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zZzTILT Presents Crushing Regs: The Way to Beat Tough Opponents


Hyper Turbo Video Package

zZzTILT is back, and he has brought a truly innovative video pack to the community. Crushing Regs is all about learning how to beat tough opponents. Whether it's a regular winner at the $7 games, or a tough professional in the $200 games, Crushing Regs offers solutions on adapting to and beating these players.

In this package, you'll learn how to hold your own and beat the tough opponents at your level. You'll learn how to improve your thought process in heads up poker, helping you become a stronger player.

zZzTILT was the lead author in Crushing Hyper Turbo HUSNGs, a pack that received great reviews from the community. Some of the reviews for Crushing Hyper Turbo HUSNGs:

"Whether you are a beginning player, or mid to high stakes regular, I highly recommend this video pack. It is packed full of information that is crucial to success in hyper turbos." - Grayson "Spacegravy" Physioc; High Stakes Hyper Turbo Pro

"I highly recommend anyone who is serious about improving their game to watch this vid pack." - Big Husla; High Stakes Hyper Turbo Pro

"I'm impressed by the knowledge projected by these guys, surprised they don't play higher, it was worthwhile watching for me. They explain almost every important concept very well but also very easy to understand for anyone." - Lotte Lenya, High Stakes Hyper Turbo Pro

Introduction (4 min)

Matt talks about who he is, who his video pack is for, and what his video pack contains.

Reg Crushing Toolbox (41 min)

This group of slides contains material focusing on game theory optimal (GTO) versus exploitive play, how to think in reg wars (differences compared to weak opponents), balancing/splitting your ranges, readless play preflop/postflop, non-standard lines and common mistakes.

Hand History Review 1 (34 min)

Matt reviews interesting hands from $30 and $60 hyper turbo regulars. He dives into hand analysis, covering topics on how to play anything from weak hands preflop, to strong but vulnerable hands postflop. He emphasizes that your opponent's hand range has so much to do with how strong your actual hand is, exemplified by contrasting hands, one of which shows a top pair hand where Matt believes we have a very strong hand, the other where top pair hand where he believes our hand is quite weak.

This is an excellent video for players that are often making the mistake of calling any sized bet with top pair or second pair. The video helps explain where and why your hand is not as strong as it may seem (and vice versa), cutting through a lot of the uncertainty that many players find themselves experiencing in these situations.

Hand History Review 2 (39 min)

Matt reviews individual hands from several $100 and $200 hyper turbo regulars. This is a similar video to the last, though Matt's level of analysis assumes opponents are thinking a on a bit deeper of a level. There are also some trickier hands to deal with in this video, such as a situation where K hi can sometimes call a big all in bet on the river, a weak hand that 3-bets preflop and is called, a spot where a 2nd pair hand is check raised all in on the turn and several interesting bluffing situations.

The hands in this video have been specifically selected to highlight a wide range of situations that you'll face against tougher opponents. This results in a great deal of content packed into the 39 minutes (and 34 in the previous video).

Leakfinder 1 (51 min)

A $30 reg war is reviewed by Matt, featuring two tables of action for over 50 minutes. This video really dives into what it is like to play a regular opponent from hand 1, developing reads as the game goes on and really getting a good idea of the flow of the game. Analysis covers a very wide range of situations and topics in this video, including check/call vs check/raise discussion, limping options, preflop 3-bet decisions and bet sizing.

The CoffeeHUD is featured in the next five videos, as it is a common tool used by regulars of all levels.

Leakfinder 2 (56 min)

Over 115 hands are reviewed in this two tabling war between two $100 level regulars. Matt reviews the play here, discussing a laundry list of concept, some of which include preflop calling out of position, barreling, checking back the flop versus continuation betting and thinking multiple steps ahead of each decision.

zZzTILT vs Regs 1 (55 min)

zZzTILT takes to the $30 hypers to face a regular himself. He talks about how most regs play in limped pots and how to take advantage of that, the decision making impact of not having a lot of hands showdown early in the game and thoughts towards building unexploitable ranges.

