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I believe it's an OS X

I believe it's an OS X issue.

See here - https://www.pokertracker.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=31388

I will check with PT about this, since that thread is old (but the last post mentions only possibly fixing for PT4).

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Update - PT says that they

Update - PT says that they believe those blinking issues were resolved. If you can open a pokertracker.com support ticket and show them the problem (screenshot and details), they will be able to further assist. Please update (or contact me directly) with how that goes.


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Thanks for the quick reply,

Thanks for the quick reply, will do!

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Pokerstars new rules for third party software

What is the impact on CoffeeHud of Pokerstars new rules for third party software? (the downloadable PDF preliminary to them updating their TOS)

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We've made sure that all of

We've made sure that all of our tools comply by talking directly with PokerStars. Some required some modifications, others did not.

Currently everything should be compliant.

In the future, we'll continue to adjust as needed to the rules to set out by PokerStars.

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Are stats by stacksize still

Are stats by stacksize still allowed?

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Yes they are.

Yes they are.

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nash/eff stack size popup disappearing

Hi, would like to ask if  nash/eff stack size popup is still allowed , and if so I have a problem that it is not shown. I played and than whole hud froze and after a while no nosah/eff stack size pop up was there. I have tried to restart my hud, stars etc hud works fine but that pop up is basically not there..anyone else experienced this issue?


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I haven't heard of anyone

I haven't heard of anyone else having this issue yet. If we don't figure out what it is, we'll have to have you work directly with PT to see what the issue might be.

My last suggestion in email to you was to delete the nash popups manually yourself on the HUD, then reinstall them (they are available free in the PT4 warehouse on their website) and see if that fixes it.

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Which version is it at right

Which version is it at right now? 2.0.5? Color coding seem to be rigged a little bit in comparison to the previous version.

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2.0.6, but a newer update is

2.0.6, but a newer update is coming soon.

What do you mean by rigged color coding?

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That's odd - I only have

That's odd - I only have 2.0.5 

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Some people only have 2.0.5,

Some people only have 2.0.5, some have 2.0.6.

I believe 2.0.6 was made mostly bc a % of people with 2.0.5 were having an error, so I don't think there is anything of real substance that is diferent on the HUDs.

In any case, 2.0.7 is coming soon and everyone will be upgraded.

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Welcome bought CooffeeHud,

Welcome bought CooffeeHud, adjust color, and there was two questions: 1) how to transfer the configuration to the second computer, of course, with the same account Poketracker, 2) they do not lose settings when updating CooffeeHud?

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I have a custom cofeehud, i

I have a custom cofeehud, i added some stats i felt was missing, if i want for a friend that also has cofeehud to get the stats, is there a way for me to dot hat? or i have to do it manually?

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Both of your questions are

Both of your questions are similar.

I thought there was a way but I have the question out to a few programmers of PT4 HUDs to see for sure because I haven't been able to figure it out. I'll update if/when I find something.

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What is the definition of the

What is the definition of the ISS stat? My guess would be iso shove and that is separated from the standard ISO raise

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I guess you are talking about

I guess you are talking about ISOS because I don't have an ISS stat on my HUD. To answer your question, ISO is an isolation raise that is non all-in and also a non-committing amount (that means that if villain ISO raises non all-in but the raise is 90% of his stack that would be considered an all-in ISO raise - just an example but I don't know the exact committing treshold that Coffee uses) and indeed ISOS is an isolation raise that is all-in.

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Great update guys. Thank you

Great update guys. Thank you !!!

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Great update, the limp stats

Great update, the limp stats were sorely needed. Thanks for the excellent work (also noticed the delay river cbet stats, super sweet!)

I have a new petition though.

Can we have an alternative hud?

​I can see how all the depths are good for someone that plays in the less populated networks where you can get 3k samples on the same guy. But when you play 30s/60s on stars, getting significant samples like that is too optimistic, and I would prefer bigger clusters.

In fact having the two options, would be nice so you can switch between bigger depth clusters and smaller depth clusters. 

Also I understand the 35+  is good for turbos, but we know most volume is played on spins and hypers, and that extra line seems annoying. and a few extra stats there are annoying.

So my petition is, could we have 2 new profiles? one for high volume spins/hypers, and one for low volume spins/hypers?

