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Spin & Go Stream, grinding on Stars

Beasting Spins, like a Pigeon?

Hey fellow Grinders!

First of all, let me introduce myself! My name is Dello, born in Greece living over 10 years now in Germany. I studied Arcitecture and have a Master in construction economics.

During college I started playing live cash games in local casinos and reached up to  NL1K.  

After graduating I moved Town and landed in Düsseldorf, where I started working as a freelancer, doing homeoffice for several arcitectural offices and not only.

Few months later I started missing my passion since there is not really a local casino near by I decided to move to the online world ( having up to then only few hundred online  MTT and a bit HU Hyper experience, beating 7$ games.)

... after a lot of forum researches, here , there .................. talks etc. etc.     I decided to play Spin & Go´s   


So my Routine looked from that moment up to now , about 30-40 hours doing arcitectural stuff and 30-40 hours grinding studying Spin & Go´s per week !

I started playing 1$ Spins and reached atm shooting 100$ Spins.



when I feel the confidence and my coaches decide I ready to grind full time on 100s, I will post my 60s graph !


So now to my actual main Point :DDD 

I finally decided to go almost full time, and to be able to motivate myself to do so I will be grinding half of my working hours on live stream.

Iam very excited about that and hope to be able to start with that about 11-12th of May. Need still few things to do , to have a nice and high quality stream.

At start Im planing to stream 30s  and whenever I feel comfortable with this new Situation and get full green light for 100s , then I will start streaming 60s .

MyPlan is to  stream 1bi level  under my REGbi Level to not care if other REG´s catch up something during stream etc. so I will be able to stream with almost no delay and to interact with all of you guys, talk about spots etc. 


I think as a first post , it is enough and Plan to keep you informed about when exactly we are going to be LIVE.


Please let me know your thoughts about that, ideas for the stream or whatever you think might be relevant ...or not :DDD

big GLGL on the tables and see you around Pigeon´s :*

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Nice work on moving up, good

Nice work on moving up, good luck!