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Discussion Thread for Preventing and Mitigating Tilt

Don't tilt mmk

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What if I am at university,

What if I am at university, have gf, etc. etc. etc?  Is my answer to the tilt just a example of not having enough time in the day to put at poker?I win sometimes and move up but when I get to $50 and $100 HT games I do not seem to win and I really cannot handle variance, losing lots of all in preflops.  I have a lot of things to do in my life, university, girlfriend family, piano.  Is poker a lot too much for me?

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Good questions. I too had a

Good questions. I too had a girlfriend in college while moving up in the poker world, and obviously it's going to be a little different than any poker baller is going to say.One important thing is that if you're calm about it, she will too. If you're playing games where losing lots of all-ins preflop are causing significant hardships over a short period of time, that's where bankroll management and risk analysis comes into play. You have to be honest with yourself about what you're willing to lose even as you try to adjust that amount. You also have to be honest about what opportunities are there and go after them so that you don't resent anything for holding you back.What do you mean by "is poker too much for me?" That's a very personal question. We can talk about specifics to your situation and your approach, but certainly it's true that poker can be a great part of a balanced life.