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Discussion Thread for Jamming Expectation Against a Frequent Button Opener 20bb Deep


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Very solid concepts thanks dude!However I have to ask how you came up with this table?Only becasue I use the 3bet shove calculator provided in the free tools section of the site and this shows a much higher expectation 3bet shoving many more hands. 

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Quick response just to make

Quick response just to make sure you get one - are the opening/calling ranges assumed the same/similar?

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Regarding to folding vs calling/shoving

In a position where you have J3s and will get -1 bb by folding, and lets say -3 bb by calling and lets say -0,2 bb of shoving.
You all say that it is best to shove then. But you know that your player is opening alot, so the next hand you have a chance of getting a hand with much more value in it. 20% of the times I get a hand that gives me about 10-20 bb+ by re shoving?

I am not shure if there is been done some calculation about this, but I would rather fold and loose -1bb if that means that on average will I earn 1 bb next hand. Because that means I will earn on average 0.8 bb on those two hands together.
What do you people think? Is my thought prosess wrong?


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There are no ICM

There are no ICM considerations in HUSNGS. 
Therefore chipEV ~ $EV. 
You should maximise your expectation on every hand to maximise your long term expectation.
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