This video features over 75 hands on two tables of play.

zZzTILT vs Regs 2 (51 min)

Matt plays a $60 hyper regular in this match. He talks about decisions both versus this opponent and versus hypothetical regs (more aggressive, more passive, etc.) as he goes through over 80 hands on two tables.

zZzTILT vs Regs 3 (38 min)

zZzTILT plays a good $200s regular in his final video. He mixes up his play in situations and puts an emphasis on his opponent's perception of his range, and how that impacts his decision making against this higher level regular.

Video Protection

This video is protected by basic, non intrusive software that will only allow you to use it on two of your own devices (such as laptop and desktop). You may still play the video offline, online, while traveling and as many times as you like for years to come. The basic protection is minimal, and required in order to keep video authors producing new video packs of this caliber in the future.

Mac users will not be able to play the PC version. 

Video Stats

Release Date - March 14th, 2014

Release Price - $200

Length - 6 hours, 9 minutes

Size - 791MB

Format - .EXE (Plays on windows, or on a mac using a virtual machine)


Download Here after Ordering

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Android not supported

Are there any ways to watch these videos on my android tablet? The extensions are windows exe wich are unable to open on android or any sort of linux platforms.

The content lasts for more than 6 hours and it takes a lot of time  to grasp it thorougly. Its not the end of the world but  having the possibility for mobility which we have with tablets(android) helps a lot. I barely turn my laptop before I start grinding.All the work is on tablet.

Anyway Matt, I think you re doing great in directing players in the logic/math direction of thought and learning them to think for themselfs as the most important way to learn hypers.

Hope there will be  a way to secure your authorization rights and increase the users pool with android users.

Good luck with all the endeavours you re included into.


RyPac13's picture
Hi, Thanks for the


Thanks for the comments.

We're working on Mac support (hopefully by mid week), and we'll also look into Android too.

The Mac support will likely require using a virtual machine (so still windows), but that might open up the ability to do the same on Android, I'll have to check.

We'll also look into other solutions, but so far everything we've found other than what we're using is far too intrusive for users (requiring things like being online to play videos, and putting a key in every time you want to play a video).

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premium user

hello sir i am a premium user shouldnt i be able to get it for 150$ ,in the checkout the price is still the same 200$ ty

jajosip's picture
Can't you just convert them

Can't you just convert them to some other format if your tablet can't play them? You could use a screen recording software or some other program that converts them to mp4 and just upload them to your tablet

RyPac13's picture
That would unfortunately

That would unfortunately disable the protection if we did that.

We could make MP4s, but series like this would've never been produced without the new protection system. Authors are tired of seeing their packs distributed freely by players, some as high as the $500 level, to friends, stakees, peers, etc. in skype chats and so on. They work too hard and don't want to give out good information if they're only going to get paid for 10% of the actual views.

It's unfortunate, as these videos are not entertainment, they are purely to learn to improve (and make more money/money at poker), so it's not like distributing or sharing is helping in any real way (unlike, say, some singer might get a ton of new people at a concert because an album was played for free on a radio or cheap by Pandora or what not).

We did choose the lightest system we could find. You can watch them on your computer, offline or online, and you only need to put the key in once. They also never expire.

Other sites have chosen to allow streaming only, forcing you to keep paying to watch the same videos over time, and forcing you to be online.

We're working with another group on getting some tablet solutions, but it may not be possible at this time.

joshuanovoselic's picture
Tx , Ryan for fast response.

Tx Ryan ,for fast response. I would say that even putting the key every time I watch is not such a problem.(not a general solution) Dont mind. Whatever is necessary just to watch it on tablet.  Virtual machine demands a little bit stronger configuration which most 7 inch tablets dont have. Maybe I m wrong, dont know(just started using tablets) for  sure but assume.

zZzTILT's picture
Hey, have you tried using


have you tried using TeamViewer or any other remote control software on your tablet to watch the videos? 


TheCleaner01's picture
VLC Player/streamer.

Google VLC player and VLC Streamer ?

Go forth and CRUSH !

