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Hey everybody my name is Paul otherwise known as " PBogz" and I have been playing NL heads up sngs for about 6-7 years. I first started playing when a friend of mine let me borrow 10 dollars on a site that went by the name of BugsyClub and built my bankroll from that point on.
When on bodog I went by the name Kenflo where I was a winning reg, but since black friday I moved on to the Revolution network to start building my bankroll back up at the $33 to $55 Turbos.
Kenflo Bodog Coaching Stats
Pbogz Poker Coaching Graph Stats Rates
Type of coaching. 
  • Leakfinders
  • Live Sweat
  • Going over hand histories
  • $70 an hour
  • $65 for 5 hours
  • $60 for ten hours with purchase of package
  • *Special Offer* After your first hour purchase with me, you can play me in a $10 heads up match. If you win, you keep the money. If I win, I send you back your buyin. This is a limited time offer.
skype pbogz1114
email pbogz1114 @yahoo.com