InstaGTO 2 SOFTWARE - GTO. Replayer. Solver. Trainer. Analyzer.


Instant Heads Up and Spin'n'Go GTO Solutions
Quick Solver calculates one hand about every 10 seconds for an average PC
with 4-5 sizings on the flop and 6 on the turn and river. With a powerful PC,
you can reach 4 seconds. Based on hundreds of thousands of cloud 
solutions, it provides very precise and quick calculations.

GTO Hand Replayer & GTO Quick Solver
GTO Replayer replays your hands from the biggest sites (Amaya, iPoker, 
WPN, Winamax, and PartyPoker) in full graphics with GTO tables. The 
replayer includes a GTO table for each action. You can build your own GTO
solutions with GTO Solver. In GTO Quick Solver you can create your 
situations. You can review GTO solutions in different runouts, board textures,
big blind sizes, formats and much more.

GTO vs BOT play Trainer & GTO Situation Trainer
With GTO vs BOT play, you can play versus BOT any situation. With GTO 
Trainer you can build your GTO tests for almost any situation. You learn by
passing tests, following your results and tracking your progress.

GTO Game analysis & GTO Versus Opponents Analysis
This software has a lot of possibilities on how to depict your game quality. It
contains all possible stats, where you can show your improvement graph, 
frequency graphs, EV graphs, GTO chart and graph, doughnuts with balanced
strategies versus your game and complete full GTO versus individual 
opponents analysis.

GTO Hand History & GTO Graphs
This software saves all imported hands to the database and you can replay
them again every time or use for GTO analysis. The software has even 
overall graphs what show you your GTO, frequency and EV decisions versus

GTO Console
The EDGE version contains unlimited daily calculations and fully 
programmable console. This is useful for programmers that want to develop
other tools. You can set the depth of the GTO solutions to return to achieve
2-3 second calculations.


The 5 days BRONZE (TRIAL) license 
is activated with registration in the InstaGTO software,
the subscription is activated as soon as we receive your payment.

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