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How many HU SNG do you play on a month?

I played 380 HU SNG games at 5$ limit this month and have 19% ROI,no multitable and only non turbos.How many HU SNG's do you play average on a month?Should I move up to next level with that ROI,or try multitable,or play turbos to have more volume?I'm confused,please try to answer me,cause I know here are many great HU SNG players.Thx =)

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Definitely move up in

Definitely move up in stakes. I don't think you should start multitabling until you are already happy with your single table hourly.

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Move up


I think you should move up... You'll learn faster moving up and playing single table instead of multi tabling at the $5...

Your goal is not to make tons of money at the $5  :-)

Your goal is to improve your game and to move up and move up.. to build your bankroll  .... and to be able in few months to play the $20 then the $50... and then ....

So move up, review your SNG, try to play better and better. ..



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Thanx for answers

I think to move up,but how many buy'ins should I have? 50 is enough for next level with my actual ROI(19%)?And about the volume,is much or is less(380 SNG's)?.How many games do you play average on a month?

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at 1 table at a time 390

at 1 table at a time 390 games is fine for a month, I usually do about 1,000 games but I play 2-4 tables at a much lower ROI, playing 1 table between 350-500 at a high ROI should be fine :)