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CoffeeSpins Updated to 1.3

CoffeeSpins has been updated to version 1.3. Everyone with CoffeeSpins should see the update automatically when they restart PT4 (or open it again). Here are the details:

**Udpate v1.3**

**New Stats** “Coffee Spins Max” only


SBvBB Miss Cbet & XR

BBvSB Float & fold

**PREFLOP** Blind Wars 

SB Fold Vs 3Bet AI/NOAI (all stack depths) 

BB 3Bet AI/NOAI (all stack depths)

**Vs Hero**

3Bet AI




3Bet Vs Big OR

Fold Vs 3Bet after Big OR

**Bugs** (Both Huds)

Problem with antes in iPoker Network

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Hi. Just started my PT4 and i

Hi. Just started my PT4 and i saw some addons being installed prestartup screen; and right now, there's no CoffeeSpins HUD in my hudlist anymore...

I got this message  when pt4 loaded : https://gyazo.com/faf3eafcaceb0a8c5e45928136e266fa .

What do i need to do to get it back ? HELP.

wtf hu ?

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it's working, had to update

it's working, had to update pt4 !

wtf hu ?

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It doesnt work now...

Alright, so my PT4 is not working anymore after i switch hud to CoffeeSpin. Hand importing stops after first game and not responding any more. Also all stats are messed up and i have to spend a lot of time to gather them as it was before update. 

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Try doing a custom cache

Try doing a custom cache rebuild.

I always recommend doing one of those any time a HUD modifies, is added, deleted, etc. It's probably good regular maintenence too. A lot of random stuff we see on PT4 is solved by a custom cache rebuild.

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Reisntalling PT4 helped

I had to reinstall PT4, now it works fine, thanks.

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