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Sentin's 7 Day Mindful Based Stress Reduction Series


Expanding on the mindfulness-based approach to stress reduction outlined in his popular first mindet video (below), Sentin's new MP3 and PDF pack presents a comprehensive introduction to the practice of mindfulness and mindful meditation through the use of a unique 7-day program created to provide players with the opportunity to experience simple and effective strategies intended to reduce stress levels and eliminate internal suffering both on and off the poker table.


Download Here after Ordering

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On topic: looks like a nice

On topic: looks like a nice pack, i know it says stress reduction... will it be practical for preventing tilt?


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  For preventing tilt, I


For preventing tilt, I would suggest watching the 36 minute free video embeded in this thread. It's a very direct example of what Sentin teaches in this area and should give you a great idea if this pack is for you.

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I haven't watched the videos

I haven't watched the videos yet, but I can definitely vouch for Sentin's professionalism. I'm sure it's a great product.

I also have a decent amount of experience with meditation and MBSR - it has had a tremendous impact on my life.

Our ultimate goal when we play is to be as clear-minded and rational as possible. To use our brains most effectively, it's important to find strategies to deal with the inevitable highs and lows other than the "suck it up and grind" mentality. There is a lot of value in the self-awareness, perspective, and resiliency that meditation/MBSR can provide you (not just in poker, but in everyday life). I believe meditation/MBSR can benefit the vast majority of people, but definitely to varying degrees. 

I hope a lot of you decide to invest in this pack.


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Any word on being able to play

Any word on being able to play this on a tablet device?

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This pack is in mp3 format

This pack is in mp3 format now, so available to download and watch on any of your devices.