Hyper Turbo Guide

What Pros Are Saying

"This is an excellent video series for aspiring hyper turbo professionals" - Serkules, 2012 profit leader with over 1 million on winnings after rakeback on PokerStars.

"Impressive! Perfect for anybody who is learning and playing hyper turbos. A solid extension of Mersenneary's teachings." - Zakwray/BOOMF, high stakes hyper turbo professional.

"A very complete guide that covers all of the fundamental topics needed to start beating hyper turbo husngs. The series has a good format and the information is well chosen and well explained."  - Betterways, $100-300 level hyper turbo professional.

What Customers Are Saying

Member Wisher: "This is my graph since studying the Chadders0 pack. It was definitely worth it."

Chadders Hyper Turbo HU Poker Video Pack Results


"It really helped me alot to understand how the HTs work, especially liked the videos where Chadders0 is actually playing and explains his thought process." - Member Vex

"bought the pack a couple of days ago...and I am pleased what it has tought me to be honest. The explanation is very clear and pretty easy to follow...although it will take some time to really get the info sinked in...but its already started I think. I played HU hypers before for fun, but now just bought the pack and deposited a 50 big blind roll for the 7$ on stars...and see where it takes me...and so far so good...hopefully I can move up quickly to the 15's...but without the pack I would not understand the game as good as I do now... husng.com has a new addict to add to the list..:D" - Member hopeletron

About the Series

From the very first hand of the match to essential concepts such as 3-bet play, double and triple barreling, hand reading, stack sizes and more, the Hyper Turbo Video Series arms you with all the information you need to succeed in hyper turbo heads up play. The series contains over 4 hours of valuable information which is broken down below. The pack contains 11 videos featuring over 4 hours of video content aimed at making players profitable in the fast paced hyper turbo heads up format.


Part 1: Introduction (11 minutes)

- Hyper turbo game structure

- Risk of ruin and variance

- Bankroll management

- Note taking

Part 2: The First Hand (27 minutes)

- Readless strategy

- Standard preflop ranges

- Optimal postflop play

Part 3: Pokertracker 3 (22 minutes)

- Getting the most out of your HUD

- Winrate analysis

- Postgame analysis

Part 4: Getting Shallow (18 minutes)

- Developing strategies for decreasing effective stacks

- Effective stack size impact on readless preflop ranges

- Incorporating limping ranges

- Minraise/call versus open shove

- Mersenneary's ROFL theory

Part 5: The 3-Bet Game (21 minutes)

- Complete guide to hyper turbo 3-bet strategy

- Optimal 3-bet strategy (all in and non all in)

- Dealing with non all in 3-bets

- Dealing with 3-bet shoves

Part 6: The Art Of Barreling (21 minutes)

- A guide on when to fire multiple bets with non showdown value hands

- Multiple street betting in raised pots and limped pots

- Multiple street betting in and out of position

Part 7: Grinding (Reg Wars)

- A 40 minute video exploring the strategies used to play against regular, higher level opponents

Part 8: Grinding (Sweat 1)

- A 30 minute video implementing concepts used against the average opponent

Part 9: Grinding (Sweat 2)

- A second 36 minute video against a typical opponent, explaining and implementing strategies players use everyday to defeat their opponents.

Part 10: 4 Table Review (31 minutes)

- A session review features Chadders 4 tabling hyper turbos.

- An explanation of the impact of preflop frequencies on postflop play.

- Concepts include 3betting, leading in limped pots out of position and focus leaks.

*Bonus Video* Part 11: HokieGreg Guest Super Turbo Video (27 minutes)

- HokieGreg plays two tables on the Merge Network's super turbo structure.


Cost: $99


Payment Methods: Paypal (Credit or Debit card without a Paypal account), Moneybookers

Release Date: December 5, 2011

Release Price: $150

Length: Approximately 4 hours and 50 minutes

Total File Size: 398mb

File Type: .MP4


Note: Accounts and purchases are for one single person. Contact us with any questions about that policy.


After purchasing this video pack you will be able to Download The Videos Here


thePwnetrator's picture

Which one is better?

I'm looking to purchase an introductory course for Hyper HU SNGs played on ACR. Which one of your courses is best suited for someone that has previous HUSNG knowledge (was a member here back in the day, took coaching from Cog Dissonance)? I'm torn between this and Pbogz course. I can only afford one right now. Thanks! 

RyPac13's picture

I would start with the Pbogz

I would start with the Pbogz pack.

Jas1999's picture

Still relevant?


Is this pack still worth buying in 2017? what i mean is, are the  ranges and math used in this still up to date given piosolver and the like?


Thanks in advance for any feedback

RyPac13's picture

It's going to be more

It's going to be more relevant for lower stakes players and the opposition they regularly face. The reg vs reg game has changed significantly at mid to high stakes, so a lot less will be very relevant in that area.

Jas1999's picture

Hey, thanks for the reply

Hey, thanks for the reply much appreciated. I don't play hu hypers at the moment, just up to £15 buy-in level spins, but need to work on heads up game so hopefully this will be useful for that.

RyPac13's picture

Sounds good! I'd also

Sounds good! I'd also consider Pbogz Journey Pack as well as the zzztilt/phl500 crushing hypers pack for a general helpful HU type video pack.

Jas1999's picture


Ok thanks Rypac, I appreciate the feedback.

dcdomo's picture

Bonus video is not working

I recently bought this video pack but the bonus video was a black screen with audio. Is there a way to fix this? Great content btw