RyPac13's picture
Remote programs such as

Remote programs such as teamviewer won't work.

You can try VLC/VLC streamer and see. It is possible.

Champaz's picture
haha Like HU hypers wasn't

haha Like HU hypers wasn't hard enough already. :P I guess someone isn't playing anymore.

RyPac13's picture
Hypers have become far more

Hypers have become far more profitable since this site started doing vids on them. We'll take the credit, thanks ;)

joshuanovoselic's picture
you still gotta do the work

Champaz to make an analogy.

What would a guy from the first half of the twentieth century ask a guy from 21st century?

You have all this information and technology, how come you watch cats and dogs on the screen whole day?


Any new info on android? I made the first video sort of pdf e -book but for other videos would be helpfull. Tried messing up with teamviewer and vlc steamer and some other things ,even dos android app but  dont think its worth the time.I do understand copyright stuff but this is a little bit annoying..The content is just as expected.Good job.

RyPac13's picture
No real movement on Android

No real movement on Android front. We do have a virtual machine (mac) version ready for mac users, it will go up in the next 24 hours. That would work with Android on virtual machine windows, but that's the only possibilty that we have so far.

joshuanovoselic's picture

Its ok. Not the end of the world.GG.. Virtual machine takes time to set up on android and it requires a little bit more RAM. Just think its not worth the time to mess up with that to put couple of videos on mobility option. Better use my time more effectively.Tx for the support btw.GGs

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Any discounts for the buyers

Any discounts for the buyers of the previous pack (Crushing Hyper Turbos)?

RyPac13's picture
No discounts for previous

No discounts for previous pack buyers, but if you end up wanting to buy 3+ products at once ever, email me and I can work something out for you.

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I like this video pack very

I like this video pack very much, It is a good addition to your 1st pack. Your explanations and thought process are very good. 


But I'm very confused about some math in the Toolbox video. At 4:04 you say that bluffing frequency should be 25% if we bet 1/2 pot. How did you get that number?

I'm trying to do some calculations and I'm getting 33% bluffing frequency at equilibrium.  



"If you want to win, you must not lose!"

zZzTILT's picture
Thank you for your comment.

Thank you for your comment. As I can't put it in better words, I'll quote fixed limit legend Bryce Paradis here:

"If we bet $1 into a $2 pot we are laying 3:1 by betting, and the GTO strategy is to bluff 25% of the time that we bet. Our opponent will be indifferent to calling or folding. As a result, we know that if we deviate from this strategy our opponent can exploit us by either always calling if we bluff more, or always folding if we bluff less.

Conversely, in this scenario the pot is laying us 2:1 on our bluffs, and so we become indifferent to betting or checking with our bluffs if our opponent calls 67% of the time. This is our opponent’s GTO strategy. If our opponent deviates from this strategy we can exploit him by always bluffing if he calls less, or by never bluffing if he calls more. "

I hope that helps you to get a better understanding of this situation.

it1111's picture
Thanks for your answer. I

Thanks for your answer. I think I understand the concept now.

"If you want to win, you must not lose!"

jasty2k's picture


will you give us the charts / ranges as picture files, like last time ?

Also, maybe in next video pack you can add english subtitles.



RyPac13's picture
Yes, we're still getting them

Yes, we're still getting them organized, but we'll get those up shortly.

vherreral's picture
Any update on the charts as

Any update on the charts as picture files??


Usoborod's picture
why you dont play anymore?

At pokeroptimizer.com I see that at last 6 month you played only 833 games. On other sites you are completely blocked.

This  is small amount for reg, who crush the regs =)

What is the reason of this? You cant beat field anymore? Changed your nickname or you don't need more money?

I dont bully to you, but still interested in poker life flow of top-reg.

Your truly answer is the best estimate of relevance of your new material.


zZzTILT's picture
I'm working full time now and

I'm working full time now and focusing on coaching rather than grinding. Since i have this great job opportunity and i still am working a lot with students, it's impossible for me to attack the higher stakes lobbies, so the daily grind is not very appealing to me from a competitive and growth standpoint. I still enjoy the strategy part of the game though, so coaching + working out new strategies + playing against friends for fun seemed like the better decision for me. If my dream job ends up not being my dream job, I'll definitely be back in the lobbies attacking full steam though.

