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Discussion Thread for How To Think About Expectation In Heads Up Poker


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I've just started reading the

I've just started reading the book and love the way the first chapter sets it up to challenge yourself (as a reader) to think rather than just read, even if that means questioning/challenging the author. I doubt Jarred Tendler, Helmuth or anyone else would dare say anything like that in their books :)Can anyone remeber the number/title of the video Mers refers to in this section about the "dweeb" and "bro"??

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Thanks for ebook,Is it

Thanks for ebook,Is it possible to also publish ebook reader friendly version please?

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Hi 5adegh, does the PDF not

Hi 5adegh, does the PDF not work with an ebook reader?If not, I will look into that. We're looking into a mobile version, we've published a Russian version, and soon we will have Portuguese and possibly French translations to add to that.

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dear ryan, if you send me the

dear ryan,if you send me the row file(probably *.doc),I can convert it to something like mobi epub so it could be usefull not only for me but also for others

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rypac are you looking for

rypac are you looking for someone to translate it to german? i might help out :)

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The PDF works on all

The PDF works on all smartphones/tablets. I've read it multiple times on my iPad :D