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HUSNG Player Types Quiz Testing

UPDATE: Quiz is up (testing phase) please leave all feedback in this thread: http://www.husng.com/content/heads-up-poker-quiz-player-types husng quizs? is up yet? coaches i think just post what you have now and revise them later. thanks.

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If I don't have a link for

If I don't have a link for you up to take the quiz tomorrow you get a free premium month membership.

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do you have quiz link yet?

do you have quiz link yet?

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Looks like you might be shipping a free premium membership =D

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11th hour!http://www.husng.com/content/heads-up-poker-quiz-player-typesQuiz is in testing phase, let me know how you like it.  I'm looking to add a few more questions to this one then probably a few different quizzes before we fully promote this (main page, newsletter, twoplustwo, etc.).

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thanks for getting it up

thanks for getting it up. but i can not access it now membership has expired. thanks anyways.

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Oh, it's not supposed to be

Oh, it's not supposed to be private, it's supposed to be viewable by any logged in user (member or non member).I'll have that fixed, I'm not sure how to do it myself, I apologize.

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I'm logged in but I am just

I'm logged in but I am just taken to the mebership page.

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yes, thats what i get too

yes, thats what i get too. im logged in and it took me to the membership page when i visit the quiz link. so i think it is setup for members only.

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I'm a memeber and also takes

I'm a memeber and also takes me to the subscription page. This also happens if you rightclick on the videos and choose open in new tab might be the same coding problem 

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Right clicking the videos

Right clicking the videos gives me zero issues whatsoever.  Which specific video page (and video) are you trying to open in a new tab?All of our pages that do not exist redirect to the membership page (that will likely change to some other sort of page soon).I've put a request in to fix the permission set of the quiz, I'm hoping this happens sometime today and this thread will be updated at that point in time.

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I believe it works now (as

I believe it works now (as long as you are logged in).  Let me know if there are any issues.

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Your score: 100 %

You got 5 of 5 possible points.Your score: 100 %You are likely a player that strives for perfection and your results in this quiz show that you not only take heads up poker seriously but you back it up with a high level of experience and skill.Look for more difficult quizzes in the future to challenge your heads up poker skills.haha, thanks for the quiz. i passed. looking forward to more challenging quizes.well done coaches.

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You got 3 of 5 possible

You got 3 of 5 possible points. Your score: 60 % Your results indicate that you are adjusting properly to some player types, but not adjusting properly to others.  Make sure to review your answers to isolate the player types you are struggling with. Cool little quiz although I'm not happy I know now I'm a fish :)In the results section, it might be an idea to put the player types that the questions were representing as it says that us fish that get the answers wrong might not be adjusting well to certain player types, so it would be good to have that info there just incase a big leak is actually identifying them.I liked the detailed feedback and explanations for the answers, for the ones I got correct and incorrect.look forward to more

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Five of Five 100%

Nice test! I would have limped 33 expecting to get raised and to play a normal size pot. Then cursed the site for being rigged after missing the flop the 100th straight time. So taking this test caused me to re-evaluate my thought process and actually educated me since my normal play was not an option.PaulIB_FishingTest taking Genius, Still a fish when playing

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In the last question of the

In the last question of the quiz...I am not shure whether I understand or not.Should I donk bet low flops?or check-raise?Because donk bets dont make sense to me in those stuations and especially at the low stakes.

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Good question. The key to the

Good question.

The key to the last hand is that donk leading is not as valuable as check raising because your opponent is betting at any flop, meaning they are always betting when they miss.

Therefore, allowing them to continue to bet when they miss, and picking up that extra bet (either by check raising for fold equity or check calling and stealing the pot later on in the hand) is too valuable to consider leading often.

When you lead, even if they fold, you only win the size of the pot from preflop (so say their 2 or 3x bb raise plus your call). But when you check and they bet all their missed hands, you will be raising and stealing that extra bet, which is often worth another half pot or larger (so another 2-3bb minimum from them).

Now, that is offset partially by having to risk more chips to do so, but against somebody that is literally betting every flop, there's more value in check raising than leading into them for their fold equity.

Exceptions can occur based on what they do when you play back (theoretically you could face a maniac that will just never fold, in which case leading or check raising is not an option for fold equity, you would just do it for value, but would have to adjust your value range very wide otherwise you would be folding way too often to profit).

Let me know if that all makes sense to you.

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rly liked it

rly liked it

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Thank you Ryan!I thought that

Thank you Ryan!I thought that "Continue to check, but raise flops that contain multiple low cards (238 flop or 36J flop for example) since they are flops this opponent is less likely to make a hand on" means donk bet...So that was problem of my english:(

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Quiz was excellent. To

Quiz was excellent.To embarassed to tell you my score.Think I must have mis-clicked a couple of questions;-)222 

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Glad to hear. I have a few

Glad to hear.I have a few ideas for new quizzes, but they honestly are more work to make than I imagined.