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Spin & Go HUD


Designed and programmed by currrr14, this PokerTracker 4 HUD is a valuable addition to the software toolbox of any poker pro who is seeking to maximize his or her Spin & Gos profits. The first Spin & Go PT4 HUD on the market, this HUD:

  • Tracks all stats for 3 handed play
  • Distributes frequencies by position
  • Tracks limp and minraise post-flop stats
  • Displays stats specific to three different intervals of blind levels

This HUD comes with three editions, "Spin & Go HUD Pro", "Spin & Go HUD Pro+HU", and "Spin & Go HUD Plus". The "Pro" edition is great for players who wish to see the most important stats at a glance, the "Pro+HU" edition adds heads-up tracking to the "Pro" design, while those who hunger for more stats will enjoy the advanced "Plus" edition, which displays stats specific to three different intervals of blind levels (10-13, 13-16, 16-25). All three of these editions are included with a purchase of this HUD, and players are able to select which edition they use from within PT4 at their discretion.

Here is a screenshot of the "Pro" edition in action:

Here is a look at the "Pro+HU" edition:

And here's the "Plus" edition:

In addition, currrr14 has recorded a brief tutorial video in which he reviews some of the stats found in the HUD and demonstrates a few technical tips regarding usage of this HUD:

This HUD has been rigorously tested by over a dozen pro players for nearly a month to prepare it for release. Now it is your turn to get the technological edge you need to dominate this profitable poker format.

Price: $100


  • This HUD is an addon for the program PokerTracker 4, a statistical tracker for online poker. PokerTracker 4 is required to use this HUD. If you have not yet purchased PokerTracker 4, you can buy it from us here: http://www.husng.com/content/buy-pokertracker-and-receive-standard-video-pack-free. We offer two options to buy PT4, at $10 off (the best price on PT4 in the industry) or at full price but with a free inclusion of our Standard Pack video collection (over 400 videos).
  • The PT4 version that is required by this HUD is 4.13 or greater. The latest version of PT4 can be downloaded from this page: https://www.pokertracker.com/products/PT4/download.php
  • Within 24 hours after you purchase this HUD, we will activate your PT4 license for access to this HUD, and then your PT4 installation will automatically download and install this HUD with no further action required on your part. This HUD will always be available to you on whatever devices you install PT4 using the same registration credentials, and you do not need to worry about saving back up copies of any installation files. Be sure to completely fill out the checkout form with your PT4 registration e-mail and 6-digit code. You can find that e-mail and 6-digit code in PT4 itself by clicking the "Help" menu and selecting "About".



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What about color coding on whose opinion you consider when doing this job?

Do I understand correctly that strategy from your pack is considered like default in HUD and will displayed like white numbers?

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September 18th, 2015 update:

September 18th, 2015 update: Color coding has now been updated to be in line with upcoming PokerStars Software changes. Color coding is no longer based on any population tendencies or other external data. Color coding is static (non dynamic).

Email us with any questions about that.

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how to use this

some sort of guide or how to video on this hud would be really helpful, I also see nothing changing when HU, but have no idea whats going on in general

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Hello everyone, I've made

Hello everyone,

I've made some changes and fixed some bugs with the HUDs, I hope they will meet your needs.

Here is a list of the changes,

1) All stats are now cachable, this will increase the performance of the stats.

2) SB OS bug is fixed for SpinNGoPlus

3) NASH chart for SpinNGoPlus is now showing both Pusher and Caller

4) Hands stat in the overall group will now only register 3H hands instead of any hand you played with that opponent

5) HU Stats have been added to the SpinNGoPro in the form of a new HUD, meaning you can still use the SpinNGoPro if you like but now you also have the option of using it with some HU preflop stats as well

6) I've made the font size smaller for the SpinNGoPlus and SpinNGoPro+HU to more easily fit at the tables

7) I created a how to video showing all three huds


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It updated last night. Please

It updated last night. Please let us know if there are new elements that you like, dislike, etc. We're committed to making sure this HUD continues to improve with every update, similar to CoffeeHUD HUSNG.

We are also working on a way to either get users a better deal on existing HUD switching products or simply producing our own for our users to switch easily between HUDs. We'll keep you updated on that as an action is taken.

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Hello, If I accidentally


If I accidentally deleted the group from this hud how can I get it back?

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Email membership@husng.com

Email membership@husng.com please and we will reset your access. Thanks!

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HUD problems

Not sure what's going on, but i try the HUD, and i save the layout. then I open 2 tables , and on 1 table the HUD pops up like i saved before, and on the other table its all messed up and not like i saved.

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Andre this is a PT4 problem,

Andre this is a PT4 problem, need to do the following

Configure ---> Site Import Options  ----> PokerStars ---> click Auto Center in Preferred Seating

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Problem Solved ! thanks a lot

Problem Solved !

thanks a lot

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how can I get rid of Hero

how can I get rid of Hero stats in CoffeeHud? i would like to disable it when I play spin and go but still have it when I play hu sng's. same like currr has on his tutorial vid.