A lot of people already bought the pack and I only received great feedback so far, so I would be suprised if you would not find it helpful.

it1111's picture
Some of the best material on

Some of the best material on HUSNGs, in my opinion, was published by the guys who stopped actively playing poker (Mersenneary published his legendary e-book when he quit playing and Will Tipton published his books when he stopped playing)  so the fact that zzzTilt is not playing for living any longer could be a good thing.

People who play for living usually don't tell the "whole story". They are scarred to reveal to much info and just give out some general information, some basic or outdated tips or some very questionable lines. 


"If you want to win, you must not lose!"

RyPac13's picture
That's a good point it1111. I

That's a good point it1111.

I want to be careful not to push the "not playing is good" thing or anything like that though, since there are many coaches out there that don't play who are no longer very good but still coach (I see them in other games in particular, advertising their products very hard). But you are right, that some guys in HUSNGs and other games that aren't playing much anymore and are good teachers, they can provide very valuable material.

I think a lot of it is time too. zZz has coached for years, so did Mersenneary. They've both made a lot of video content at this point as well. When you cut back some hours at the tables, you have more time to do things like making videos.

That's one reason why you don't see $500-1k regs making vids very much (though the information thing is a reality for any level, it's too hard to get over the fear of giving out info, the natural tendency is to assume it's damaging when all evidence we've seen shows the opposite in the 5 years we've done this). There just isn't a lot of time/incentive with how profitable HUSNGs are these days and the hard work that most of the very profitable HS guys need to keep making all that money.

So a lot of the value in videomakers are going to be really good guys that are down to part time hours or even guys that have recently left the game. In addition, you also have guys that just really love to teach/coach (Coffeeyay for example), and really solid mid stakes players as well (that describes a lot of guys that make vids here).

Basically, the incentives line up very well for players from the $30-350 levels that enjoy coaching/teaching and can get over the natural emotional fallacies to sharing information.

kingkong's picture
I’m a 100$ player who played

I’m a 100$ player who played up to 300$ before cartels. Some weeks ago I hired zzztilt as a coach to improve my game and to fight the 200s again. I can say, he is definitely up to date with his knowledge about today’s hypers and even has some new concepts in his video pack, which I didn’t know before getting coached by him. So I can really recommend the pack.

Agree with it1111, it’s rather an advantage if you have a coach/video maker, who doesn’t play full time any longer because he can concentrate more on coaching/videos.

shermenator's picture
I am currently focused on

I am currently focused on turbos and regular speeds and have been looking into buying the coffeeyay math pack and considering this product as well. How useful would this be for me if my concentration as of now is on slower formats ?

RyPac13's picture
It will help you in two

It will help you in two areas: End game and postflop play.

The entire pack is of course hyper turbos, so it is going to be focused on the end game stack sizes. But the pack is also primarily post flop play, vs thinking regs.

If you believe you'll be facing thinking opponents ("regulars") and you're looking to improve end game and/or postflop play, then I would absolutely recommend it.

vherreral's picture
Are the charts shown on this

Are the charts shown on this video package available as picture files for the ones who bought the package??


I mean I can copy them to excel but it'll be appreciated if u already have them and share them.


RyPac13's picture
Yes, charts should shortly be

Yes, charts should shortly be available as a separate download.

chmegel88's picture
im a premium user

hello dont shoulld i get in 150$ cause im a premium user?in the check out the price is sill the same ty

RyPac13's picture
The only discount previously

The only discount previously was if you bought a premium membership in our old subscription system, you'd get the Chadders Hyper Pack for $100 instead of $150. That was in the old system. However, if you buy the premium pack now, we'll honor that $50 discount for the Chadders Pack.

The pack on this page is entirely different and not part of any discounts or promotion outside of the HUSNG Rakeback Program (www.husng.com/vip), where you can earn the pack free with rake.

