This calculator will give you the % chance you have of winning an amount of games over any given sample size?

Type in the amount of games and how many games you are likely to win over that sample and the binomial calculator will give you the likelihood of it happening.

You also need to input your winrate as a percentage (usually between 50%-60%).


You have a winrate of 56%

You are playing an opponent over 300 games and you want to know your % chance of winning at least 160 of those games.


Enter  56  for Winrate%

Enter 300 for No. of Games

Enter 160 for  No. of wins 

CLICK "Calculate Results"

OUTPUTS Should be


Chance of Winning 80.86%

Chance of Losing   19.14%


   Heads Up Sit'n'go Binomial Calculator 

Winrate%    No. of Games     No. of wins

 Note: All values should be cleared for each new calculation



    Chance of Winning  % (including exact number of games)


       Chance of Losing   %