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In PT4 HUD ---> HUD Profiles

In PT4

HUD ---> HUD Profiles ---> CoffeeHUD v.x.x.x (not sure which you use) ---> In Group, click on the one names "Hero"  ---> Delete ---> Apply

Hope that helps

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Hey   is there a way to turn



is there a way to turn the HUD into a pop-up one, sort of the like the one that comes with the PT4 (Tournament-Default), so that it takes up less space on the table and i would just open it when needed to check some stats



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We'll make a modified version

We'll make a modified version of this HUD to do just that and see how people like it. You can test it when it's ready too. It will be 3-7 days until it is ready.

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Great, thanks ill be looking

Great, thanks ill be looking foward to it xD


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Playing spin n go I use

Playing spin n go I use coffee hud when heads up but today there were some errors and coffee hud just either shut down or spin's hud launched back making me having two huds for a while covering whole table. Then after disabling hud and restarting it again everything was normal again. This situation happened about six times today. Any idea how to fix it??

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Hi Magik4ever,That's a

Hi Magik4ever,

I don't think I've seen that problem before. If that happens again, can you take screenshots of what it looks like and e-mail it to us at membership@husng.com? I'll then try to see if I can figure out how to fix it.

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Hi currrr14, I have couple

Hi currrr14, 

I have couple of questions about some of the stats in 3 way HUD. Preflop stats are separated by position and it is very easy to understand what they represent, all good here, but I have trouble understanding some postflop stats.

For example, FvCB flop stat:

There are 4 different scenarios that give us the option to cbet:
-we are BUT, we MR, SB folds, BB calls
-we are BUT, we MR, SB calls, BB folds
-we are BUT, we MR, SB calls, BB calls
-We are SB, BUT folds, we MR, BB calls 

In each scenario average fold to cbet frequencies are different. Is your FvCB stat combination of all 4 scenarios or maybe something different?

Same question about CB stat, does it include combined cbet frequencies from all 4 scenarios?

Same question for limp pots, (there are 3 different scenarios in Limp Pots)?

Could you also check if everything is ok with the FCBvR in Limp pot, I'm getting some really weird numbers here...

"If you want to win, you must not lose!"

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Hello! You are correct on the


You are correct on the postflop stats.

In FvCB it will take into account all those four different scenarios at which point you'd get an average of all four as your stat.

I'm open to suggestions here, at the time I felt this was best seeing as the HUD is already quite large.  A good alternative could be to seperate BU and SB postflop stats.  What do you think?

CB stat also includes all four scenarios, same in limp pots.

There will be an update to the Plus HUD to v.1.0.5 

I've fixed the following:

1) FCBvR had the wrong stat in it, I apologize for this.  It's fixed now

2) There was a bug with the turn and river barrel in limp pots.  That is also now fixed.

I will release an update to the Pro HUD in a couple days to include popups for different blind depths.  I'm trialing this myself at the moment to make sure everything is working before releasing it to everyone.

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Thanks for the answer, Hard

Thanks for the answer,
Hard to tell if separate BU and SB postflop stats would be better. 
There are Pros and Cons for each approach.

Current stats:

+ stats gather more quickly
+ easier to find stats we need (less clutter on the table)
+ simpler approach

-less accurate

Separate BU and SB postflop stats:

+more accurate data

-hard to get a big enough sample (especially against casual players)
-more clutter on the table 
-much harder to find stat we need

Maybe it's better to keep the things simple for now but to be aware of those 4 possible scenarios and how people react in each of them and adjust the data in our heads accordingly... 

"If you want to win, you must not lose!"

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problems with hud appearance

hey guys ive got some problem with the way the hud tabs appear.. i just tested the spin pro+hu hud for the first time:

i set up the stat tabs the way i liked  it...locked and saved the layout   works fine for 1 game....but when i open the next spin and go(especially multiple)

the tabs are overlapping  covering the whole screen....sometimes just the tabs for one player at the table are appearing the way they should, but the stats for other player appear just over my own avatar  etc.....

hope you guys get my point....any ideas how to fix that problem?


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I've emailed you Currr's

I've emailed you Currr's skype so you can directly talk to him about this issue, he isn't sure off hand so he will be able to figure this out faster for you directly.


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I think the stats that are

I think the stats that are appearing on your avatar are hero's stats. Sometimes spin hud decides to launch them as well. Happens regularly to me too.

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New update coming,

New update coming, v.1.0.6

Made the following changes

Changes made to Plus v.1.0.6

1) Hands stat only counts 3H spots

2) Added Flat BB vs. SB Steal

Changes made to Pro v.1.0.6

1) Created popups for different depths

2) Added Flat BB vs. SB Steal

3) Hands stat only counts 3H spots

Wasn't sure how to best place the Flat BB vs. SB steal


I've placed the first flat as BB vs. SB and the second one as BB vs. BU

Here is how the pro looks with popups


Here are some suggestions I've had for other stats to add.  I will work on them now, let me know if you'd like to see anything else.

