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Holdem Manager 2

Holdem Manager 2 is the latest tracking software from the popular and successful team. Utilizing hundreds of different metrics, HEM 2 helps you analyze your game from every angle. The software also provides real time statistics on a heads up display (HUD). Our popular CoffeeHUD is available for HEM 2 (with the Notecaddy Premium extension).


When purchasing HEM 2, you you receive over 400 heads up poker videos free with access to download our Standard Package!

Price - $99

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hi, can I benefit from this

hi, can I benefit from this offer when I already have the holdemmanager.com account? I got HM 1 from them ages ago. Thanks

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As long as you buy through

As long as you buy through our site, yes you can.

Sorry about the delay, I did not see your first post.