPlusTwo forums already have quality posters in the forum regularly. You can expect to get feedback from $100+ level winning professionals if you post a hand or question. As a moderator in that forum for the last decade, if I notice a thread doesn't get a good reply, it's easy to ping a professional to reply.

If you have a strategy, poker room or any other question, or you're just looking to browse, join us over at the TwoPlusTwo Forums.

-RyPac13 HUSNG.com Owner (ChicagoRy on TwoPlusTwo).