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Discussion Thread for The Fundamentals of Barrelling


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A good double or triple barrel

Hi Mersenneary, thank you very much for this beautiful piece of not hand written wisdom.
I just read the part about Barreling because I see a big leak of mine there and stumpled about a passage where I had to search more infos to two of your Points but did't find any.
English is not my motherlanguage, so it could be that I just can not translate it right, but anyways, here is the textpassage:
"A good double or triple barrel means correctly taking into account three main factors:"
1. "How your opponent perceives your range,
2. "how your opponent perceives his own range,
3. "and your opponent’s actual range."
To #2 "How he percieves his own range".
(Im making all the numbers up, just for purpose) Lets say  there is a Board like this: AKQ32r. Villain holds J3o and thinks on the Flop: "mhhhh, he didnt raise preflop, so i think he holds NO highcards and im in front of him in maybe 7 out of 10 cases, so my Equity could be around 70% here."
To #3 "opponent’s actual range"
But actually, against my limping range of top 10%-15% of all hands his hand just has maybe 20% equity here.
Is that what you meant with point 2 and 3?