Welcome to our free videos page, where you can find our collection of free heads up poker videos. These videos are download-only and mostly available in the .wmv format. You must be logged into a free HUSNG account prior to downloading these videos. *Update* Newer free videos are both downloadable and embedded directly on the video page.

$100+ Level

Mjw006 $100 Turbo - Mjw talks about donk bet situations and flop play with marginal hands in this 28 minute video.

Ph33roX $200 Review - Ph33roX reviews a portion of a match at the $200 level in this 12 minute video.

Chadders $100 Hyper Turbo - Chadders talks about categorizing opponents and facing limpers in this 10 minute video.

PHMERC Leakfinder - PHMERC does a leakfinder $300 leakfinder between two good players in this 30 minute video.

Mersenneary Super Turbo - Mersenneary plays a tight passive opponent at the $200 super turbo level.

Cog Dissonance Super Turbo - Cog Dissonance plays a $100 level super turbo match.

Cog Dissonance vs Chemztry - Cog plays Iceland's best, heads up professional Chemztry.

Barewire Deep Stack - Barewire plays a $200 level deep stack heads up sng in this 17 minute video.

Fydor_8 Match Review - Fydor reviews a $200 level turbo speed match that he played in this 20 minute video.

Under $100 Level

Mjw006 Introduction - Mjw plays $11 turbo speed matches and discusses how to beat low stakes heads up sngs, including incorporating reads into decision making and and solid fundamental play.

 new ITRIED2WARNU Leakfinder - $3.50 level leakfinder with a lot of great fundamental play perfect for newer and lower stakes players.

JacktheShipper Hyper Turbo Leakfinder - JTS reviews hyper turbo play at the $30 level in this 22 minute video.

SmallPears Turbo Speed - Pears talks about identifying valuable information and using it to adjust to your opponent. $55 level, 30 minute video.

SmallPears Turbo Speed - Pears discusses a variety of low to mid stakes concepts at the $55 turbos in this 34 minute video.

RyPac13 Hyper Turbo Hand Review - RyPac breaks down a variety of mostly readless hands from the $7-30 hyper turbo level in this 40 minute video.

RyPac13 Hyper Turbo Hand Review (Second Edition) - RyPac talks about playing draws and suited connectors OOP as well as value betting multiple streets with weaker than top pair hands in this 32 minute video.

RyPac13 Concept Video - RyPac discusses donk betting, or betting the flop out of position in a raised pot.

RyPac13 Hyper Turbo Leakfinder #1 - RyPac discusses general strategy and approach in this $7 level hyper turbo leakfinder against a variety of opponents.

RyPac13 Hyper Turbo Leakfinder #2 - RyPac reviews a series of rematches against a maniac opponent in the $7 level hyper turbo heads up games.

RyPac13 Regular Speed Leakfinder - RyPac advises increased aggression throughout this $30 level regular speed leakfinder.

RyPac13 Regular Speed Leakfinder - RyPac discusses 3-bet value ranges, small blind open raising ranges and playing in big pots.  The leakfinder takes place at the $10 regular speed level.

Katipo Leakfinder 1 - Katipo does a review for a member in the low stakes euro buyin games.

Katipo Leakfinder 2 - Katipo continues to review play for a member in the low stakes.

Maxv2 33s and 55s - Maxv2 reviews his play in $33 and $55 level turbo speed heads up matches on Merge.

 new Mental Game Poker Videos

SGT RJ Detilter - SGT RJ offers a quick 5 minute cooldown video for players that are tilted, angry or upset, particularly after a poker session.

SGT RJ Emotional Control - Nicole talks about controlling emotions in poker and offers a variety of ways to begin tackling emotional control issues right away. 30 minutes.

SGT RJ Goals in Life and Poker - Nicole talks about how to set yourself up for success with goal formulation and proper motivation in this 40 minute video.


Heads Up Cash to Heads Up SNG (Part 1) - Barewire and Skates talk about the similarities and differences between these two forms of heads up poker.  They also discuss some common myths and misconceptions that non heads up sng players can have about heads up sngs.  Part 2 is available with the standard membership, parts 3 and 4 are available to premium members.

Interview with Olivier "livb112" Busquet (Video) - Long considered the best heads up sng specialist, Olivier talks with HUSNG for an hour about a variety of topics including H2Olga, Bjoerni89, Isildur, HUDs, black friday, staying in school and more.

3-bet Shoving Equity Calculator Spreadsheet (Video and Poker Tool) - Genher's free 3bet calculator works with both open office and word and comes with a 6 minute instructional video.

Archive Clips (2009)

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