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Why are our coaches being crushed? Apparently

Just watched videos on another site link.....



Of super turbo HU bigdogpckt5s vs hokiegreg playing on Lock poker and crushing him?

Just would like to know why a MTT pro has an edge on a HU sng pro?

WTF is going on????????

This is not a plug for another site just can’t believe what I’m seeing....

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I’m not knocking greg I think

I’m not knocking greg I think he’s a great coach I just want to know if its true?

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The reason I posted it is to

The reason I posted it is to be reassured that it’s not the case, as I am thinking of getting coaching which is not cheap for me a low to mid stakes player, as a paying premium member of this site I think have the right to ask???? Like I said I think Greg is a great coach and I really like his videos I would just like to find out what this means?

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Was it this guy?

Was it this guy?

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They are 32-32 against each

They are 32-32 against each other.Good MTTers can break even over 60 game samples vs good husng players?  Was there something specific in the video you felt this player was doing very well and/or HokieGreg was doing very poorly?Maybe HokieGreg's results on Merge compared to bigdog's in husngs will help (Note: 800 games isn't enough to conclude bigdog's skills at this game, so I'd rather focus on Hokie who is continuing to dominate these games the same way he has traditionally dominated husngs on Stars).

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haha...i do think he crushed

haha...i do think he crushed me for one 9 or 10 game session maybe. but i think i absolutely have a long term edge on him, and i have had an edge on him for the majority of our matches vs each other so far. i'm a winning player. i think about poker well and work hard at adjusting to my opponents. i'm not God. there will be stretches of games vs particular opponents where my adaptations are not working for whatever reason, but i am always working to readapt and i am confident that i will usually come out on top over the long term.Livb has stretches where hes being outplayed, Mers, Primo, everyone. that's poker...cards are face down on the table!but ya, i crush and he's not good at husngs. he's a nice guy, like him a lot, but i would play him for the rest of my life.

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Hehasrisen are you just a

 As you can see if you read my original post it was a question about why he has an edge, if it’s true and so on. Now rypac has shown sharkscope screen shots it proves he’s crushing nothing. He’s probably break even at best. It’s about clarification....

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Jacob, just listen to Ryan. I

 I do think that your posts show that you have some flawed thinking in terms of winrates, variance, and poker in general...so try to learn from the constructive criticism you are getting in this thread.I'm glad you posted the vid anyways. Will be cool to see my game from the other end. Like I said before, sometimes my adaptations do not work and it leads to me getting crushed briefly...I READAPT though and usually do pretty well long term. BigDog and I played a 10-15 game session a few days ago and I made some ROFL adjustments 18-25 deep and I'm confident I had a very big edge for ST's. He will probably readjust eventually a bit and that edge will decrease, but I will adjust also etc etc etc. That's poker.

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I am a member at TPE, totally

I am a member at TPE, totally going to watch the vids to watch the great hokiegreg getting raped! Cant wait!

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Thanks for the replies Greg,

Thanks for the replies Greg, believe me when I say it was not meant as anything bad against you and I worded the title wrong I apologize for that, I just wanted to know about the dynamics of the games played and history and edges between you both, as you can see from the wording of his videos under the title he’s claiming to crush them. As I have said in my original posts I think you’re a great player and coach, so you can see I didn’t mean it in the way it’s been taken.

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lol i just watched vid and

lol i just watched vid and not a chance he crushed him at all. He played pretty bad and ran very well in flips.  Errr your assessment of crushing is so very bad sir, n/o.

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did i bluff off stx few

did i bluff off stx few times?

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PrimordialAA  21,643-$1.38  $

PrimordialAA  21,643-$1.38  $248  2%-$29,855  LLLLLLWWN/APokerStarsE<=2 Heads Up SNG Onlyx nice stats, can someone plz explain this to me?

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@ Hokie, no not that I saw. @

@ Hokie, no not that I saw.@ Jacob, It's pretty well documented that these 2 have been in relationship for a long time, so what's your point bro?