The high volume one would be exactly like this one but:

-without the 35+,

-  without the 3bet sets for cbe and fold to cbet (really i have 10k on one guy, i still dont have a decent sample for that, it takes precious space for no reason),

- I would also ask for no flop 3bet (again a stat too gameflow dependant, and almost impossible to get any significant sample, knowing his fold frequency to 3bet is generally enough.

- I would also remove the 4b related stats  preflop, again i see how its a thing in turbos and slower, but it takes precious space on hypers/spins

i think its enough, for this super rarely used stats, i think there can be a pop up


The low volume  profile would be just like the previous ones but just have bigger clusters Like the old profile 17+ 12-18 7-13 0-8

I would do it myself, but you cant duplicate profiles in pt4 with the cofeehud.


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Thanks for that feedback. If

Thanks for that feedback.

If you email me your info, I can give you a duplicate of the HUD and you can customize that yourself (you can add new stats, delete ones on the HUD, move them, etc. Just can't view or edit definitions of stats in the HUD).

It's unlikely there will be another update for awhile. It's a good bit of work to do these updates and there are many new products being developed now, so resources are committed for quite some time.

Your feedback is really appreciated though, it certainly seems pretty solid in a lot of ways, so if/when another update is done, it'll definitely be taken into account.

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Message sent

Message sent

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Sadly I realize that if i

Sadly I realize that if i cant change the stat definitioni cant change the range of hte stats wich means making the clusters i wanted to make, is impossible


Plz next time there is an udpate planned let us know so we can throw feedback.

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why not add the post flop

why not add the post flop stats into your old coffeehud.

the postflop stats arent broken down by stack size.,

that way you can benefit from all the added stats in limped pots etc at least



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Waterd, we posted in this

Waterd, we posted in this thread about the update in July. You replied in August some suggestions and we had both of those already being worked on. You didn't mention stacks, though the beta testers would've had to get behind that suggestion at that point to have made it any different.

In any case, for stuff like 35+, you can just delete I believe. You shoudl be able to add and delete anything on the HUD, move around, etc.

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Yes I already deleted in my

Yes I already deleted in my hud all things i didnt want, that was easy. 

I didnt mention stacks because that was fine in previous version of hud! so there was nothing to suggest!


Right now my only problems is that the 6 depths is too much and i would prefer 4, and i have no way to do that. Because I would have to change the value of the statistics, but the way its setup you cant even find the the statitics on pt4, much less duplicate them. If i would have access i could change all stats since its just a few number changes.

Actually im ok with these many depths vs some players, so i think ideally there should be two profiles, one with 4 depths and one with 6, the first one for people i have less than 500-1K, and the 6 depths for people you have 1k+ (though if i would have to choose only one profile i would go with 4 depths.)

And I would like a River delay cbet for limp pot, i dont know why we have them for raised pots but not limp pots.

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Pls correct this bug!!!


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Have the Limp Trap stat been

Have the Limp Trap stat been removed because I don't see it in my HUD anymore? If yes, what is the reason it's been removed ? Thanks.

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Yes, it is based on preflop

Yes, it is based on preflop starting hand, which means it's too dynamic for PokerStars new software rules, so we removed it.

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Buying CoffeeHUD


When you buy this product, there is some additional monthly or yearly cost? Or when the product is purchased, we can use it for life?


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There's no additional costs,

There's no additional costs, no monthly or yearly fees or anything like that.

The product is for PT4, so I wouldn't use the term "life" only because PT4 could eventually go out of date/stop being upgraded (and not work for poker rooms).

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Just got HUD and am setting

Just got HUD and am setting it up, it's incredibly informative, potentially bordering on information overload, but I suspect once I get used to the most useful stats i'll get better at using it. 

A couple of quick remarks:

In the youtube video, around the 10:20 mark you talk about the limped pot SB stats and say, for example, "(DELAY&B) this is if you check back the flop and then stab when checked to on the turn". I know I'm being extremely nitpicky but the use of the word "you", which you do a couple of times in the vid, makes it a little confusing because as far as i can tell you're actually referring to when villain checks back flop and then stabs when checked to on the turn. 

Then when you go on to explain the donk stat you do the exact opposite and say (10.43) "so if they donk the flop, this is how often they barrel turn, this is how often they double barrel". Again, I'm being a nitpick, but it's actually hero who is doing the donking given these are VILLAIN SB stats. I had to repeat the section a couple of times to understand because you're actually meaning to say how often they FOLD to the donk. 

