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Instructions for Installation of CoffeeHUD Notecaddy HM2 HUD

Here are the instructions for installation of the CoffeeHUD for Notecaddy (Holdem Manager 2) Heads Up Display. You can purchase the HUD through our partner AssaultWare Store.


After purchasing the CoffeeHUD, restart HM2 and run NoteCaddy. It should prompt you to automatically install the package. The NoteCaddy Note Definitions and HUDs will automatically be installed. There will also be a NoteCaddy Coaching Pack Files folder placed on your desktop.

After installing the package, you will need to reset and recreate your notes. This could take some time depending on the size of your database.

1. Navigate to NoteCaddy File > Reset > reset your notes
2. Navigate to the NoteCaddy Start tab > select Create notes for unprocessed hands based on active definitions
3. For best performance it's advised you follow the steps outlined in the 'NoteCaddy Performance Guide' in the folder on your desktop. This requires a reset of notes, so you might want to abort the note creation to make sure you do this first. The steps in this document are also the 1st thing to try if you experience any kind of problem. It might be a bit of work, but it enhances the user experience greatly.

If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact us at membership@husng.com.

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step 6 doesnt work

so I have bought CoffeeHud for HEM2 and everything worked fine until step 6. the folder (and the zip file) only has [CoffeeHud]Bb3B2Barrel.xml, but no CoffeeHud.xml. When I try to import it to HEM2 thru "HUD Settings" - Import, it tells me "No config found". What have I been doing wrong?

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Keep calm and play poker

Hi Tilt0r,
answered you thru e-mail.

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Hey just purchased your

Hey just purchased your wonderful HUD when will i recieve that email with the HUD Data?

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Do you have the HUD? The

Do you have the HUD?
The update mentioned a few posts above is default for any new buyers.
If you don't have the HUD yet, email membership@husng.com and I'll see what the issue might be.

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Please, I need support for Coffee Hud.

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Please email

Please email membership@husng.com and we'll get you support for the HUD. Thanks!

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I started creating notes from

I started creating notes from my hands. I have total of 1.4M hands. It was running with 80 hands/sec and then after the 200K hand it runs with 0.4 hands/sec which will take several weeks to complete. I have 6 core 3.6 GHz, 8GB Ram and 256 SSD Samsung Pro (where the DB is located). Obvoiusly thats insanely terrible performance for my setup. I tried using filters cause I wanted to create notes only for mu HU games, but then the speed agains drops to 0.5. What to do ?
P.S. Problem is with the CoffeeHud Definitions. HPS drops to 0.5 if I activate them on FullTilt, PokerStars or Pacific tournaments. Cash games are being processed with about 50-60 hps, but obviously I need it for tournaments. Boss media tournaments import with 200 hps or so. Thats why it hangs after 200K hands, cause first it processes cash games and then moves to tournament. Anyone please respond ASAP!

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Font size adjustments.

I just purchased my HUD for HM2 recently but I cannot change font size of it. Original size is 7 but when I set it to even 8 all stats goes sideways and basically hud becomes unusable. Any suggestions on that? 
I do it through HUD Settings> General Settings> HUD Font

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Hi, There will be update very

There will be update very soon with larger font HUD included.

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Statistics update

Hi again,
next problem I noticed is that only very few statistics updates even after 33 hands of the match. At the moment there is only these statistics which updates automatically;
Pre SB;  LP, LF, Fv3,
Pre BB;Fv4,
Post SB; CB(F), 3bet (F), FvC(3B), RvC(3B)
Post BB; DONK, CB(3B), Probe.
Will it be sorted with next update as well or is it just me and I didn't set up something correctly?

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where is the update ?

how can i download the update ? 
Thanks you

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The last update was 10-28. I

The last update was 10-28.
I added a file today that should help change the font size, so I'll send out an update now (it should either prompt all users or automatically update).
Edit - I sent out a 2nd update without the file because a user reported the first update screwed it up. Though he now reports he can get the larger font size working after the 2nd update where I had left it out, so it might just be a system issue that I don't understand.

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Hi! I downloaded caddy to my

Hi! I downloaded caddy to my HEM2 and also bought coffeeHUD. But what to do now? Those "stats" won´t come to my HEM2 when I am playing. It shows my old HEM2 stats.

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Hi, Muumimuki89.

Please do once again with attention every step described in instructions. And only if it not help e-mail to the support. Thank you.

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Thanks! Its ok now.

Thanks! Its ok now.