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Turbo HUSNG on Stars vs LAG - which is a bigger edge?

Hi all, 

I'm new to HUSNGs, but not to poker.  Playing $3.50 Turbo HUSNGs on Stars trying to understand the game.  

So, i just finished playing vs a LAG, I wasn't sure what strategy to take.

Around 25 - 28 bbs, my LAG villain would start to 3-bet shove very lite ( 79s+, 22+, A2o+) and would min open and then either call a 3bet shove, or 4bet shove himself very lite ( ie  A2o+, 22+, 67s+, JTo+, etc)  Basically, he was tilted and willing to gamble pretty lite.  we played about 10 SNGs, and he kept playing this way.

​So, at 22bbs, he opens, I have A6o.  Should i jam?  I probably have 0-15% Fold Equity. Nash says I can jam, Nash says I can call vs his jam.  Vs a super wide range, i'm only 48%, but getting an overlay due to the blinds and his open.   BUT... if i just play post-flop, it might lead to a much more EV spot ( villain was not amazing post-flop - bluffed once alot then played honest on the river).  Also, I might find a much better pf spot a few hands later.

Basically, should i always be looking to jam here and take a small +EV spot, or do we have enough blinds for me to try to exploit his pf tendencies in future hands?  I assume that with more FE, its normally a jam.

if calling is better at 22bbs, at what number of bbs would you ALWAYS shove, even vs bad opponents?


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If he is opening a wide

If he is opening a wide enough range, 3b jamming is def +ev. If your readless, or not really sure. Flatting and playing post flop will be your best bet!



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  You have to keep in mind


You have to keep in mind that the Nash equilibrium you are talking about is in pure strategies and only is the solution to the abstracted game where players can only push or fold. It does therefore not consider board coverage and is purely and "equity-game". This is why it is best to stick to those charts under 6BB. 






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