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I’m kind of jealous, its fine

I’m kind of jealous, its fine I place all my hopes on Mersenneary

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NYUl, Positive ROI but

NYUl,Positive ROI but negative profit usually means the person had much worse results at higher stakes than lower stakes.For example, I believe if I played a 5k and a $500, and won the $500 but lost the 5k, I would be at 0% ROI on sharkscope (using their method of ROI calculation), but I would be down $4500.Also make sure to include Primo's FTP stats as well (same name there) and he plays on Merge now too I believe.  He's also a mass volume guy, so rakeback is an important factor in the equation (for example, the 20k games listed above had an average stake of over $200, meaning over 200k in rake was paid.  He probably made 75-100k in rakeback there).

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All I can say is wow....I

All I can say is wow....I thought I got away from this crap when I left 2p2 for this forum....

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phlatline, you're right here

phlatline, you're right here and I'm going to lock this and delete a bunch of the flame posts.I don't like having to moderate much, and mostly believe in just letting people do as they please as far as posting in forums, but a good deal of users have personally told me they find value in this forum being strictly about strategy and without any flames or easy ways to waste time.  Thanks for pointing it out, it's a helpful reminder.

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Ok, deleted about a dozen

Ok, deleted about a dozen posts and deleted some sentences in some remaining posts replying to the deleted posts.Jacob, let me know if you have any further questions and feel free to PM or email them too (rypac13@husng.com).  I think there was some confusion on the language in some of the posts.  For example, I know that when you posted about my clarification post, I thought that you meant that I did NOT clarify anything for you.  So I think there were some mistakes made by us not understanding necessarily what you were asking.In any case, this thread should be fairly free of insults/off topic stuff now.  If anybody has another question about the video or anything related, feel free to post here.

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lol ive seen some of bigdogs

lol ive seen some of bigdogs videos on TPE.  Hes a great MTTer, his understanding of metagame is sick.  But I would not trust or listen to any of his advice when it comes to headup play.  He is used to playing headsup for hundreds of thousands in MTTs and a decent ammount of the time its against a fish that thinks that is a very big ammount and will be scared.   Bigdogpckt5s doesnt back down in any of the pots he plays, and like most MTTers just has one speed.  Also, way too much of his action is preflop, and IMO he is quite bad postflop. Edit: just read chirys last post.  My post isnt flaming bigdogpckt5s at all, I have the upmost respect for him as an MTT player, and I had a sub to his site for a few months and even recomended it to Xereles.  I was horrified at his approach when it got to headsup though, he is just way too aggro.

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um hokiegreg will absolutely

um hokiegreg will absolutely destroy bigdogpckt 5s in a series of matches where they play at least 100...bigdogp5s plays some hu sngs randomly and has been honestly terrible in my opinion...he lacks the ability to a. ever believe a bet....and b. fails to understand what bet size is necessary to accomplish what he wants to accomplish...also he probably doesnt really know what hes trying to accomplish with most bets...this is just my observation...and no i dont use hem, or any other tracking tool while playing hu, i just have a good ability to feel out what ppl are trying to do, and I dont think he has a clue what hes doing in a husng

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1st can I say thanks for the

1st can I say thanks for the feedback guys, I have a better understanding about the bigdogs game now, and my up most respect to rypac for handling this in the way he did THANK YOU...

What did confuse me was watching the videos and seeing bigdogs ranges so wide pre and post flop and playing kind of in an abstract fashion to what I’ve been taught by the pros on here, it was interesting to see his style and I tried to break it down to plus EV ranges but failed so that’s why I posted for some help to understand if it was dynamics or meta game or some weird history between the two players.

What would be great is if maybe greg could make a video with the replayer on some key spots in hands to show how he adjusts to this type of player.

Thanks again to rypac and hokie for not taking this in the wrong way and handling it in a professional manner.