"Can you add to next update, stat:  Fold to steal:  SB 16-25bb, SB13-16, SB 10-13, BB 16-25, BB 12-16, BB 10-13 or stat VPIP for all position on all Big blinds.

Also may be you add postflop popup with other stat( probe, fold to probe etc)


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Hey, how did you guys sort

Hey, how did you guys sort out the HU situation with HUD. for example if I wanna switch to CoffeeHUD, i don't mind doing it manually but the problem is that since the player location on the table is sometimes on the left sometimes on the right, the HUD gets messed up even after i saved its layout



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Can you set a default player

Can you set a default player location for yourself?

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Talked to Andre on

Talked to Andre on Skype.

Anyone else who had this problem this should work

1) If player is HU and on the left, save the layout for your HU HUD how you would like.

2) If player is HU and on the right, save the layout for your HU HUD how you would like.

Shouldn't be any problems after that, make sure to have auto-center ticked in PT4

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In 'pro + hu' edition when

In 'pro + hu' edition when one player is out and I am heads up, hud is not taking villain cbtets into account. After a few villain's min raises and cbets there is still CBET 0.

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The Pro + HU Edition doesn't

The Pro + HU Edition doesn't record any post flop stats.  All postflop stats only account for 3H situations, otherwise they would be not useful in 3H situations.  We are working on implementing a HUD switcher right now, however in the meantime you can use EasyStreet to switch you HUD to a proper HU HUD.  I've only created this HUD because people asked for some stats HU.  Personally, would use the Pro or Plus normal versions and switch to a proper HU HUD.

I will be releasing a free HU HUD sometime in the near future (<1 week) for everyone as well

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I´m considering getting this

I´m considering getting this hud, I will say though that for a game so fast i find the bb dividiers a little too much, i would prefer to have 17+ 10-16 0-9 only.

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I feel the dividers are best

I feel the dividers are best for the Plus version at 16+, 13-16, and 10-13.

In the next update I have released pop ups to include 16+, 13-16, 10-13 and 07-10

I am just testing this atm for any errors but should be out within the week

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Im looking to buy this new

Im looking to buy this new hud but ill wait for the ahk, since that problem with switching huds looks like its still on work.

Great job with the hud and hope to see everything working great.

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Hi guys! I would like to ask

Hi guys! I would like to ask if its possible to purchase this HUD while using the trail version of PT4? thanks in advance

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The HUD has a lot of custom

The HUD has a lot of custom stats, which don't work in the trial version unfortunately.

If you end up interested in buying full PT4, we have the best deal out there, $10 off or 400+ videos free.

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Do you plan to release

Do you plan to release HM2ver?

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Yes, hopefully in April.

Yes, hopefully in April. Negotiating with potential developers currently.

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When is ahk coming online?

When is ahk coming online? having to change huds everytime i get in HU is a pain in the ass. Thanks in advance guys

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Realistically early April. Is

Realistically early April.

Is EasyStreet working for you? They have a free trial I believe.

Rjsn's picture
Thanks, working good

Thanks, working good now!

About the post-flop stats while heads up is there any date to those stats start working well?  Thanks in advance guys and keep up with the great work! 

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Any news? EasyStreet doesn't

Any news?

EasyStreet doesn't work on Mac, so I'm looking forward to...


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The program will be .exe, so

The program will be .exe, so I'm not sure how helpful it can be to macs.

It will be open source, however, with requirements on modifications being open, so if a group wants to modify the open source software, everyone will benefit. That may lead to a mac one sooner than later, but it'll only initially be .exe.

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Hi guys! Sorry to bother you

Hi guys! Sorry to bother you with this again, but can someone tell me when will be post-flop stats working on Pro+Hu? Cause if you use this hud you know this is a big uncovenience them not work. Besides that the hud is really good a works perfectly. Thanks in advance.

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Hi, the postflop stats should

Hi, the postflop stats should work fine, but they are for 3 handed. If we add them to 2 handed, it will mix up the data and the stats will not be useful.

Let me know if that makes sense.

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Is the available for WPN's

Is this available for WPN's Jackpot SNG's?

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It works anywhere PT4

It works anywhere PT4 works.

PT4 may not be entirely ready for jackpots on WPN, I think they are, but if they are not it would happen very soon, they are very quick about adding tracking for new games.

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In the plus edition there is

In the plus edition there is no 0-10bb statistics? Why?

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Glenn wanted to use 7-10bb,

Glenn wanted to use 7-10bb, but they don't fit on the table, and they are the most rare situation, so he decided to leave it out.

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stat issues

Hey good HUD so far.  Quick stat issue I'm noticing some scores over 100% for  the stat "SB VPIP vs Raise 16+", 13-16bb and 10-13bb are also affected. No mistakes at 7-10bb as far as I can tell at least... no results greater then 100%.

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We noticed this recently too

We noticed this recently too and are trying to figure out why it is happening.

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plus edition hud

When the stack sizes are under 10bb the plus edition hud doesn't record the statistics?