I got there in the end though and given no one else has brought it up maybe I'm just being retarded. It is kinda late here atm... :p

One final query, a few of the DELAY&B stats when I hover over them actually show T barrel instead of R barrel. This might be deliberate, I'm not particularly familiar with PT4, but as an example in the L POT SB, "DELAY&B" when I hover over the river number it shows "EPH Delayed Turn LCBet, Barrel T (sb)". Should that final bit not be Barrel R? I notice it again when I hover over the river number in the R POT SB section, (DELAY)"...&B"

Actually I lied about that query being the final one. How do I delete the 35+BBs line from the stats?

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Hey, sorry about the lack of

Hey, sorry about the lack of clarity in the video. It's always tough to be consistent with this situation because we can think both about the action of delay cbetting, and then using yourself as an example of a delay cbettor is fine, but in the context of a HUD we are tracking our opponent, and so yes it would have been more appropriate to talk about villain delay cbetting since that's the situation we're tracking. So yeah sorry about that. In the end when looking in the context of the HUD it should be obvious--in SB stats we track villain's SB stats and therefore we can track his delay cbetting and his fold to donk frequency, in BB we track villain's BB stats so that's where we can track his donk frequency :) Once you know what the action is you're very unlikely to misinterpret who's doing it :D

Not sure about the T vs R in the barrel stats, likely you found a typo :) The names of the stats have to be entered manually, and they are simply a label and not part of the programming. We'll add this to the next update we do though to avoid future confusion :) The stats definitely work as they should though so no need to worry.

As for removing the line, go into "edit hud profiles" and you can pick subgroups and edit them. If you have trouble there's tons of PT4 documentation freely available through their website.


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Awesome, thanks very much and

Awesome, thanks very much and thanks for prompt reply :) 

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my stats are sometime on the table

all my stat ( l pot sb bb, preflop, post sb bb ) are sometimes on the table how can i turn off them i just want my hero stat and all the vilain's stats

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Are you talking about PT4

Are you talking about PT4 showing stats for more than just two positions?

If so, go to hud->edit hud options->number of players filtered->2-2

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Hey For some reason, the


For some reason, the limp-trap stat is missing from my CoffeeHUD. Any ideas?




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PokerStars new software rules

PokerStars new software rules don't allow limp trap stats because it relies on specific hole cards preflop to build the stat. Sorry!

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Can i get CoffeeHUD 2,1 for

Can i get CoffeeHUD 2,1 for free if i have older CoffeeHUD 1,4,1 version? If yes , how?


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Yes, go to

Yes, go to www.husng.com/vip/pokertracker to fill out the form. Make sure to give us accurate information and we'll get you setup.

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Coffee HUD no longer working with Poker Tracker 4.149

The Coffee HUD user interface does not render properly with the new version of Poker Tracker, version 4.1.49. I created a support ticket at Poker Tracker, and they have not gotten back to me. I attempted to revert to an older version of PT4, and that did not work. I urge people to NOT TO UPGRADE THEIR PT4 to version 4.149, as they might find themselves without a working Coffee HUD, like me.



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^ Thanks, this thread seems

^ Thanks, this thread seems to be relevant and we're waiting to hear more - https://www.pokertracker.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=91077

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All my stats did become just

All my stats did become just text lines making husng unusable, whats going on? I did not update pt4 since yesterday and yesterday it was working fine

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I've heard the same thing

I've heard the same thing from another person that was initially OK after the update. Hopefully this helps them figure out why it is happening so that they can fix it. They are working hard on it.

I would suggest filling out a PT support form to try to help them get to the bottom of this.

And there is a temporary fix (that only works until you restart your HUD again) - http://www.husng.com/content/important-pokertracker-4-issue-regarding-cu...

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Why no stat limp trap

Why no stat limp trap in coffe hud 2.1

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Hi.CoffeeHud v 2.1 set up and

Hi.CoffeeHud v 2.1 set up and accidentally deleted columns LTR on all levels of blinds.How to restore back without scratch with this hud?Or this stat was never there?

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Regarding Limp Trap, a

Regarding Limp Trap, a handful of posts above these two, I replied "PokerStars new software rules don't allow limp trap stats because it relies on specific hole cards preflop to build the stat. Sorry!"

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PR BB panel problem


New user coffeehud with HM2

figures never appear in 3B,BS,ISO,ISS columns.


Thanks for help

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That doesn't sound right, go

That doesn't sound right, go ahead and email us and we'll put you in contact with the HM2 programmer for help.