Why This Book Is Free

We've decided to make this book free for two primary reasons. First, we believe that exciting content with a low-no barrier to access is a great way to showcase not only what HUSNG.com has to offer, but what the game of heads up sit and go poker has to offer. We hope that many players not currently playing heads up sngs will find this book and that it will inspire them to give heads up poker a shot. Second, we want feedback, reviews, criticism and discussion about the book (and its impact), whether positive or negative.

Above all else, we believe that what has allowed heads up sit and go poker to survive, even flourish over the years, has been the fundamental quality of the game. We believe that sitting down and facing one single opponent at a time inspires a higher level of engagement from the average player which results in a higher level of entertainment. We believe that these are the qualities that have allowed so many new players of all levels, from so many parts of the world, to call heads up sit and go poker their primary game.

We would also like to thank a list of people for helping make HUSNG.com what it has become today. These people and groups have led to some of the most positive and influential experiences HUSNG.com has had to date.

Mat Sklansky, Mason Malmuth and Kiera from twoplustwo.com

Tony Guerrero, formerly of PokerAffiliateSolutions

Gregor Wright

Michael Sheehy



- Ryan P and Ryan D of HUSNG.com

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