A Guide to Mersenneary's Recommended Videos

Below is a list of my recommended videos on HUSNG.com. You can find these videos, along with 600+ others, in the Premium Membership.



Mersenneary Video 1 - End Game Strategy

There are better, more advanced strategical videos as my game has developed, but my first video here continues to be one of the best reviewed on the site. It set of a firestorm of controversy: spamz0r refused to talk late game strategy with me for a month or two, and PrimordialAA (an idol at the time, and still, really) was furious, telling me that the video was too good to put out. That's how I really started to know that I knew what I was talking about.

I'd change some strategy decisions in this vid (we can talk about what), but the fundamental strategy is still a very good one and one I use every day against the right opponents: If your villian is 3bet shoving a wide range, use a polarized (big hands and junk) raising range and a limping range of middling hands that flop well and can deal with getting 3x raised. If your opponent doesn't adjust, he jams way too wide over your opening range that now has a much higher percentage of monster hands.

Mersenneary Video 6 - Advanced End Game Play: The Small Blind

A powerpoint presentation entitled "From NASH to ROFL" (sometimes minraising, sometimes openshoving, sometimes folding, sometimes limping), I argue that most of my small blind success has come from deviating from NASH and maximally exploiting my opponent's tendencies. I talk about which hands are best to put in which range, how to adjust against different player types, and theory behind why NASH, an equilibrium for perfect players with perfect information who aren't allowed to limp or minraise, is useful to know but a poor strategy to blindly employ.


Mersenneary Video 9 - Turbos against Fish

Let's face it: Most of your games are going to be against fish. You shouldn't really spend most of your studying time learning how to 4bet bluff the flop against Isuldur1. In this video, I talk about my balanced-yet-exploitative 3betting range (bigger with bluffs that don't flop as well/big AK/AQ/TT/99/88 type hands that are calling off a jam, smaller with big pairs/weaker stuff that flops well) and how just playing "ABC" isn't going to win you the most money against these players.


Mersenneary Video 11 - Compilation Video of Key Points

For this video, I do something a little different, collecting 10 hands against different opponents (some against the best players, some against worse players) and go through a list of 10 concepts I think it's really important for developing players to learn. Triple barrel bluffing, leading turns OOP for value, and a host of other topics are discussed in this unique format.


Mersenneary Video 17 - Advanced End Game Play: The Big Blind

The companion to Video 6, I use a PowerPoint talk about optimal end game play from the big blind. I start by talking about the value of 3bet shoving, but argue that far too often people compare the equity of a 3bet shove to the equity of folding, when really, we should be comparing against the equity of flat calling, in most cases. The most important thing to think about from the big blind is your opponent's opening frequency at different stack sizes - that determines a massive part of your decision making from the big blind. To get to the specific, I provide a chart that gives you a good sense of how deep to jam Ax hands over minraises at different stack depths and against different opening ranges. Some of the terminology in this video can get a little heavy: I introduce the concepts of what I call "f value" (the opening % necessary for 3bet jamming to be better than folding), and "h value" (the opening % necessary for 3bet jamming to lead to us having more chips than at the start of the hand, a useful benchmark when trying to calculate if flatting might be better), but I'm happy to answer any and all questions if you get confused.

Mersenneary Video 23 - An Introduction to Metrics

The first of a 3-part series detailing how I use my statistics to improve my play. Parts 2 and 3 can be found by searching my video history. A good introduction for those who are interested in the concept - but to be completely honest, if you're not a numbers guy, I'd focus on studying what you are interested in learning (although there is a cliffnotes in Part 2 and Part 3). These videos have gotten high reviews and are some of HokieGreg's favorites.

Mersenneary Video 24 - End Game Live Show

I'll be making more and more live commentary videos since this one got such a good reception. Here's me talking on-the-fly versus some fish and some very good players at high stakes superturbos. It's true that the game definitely opens up when you're playing against a thinking player - I talk about how and what adjustments are necessary.


Mersenneary Video 26 - Dominating Domsnuts at the $5600s

This video really helps to drive home the point that playing perfect poker isn't making pretty, unexploitable betsizes, but rather exploiting the hell out of whoever we're playing, no matter what the stakes are. Our opponent is a regular high stakes fish who likes the call button a little too much and doesn't 3bet jam very wide. We take that and run with it to a 9-5 victory over the series of 14 games. This video is footage from near the end of duel after I really had established good reads and put them to use at the highest stakes FTP has to offer.


Mersenneary Video 28 - Heads Up SNG Statistical Analysis Video Series: Part 3

The final chapter of my Statistical Analysis Series, I talk about using software to evaluate gameplay decisions. I talk about why stabbing OOP in limped pots can be printing money and other observations about general play. I also talk about my own leaks and added a cliffnotes page at the end of the video.


Mersenneary Reviews Your Heads Up SNG Poker Hands
This is actually a standard membership video, so if anybody wants a taste of what my videos offer and wants to opt for the 300+ $25 standard package, you'll find this video within that package. In this video I basically outline basic strategy demonstrated in a review of 2 months or so of HUSNG.com forum threads. I focus on hand strength and relative hand strength differences and common errors made by low and mid stakes players.
Mersenneary Plays Turbo Speed and Super Turbo Speed Heads Up SNGs

In this video I two table turbos and super turbos against a variety of opponents, including ZeeJustin. I talk about bet sizing changes, ranges and the correct adjustments against opponent with infrequent preflop aggression from the big blind and a wide calling range.


