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Expresso spin and go - beatable?

I'm interested in whether the expresso spin and go's launced on Winamax is beatable. Start chips is 300, blind levels is 1 minutte and rake is fixed at 7 %. What kind of ROI seems achievable for these games? As goes for variance, this seems to contain even higher variance than normal spin and go's? 
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Assuming starting blinds are

Assuming starting blinds are 10/20 and then it goes to 15/30, I don't love the profit potential of these on first glance, but they are probably profitable for good players of 7-15bbs.

One thing going for them is that they are going to be very short, so any rake beating edge will multiply pretty quickly due to higher games per hour.

Still, I would only play them if there are a lot of poor players joining them.