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Discussion Thread for Why This Book Is Free


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Thanks so much for the time

Thanks so much for the time and effort you put into this mers, it shall help the husng community  a great deal.

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Thank you

Awesome piece of literature Mers. I was like a young child waiting for father Christmas for the release. Thank you very much.

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Awesome love it. Thank you

Awesome love it. Thank you

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There are not enough

There are not enough superlatives to describe how good this is.Thanks.

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Thank you very much!

Thanks again Mers for taking the time and energy to put all this together!

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Thanks a lot for doing this

Thanks a lot for doing this Mers, Its like when I was listening for the first time ''HU from scratch'' series from primo back in early 09. It literally opened my eyes.Today , I realize how hard it is to apply and use this kind of information, even with a relatively high level of understanding.This ebook is a peace of gold  but , without puttin in hard work an A LOT of hours ,its just nothing.For my part , I'll work on that with a lot of fun and passion . Respecfully ,David 

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 Mers, all these limpy and

Mers, all these limpy and seemingly loose-passive fish have gotten so much crazier even at 100s. It's all your fault! :D   See this one @ 1180 effective stacks and 10/20: Pre Flop: Me(SB) with [9c,Jd] Me(SB) raises 30, P1(BB) raises 80, Me(SB) calls 60     Flop: (7d,Ad,Jh) (2 players) P1(BB) checks, Me(SB) checks     Turn: 3c (2 players) P1(BB) bets 200, Me(SB) calls 200     River: 8s (2 players) P1(BB) bets 480, Me(SB) calls 480     Final: P1(BB) shows [8c,Qs] Me(SB) wins 1560   And heres's another @ 1305 effective stacks and 15/30: Pre Flop: Me(SB) with [Kd,9d] Me(SB) raises 45, P1(BB) calls 30     Flop: (Qd,3d,Js) (2 players) P1(BB) checks, Me(SB) bets 60, P1(BB) calls 60     Turn: Ks (2 players) P1(BB) checks, Me(SB) bets 180, P1(BB) calls 180     River: 6d (2 players) P1(BB) bets 1005, Me(SB) calls 1005     Final: P1(BB) shows [7c,7d] Me(SB) wins 2610 This one @ 1040 and 15/30 that really blew my mind:Pre Flop: Me(SB) with [2c,Jc]Me(SB) raises 45, P2(BB) calls 30   Flop: (4c,Qs,2h) (2 players)P2(BB) checks, Me(SB) bets 60, P2(BB) calls 60   Turn: 3c (2 players)P2(BB) checks, Me(SB) checks   River: Ac (2 players)P2(BB) checks, Me(SB) bets 90, P2(BB) raises 920, Me(SB) calls 830   Final:P2(BB) shows [6h,Qh]Me(SB) wins 2080This guy realized that I'm unlikely to vbet a hand that his weak Q could beat and probably discounted straights or flushes due to my sizing. He pulled the trigger and I don't blame him. He wasn't erratic or overly aggressive in our game to this point and I'd be hard-pressed to find a call with even 2-pair. It's a spot where he either hit a draw or had a made hand to begin with.   I'm kidding about it being anyone's fault, and mers has done an excellent job. The ebook is a great boon to interested players willing to put some work in. Plus, it's not like there weren't resources to get better before it was released. It was mostly a matter of who wanted to actually do it.  Although, the games certainly changed a lot since 2010 when I started. Even in the most insane spots, hero folds aren't going to be right anywhere near as often as they were. Fish are constantly able to turn made hands into bluffs in sick spots or to make 3-barrel bluffs that capitalize on their passive image. I just had an apparently nitty guy that 3-bet only ~7% shove 45s over my minraise @ 18bb. This guy wasn't even raising more than 50% of his buttons. Who would expect that from him? Reads are becoming less and less useful because even weak players can't be pigeonholed. Poker's inching closer to GTO every year and it concerns me. These days, I don't want to depend just on poker playing for income. I think even many top players are starting to feel that way.

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Getting familiar with terms

Hi, haven't finished the ebook yet, but i'm starting to feel a bit dumb as I dont really know the meaning of some lines...eg "Take an opponent who raises 100% of his hands from the button, and assume that a 3-bet to t150 will cause him..."What is exactly a 3b  to t150?, is it qhn we have the 15/30 level and button min raises to 60 and bb 3b to 150 total? Thanks


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t150 just indicates 150

t150 just indicates 150 tournament chips

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omg that ebook is the most

omg that ebook is the most awesome article in husng poker ty mers

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at page 51, with "5. Your opponent blockbets t100 into a t500 pot. You have t900 behind. How often does a jam have to work to bebetter than folding if you have no showdown value?""900/1500 = 67% of the time."  isnt that supposed  to be 0.6? 

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thanks !

this ebook is a pearl !!!! 
big ty !

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Is it still relevant, and

Is it still relevant, and till which leven you can beat it, when you have read it?

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i think it´s impossible to

i think it´s impossible to seriously answer that question. it´s like asking:will you be able to compose like mahler when you read a book on music theory? the simple answer is: no, you won´t. the more complex answer is:if you study like hell, if you are dedicated, if you have the talent, if you have the ressources, both musical and not musical, if it´s not the only book you´ll ever read, if you at some point look for a good teacher to help you out, if you are willing to work on your weaknesses, if you accept the opinions of experts, if you can deal with criticism in a constructive way, if you are critical towards yourself, if you challenge yourself, if you surround yourself with like-minded people who can be a source of inspiration, and if you really love what you are doing, this book on music theory can be an important part in your learning process and maybe it will, after long years of trial, error, self doubt and eventual small steps forward, help you in becoming quite a decent composer.  although i am not such a super poker expert, i think i can say without too much doubt that there a high stakes players who never read the book but beat the game and that there are tons of micro stakes players who read it, but who will never be winning players on any level. this book is not a "just add water" kinda thing that magically turns you into a pro when you download it.  cheerss.

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I agree with Dipl, there is

I agree with Dipl, there is not going to be a "you can now beat x level after reading this book."Poker is not so simple as to make that true.For example, if you read a strategy guide and play a Mario video game, you can reasonably say "this strategy guide can help you beat the game" or "this strategy guide works for the first two worlds, you should beat them when reading this if you are reasonably competent at video games."But poker is more like saying "Once you read this Halo strategy guide, you'll crush every other online player out there." That isn't really true, and poker is infinitely more complex than Halo is.The point here is that you're playing other players who are making decisions and your decisions hinge on recognizing what they are doing and knowing how to exploit that (and then doing it). You work on such incomplete information and emotions and money are flowing, it can get very difficult. This book really is designed to teach you how to think better about your decisions, and those that work the hardest will get the most out of this book.