Mersenneary High Stakes (Super) Turbo Mix

I play Brandon Adams at the $1000 Super Turbo buyin in this video, among other opponents at that level as well as the $550 level. I discuss bet sizing and perceived ranges, adjusting to passive opponents OOP and I discuss using a HUD. I also confuse an opponent by bet/calling an all in with J5 on a 664 flop.


Mersenneary Plays Two Heads Up Poker Professionals and One Tournament Professional

I face off against Chris Moneymaker, HUSNG.com coach Croixdawg and Melanie Weisner in this video. Small flop sizings to setup bluffs, why Money's last play was an error and c-bet sizing on dry boards in 3bet pots are just a few of the topics discussed in this video.


Mersenneary's Coaching Desk: Xereles (Part 1)

I review the first half of footage from "Xereles", a $200-$500 regular. I talk about turn sizings with thin value bet hands, and finish with a statistical discussion of when to limp, when to minraise/fold, and when to openshove with marginal hands 10-15bb deep.


Mersenneary's FastTrack Special

In this video, I give premium subscribers a peek into the critically acclaimed FastTrack coaching program with a video of excepts from a group coaching session for endgame play.  Specifically, I talk about 20bb play from the small blind when trying to decide whether to raise/call or raise/fold.  To do this, I show tables of expectation for different hands when readless and when playing against nittier or more aggressive opponents.  Holding nothing back, I even give a table showing an optimal calling range against my own readless 3-bet shoving range.  Implications are discussed.


Plugging Leaks at the Source and Planting Seeds, A Mersenneary Video

I give a two part powerpoint presentation. The first part focuses on how preflop frequencies affect far more postflop decisions than most players are aware of, a common source of postflop leaks. The second half talks about how and why to even watch powerpoint videos, discussing the main ways in which players fail to use theory to increase their results, and the prevalence of two undesirable characters in the gambling world - the "poker dweeb", and the "poker bro".


Mersenneary's Coaching Desk: Xereles (Part 2)

I give my thoughts on a coaching session with Xereles, a midstakes regular, starting with an interesting first hand against H2Olga. Throughout the session I talk about 3betting both for value and for bluff and optimal lines with marginal holdings OOP.


Mersenneary Poker Life Coaching

I made this video as my first mental game coaching video based on the insights of his friends and WSOP house members. I talk about what keeps people from playing their best poker over time and give specific recommendations for those who feel this aspect of their game could use improvement.


High Stakes Territory Wars Part 1 (livb112)

I review a series of three games played against livb112 at the $330, $550, and $1100 level, when the greatest husng player of all time declared in chat "we are going to test to see if u are actually decent" (spoiler alert: livb is not impressed). In it, I talk about correct adjustments against a player with wide preflop hand selection and frequent postflop aggression, identifying some strategies livb is using that we can learn from (like c-betting unusual sizes that are actually optimal), and I point out that even the G.O.A.T. can make some fundamental errors after getting caught bluffing.


High Stakes Territory Wars Part 2 (livb112)

I complete a two part series against the HUSNG G.O.A.T. with some $1000 and $500 superturbos, and a $720 4-man. I focus on perceived range, getting value by taking the line that represents the most air, playing an appropriately wide range out of position, and reacting to aggressive postflop tendencies. Along the way, I continue to point out things to learn from livb's play and the technical errors that result likely from the legend not particularly caring about midstakes.


High Stakes Territory Wars Part 3 (Retro Spamz)

 I play the great Mientjeuh (aka spamz0r) back in 2009, which leads to horrifying realizations about just how bad my old self used to be. I talk about my own errors, what to learn from spamz's play, and how to break out from the mold of your current level. Varying c-bet sizes and perceived range/actual range are discussed.


High Stakes Territory Wars Part 4 (H2Olga)

In this video, I dissect 41 hands of pure pain against H2Olga, in games where one of the best players in the game clearly got the better of me. I talk about reacting to people who 3bet wide and call wide OOP, minraise wide and play aggressively postflop, and why despite that information I still got owned so badly. Missed barreling opportunities, missed 3bet jams, poorly thought out hero calls, and incoherent bluffing lines characterize my play, but I explain the fundamentals behind the creative non-standard plays H2Olga makes in response to my ranges. My next two videos are also against H2Olga (Parts 5 and 6 of the series).


Mersenneary at the High Stakes

I play a $2200 turbo against CompleteDonk. I talk about what opponent characteristics make limping with medium-strength holdings much worse than minraising, about broader adaptations when you see people don't thin value bet and also like to trap with their big hands, and I reveal a big tell of my own.


Mersenneary vs The Reds

I take out my own frustration about his FTP funds in limbo with a series of hands against red pros: Phil Gordon, Mike Matusow, Barny Boatman, David Pham, Brandon Adams, and Erica Schoenberg. I talk about how they butchered certain situations and his own errors from the older hands, suggesting how they might be instructive to current players at the $50-$100 levels.


Mersenneary "Special Edition" 6 Tabler

I review gameplay footage of a student 6-tabling super turbos on Lock Poker. I focus on correct and incorrect applications of the NASH charts, how wide to raise limps, the pitfalls of the go-and-go play, and how to float in position when you can get a lot of information about your opponent's range on the turn.


Mersenneary Hyper Turbo Review: Where The Money Is At
I review the second half of footage from a student's 1-tabling $100 hyperturbos. I talk about the difference between the sexy play and the play that makes you the most money, maintaining disciplined opening ranges, and openjamming vs. limping/minraising decisions 8-12bb deep.