Di Leo201's picture
Crushing hyper turbos vs crushing regs

Hi. I´m currenlty looking into buying one of your videopacks to improve my game. I´m choosing between crushing hyper turbo and crushing regs. I´m currently playing at 15$ and I´m taking a shot at 30$. I´d need some help with to identify my flaws more and where I´m leaking money. But I find my self meeting mostly regs right now and get insecure in my game, which I´vent been before. Which videopack would help me the most in taking the next step entering 30$?


/ Di Leo

RyPac13's picture
If your winrate is pretty

If your winrate is pretty solid in the $15s, especially against non regs, then I would go with Crushing Regs. It's more focused on dealing with thinking players, and gives you a lot of tools and ideas to work with on how to perform better against thinking players, from semi professional to professional.

If you're not happy with your winrate vs non regs, then the Crushing Hypers pack is more of a base/guide to the games that should really help you improve your overall game.

vherreral's picture
Hi, bought the crushing regs

Hi, bought the crushing regs pack by zzztilt some months ago, unfortunately my laptop where I had it saved and already watched some videos from it was stolen.

I have already bought a new laptop and currently downloading again the pack, will I have any problems opening the videofiles??, if so, what can I do??


RyPac13's picture
You should be fine in this

You should be fine in this situation.

maddog's picture
I liked this video pack, the

I liked this video pack, the most valuable for me was, the strategy of bluffing when we are at the top of our bluffing range. It works nice against regs, but I would like to know, if we can use it against fishes too.

So we are OOP and he bets the flop and we pick up a draw on the turn, can we bet the turn and jam the river, when we are at the top of our bluffing range, or fishes calling range is much wider and cant use this against them? I understand that we are leading the turn both with bluff and value against a reg, but as I know we don't need to balanced against fish, and maybe a more passive approach with draws works better against a fish?

For sjovt's picture

Thanks for making this package. Really liked it! I do have some comments on how I think you can improve:

First of all, the presentation of hh-review, leakfinder and live play (the zzztilt videos) are so similarly presented (and commented) that it confused the viewer to what he/she is expected to take away from these different formats.

I think your style of commenting is great but pretty much the same on all three formats and that it works far better for live play videos. For the hh-review, I think it would be a lot better if you focused on a few hands, and did those hands in depth than taking a few games. It could potentially also link much better the points you give in the classroom vidoes. That would also give a much clearer distinction between the leakfinder and hh-review, which only differences from my view is that they are viewed from different video-players. 

Summing up: greatly enjoyed your poker wisdom, but I think a in-depth video with fewer hands on typical mistakes or interesting points in stead of the hh-review would be awesome.

RyPac13's picture
Thanks for this detailed

Thanks for this detailed feedback.

conavelha's picture

was said people would receive the charts with the ranges where can we download them??

RyPac13's picture
The charts are in the

The charts are in the download area of the pack in PNG format.

jacfr's picture

French please.

haxzzom's picture
Theory on video

How much time this video course has just on theory?


RyPac13's picture
At least 45 minutes of actual

At least 45 minutes of actual slides, but a lot more about certain concepts and theories between and during the 400+ hands that are reviewed in this video series.

BluffShove's picture
Considering the date on this

Considering the date on this video package (and others around here), do you still consider this material relevant to today's games? I notice a lot of the content you offer on here at this point was made in the past few years and I don't see a lot of updated content. Further, do you not offer subscriptions anymore? I just see video packs for sale and no monthly sub to the site. 


RyPac13's picture
Hey, we haven't had

Hey, we haven't had subscriptions in over 5 years.

The featured packs are all relevant to various audiences. This pack is a good fundamental base for lower stakes hyper players. The newest pack, Lotte Lenya's pack, is going to be more suited for higher levels (but still within the grasp of a lower level player), but you'll find most other packs are going to be low-mid level audience targeted.

While this pack and several others were pretty applicable to the highest stakes when they came out, that wasn't the intention, as 95%+ of our customer base is always going to be low to mid stakes players. That's where videos and fundamentals are the most helpful.