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Turbo HUSNG Masters Pack


Featuring Mattraq, Faarcyde and Coffeeyay

With almost 6 hours of content, specifically covering the turbo speed format, this pack is designed to help get you to the next level of these profitable poker games. Whether you're a new player starting out, a hyper turbo player that wants to add action or a mid stakes turbo pro, this pack has valuable content.



Video Pack Breakdown

Mattraq1: Intro (6mn 29s):
Mattraq1's overview of his content and his intentions for this pack.

Mattraq1: Deep SB Play (21mn 0s):
In this video, Mattraq teaches about a readless preflop range, learning about your opponent on the flop, recognizing different flop textures, knowing when to bet the turn, and river decisions.

Mattraq1 talks about flop play when playing readless from the small blind.

Mattraq1: Deep BB Play (25mn 45s):
Topics in this video include readless defending range, adjustments vs larger-than-minraise opens, and check-raising.

Mattraq1: Deep 3B Play (46mn 29s):
In this one, Mattraq teaches about defending a 3B from SB, stack size effects on hand values, 4B, 3B from BB, default hand selection, and multiple board textures.

Mattraq1 goes over a push-fold chart for picking hands to 3bet with when playing from the big blind.

Mattraq1: Varying Bet Sizes (26mn 0s):
This video covers manipulating villain expected actions, inaccurate HUD stats, and overbetting strategies.

Mattraq1: $55 Review (59mn 40s):
Mattraq1 applies the above concepts to real games at the $55 buyin.

Mattraq1: $110 Review (33mn 4s):
Mattraq1 applies the above concepts to real games at the $110 buyin.

The first few hands of Mattraq1's review of a $110 game he played against an opponent he had no reads on.

Faarcyde: Early Adjustments (32mn 7s):
Faarcyde teaches about player types, raise vs. fold basics, preflop considerations, flop strategies, limping, and common mistakes.

Faarcyde discusses the role of limping in turbos.

Faarcyde: $60 Hand History Reviews (52mn 39s):
Faarcyde reviews ten interesting hands against a variety of players from recs to regs at the $60 buyin.

Faarcyde's first hand review in this pack.

Faarcyde: More Hand History Reviews (24mn 27s):
Faarcyde analyzes six more interesting hands.

Coffeeyay: Coffeeyay vs. RyPac13 (25mn 9s):
Coffeeyay visits RyPac13 and reviews a game they played against each other.

Coffeeyay reviews a couple of hands that he played against RyPac13 (LeoSpaceman).


About the Authors

Pre black friday, Mattraq was a HUSNG professional. With the uncertainty that came with black friday, he decided to stay in the USA and finish up his undergraduate degree. The game wouldn't leave him, however. He continued to play HUSNGs while in school and playing live poker as well. He made an estimated $43,000 in about 7500 turbo speed HUSNGs during 2012-2013.

In 2014, he's finished up his schooling and has been playing the live MTT circuit as well. He scored big with a $40,000 win at Cherokee, and he also played a full 2014 WSOP schedule. In 2014 HUSNGs, he's made roughly $4,500 in just over 1,000 games.

Faarcyde has a wide range of poker experience. He's well known in the 6 max SNG community, as well as both turbo and hyper turbo circles. However, his primary game has long been turbo speed HUSNGs, where he resides at the $100 buyin. He is a very experienced coach for many of these games as well. Below is his lifetime turbo speed graph, he plays under the alias Faarcyde on PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.

Poker Video Pack

Coffeeyay is the leader in end game coaching and strategy. He coaches players from the $7 level to the $1,000 level and is known for cutting through the "noise" and offering provable solutions in end game HUSNG situations. He has built a lot of the poker strategy/variables in the popular CoffeeHUD, as well as CoffeeCalcs. His Math in HUSNGs pack has been very well received and he is a lead coach in the HUSNG.com Staking Program.

His focus on this video pack is in bringing solid end game strategy to the end of turbo speed HUSNGs. End game play is often overlooked in turbo speed HUSNGs, however, given that mid stakes hyper turbo players can hold ROIs over 5% against much of the field in only 3 minute games, it quickly becomes obvious how much additional profit can be made in turbo HUSNGs by improving your end game.


Price - $159.99

Length - 5 hours, 52 minutes

Size - 770 MB

Format - .exe

note: This pack requires Windows and does not work in a virtual machine.
We are currently working on a solution for Mac OS users.
If you are a Mac OS user and are interested in this pack, please e-mail us for details.

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How much ROI does general

How much ROI does general winning player have in this game?

Can it be switched smoothly from hyperHU?

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Hey tamamo, thats a really

Hey tamamo, thats a really tough question to answer since your ROI is based on many many many many variables.

For example if i strictly play against a player i have a 30% ROI against, i will have a 30% ROI.  However if i play 50% of my games vs that player, and 50% of my games vs a player i have a -10% ROI against, my overall ROI will be 10% (the average of the 2).  Of course this is an incredibly simplistic example and in a real world application it will be much more complex than this. You could also be a good hyper player playing a turbo and making money once the stack depths decrease below say 30bb, but be a bad deep stack player and losing a ton of money when stacks are greater than 30bb.  Now your roi will be the average of the 2 of those as well.

In regards to ROI per game type, in general, the better the structure and the deeper the stacks, the higher the "ceiling" ROI.  So in that sense, in turbos the ceiling ROI is going to be higher than hypers.  And in reg speeds the ceiling will be higher than turbo speeds.  

Back in 2007 there was a group of us grinding HU Turbos with ROIs in the 15-20% range.  This of course was because the games were much softer and our average competition much worse.  These days thats not a realistic number because recs are better, and regs are more willing to play against each other.  Hypothetically, if i played a fish with a 0% vpip, id have a 100% ROI(minus rake) vs him.

In regards to moving from hypers to turbos. You should already know the end game aspects (from hypers), and now will likely have to work at learning deep stack play.  A lot of this pack is focused on just that (player at deeper stack depths than you would in a hyper turbo) as well as explicitly comparing some differences between the 2 game types.

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Is playing with medium and

Is playing with medium and short stack sizes also covered to some degree? explicitely only deep play is mentioned in the mattraq1 videos.




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Yes. It is exactly why

Yes. It is exactly why Coffeeyay was brought in for this pack. His video actually skips the early deep stack play and goes right into short-mid stacks.

For mid stacks, Faarcyde had situations and concepts that come up to address those "not starting stack, but not short stack" situations.

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thanks for the

thanks for the info




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not very tech savy but how do

not very tech savy but how do you watch this? install process seems completely ridiculous. i have the codec downloaded, activated key etc. have no idea how to get to the video.

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We will email you right away

We will email you right away for some support here. Thanks.

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when short and mid?

Great pack!.. Im studying all videos, and are very very nice. Some concepts help me a lot...

I search you mattraq and u dont play a lot of time ago , why? for the black friday?


Whatever, i just wanna know, when u will up the pack to "short and mid stack turbo pack" :). Thts will be beatiful, so we can the complete pack and a lot of concepts to play this heads up. (posflop is for me the most important)