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Free PokerTracker 4 HUD (CoffeeHUD Lite)

CoffeeHUD Lite is the free version of the CoffeeHUD. Designed by Coffeeyay and Butitswrong, this is an excellent free heads up display (HUD) for heads up poker players of all levels.

Below is a table display of what is included in the CoffeeHUD Lite.

CoffeeHUD Lite, Free Heads Up Poker Display For PokerTracker 4


The image below shows CoffeeHUD Lite in action on the PokerTracker 4 replayer.

CoffeeHUD Lite Free Heads Up Display in Replayer PT4

You must be logged in to a free HUSNG.com account (or higher level) to download the CoffeeHUD Lite. Click Here to visit the download page.

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Very nice HUD. It does a lot

Very nice HUD. It does a lot for players who have an idea how to use it. For absolute beginners who are new to useing a hud or have very little information about playing HUSNG it probably is too much.


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Hey! At the SB section


At the SB section it's actually not 2BET, it is a simple pfr stat. Be aware of that, it can mock you-
Very nice job tho, thank you!

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Did you hit "save file" when

Did you hit "save file" when clicking on the download link?
You need to save the file, then open it inside of PokerTracker 4 separately.
It also won't work on the trial version of PT4 I believe.

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On the PokerTracker toolbar

On the PokerTracker toolbar select 'File' > 'Import HUD Profile' and then select the location you downloaded the file to

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if we add the 2 bet and limp

if we add the 2 bet and limp together then is that are total vpip? dumb question,but need to be sure..

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In position, yes.

In position, yes.

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What is the difference

What is the difference between the free version and the full version for $100?

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The full version has a built

The full version has a built in GPS and seat warmer. 
But seriously.
Coffehud lite
Coffehud full
Spot the difference :)

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The lite version is just a

The lite version is just a taste. It has some effective stats, but the overall stats are incredibly limited compared to the pro version.
Even so, we do have users that really enjoy the lite version. You can't beat the price of course.

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I cant get over that this is a free.  Im telling all my poker buddies about it ty

Jerry Brinkley

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Maybe I'm just really missing

Maybe I'm just really missing something but I don't understand how to download this. I don't see a link or anything anywhere. Hopefully someone can help. Thanks guys.

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All good now

Oops, sorry. Figured it out now. Thanks so much for providing this! It's awesome!

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download issue

Hey I can't seem to download coffehudlite.. the link takes me to a page of text in the browser window.. im on a virtual machine for what it's worth, any other way to get this hud downloaded?




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Hey, the link it takes you to

Hey, the link it takes you to has a "download by clicking here now" link on it. Can you screenshot the page you see when you click the link above please?

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download issue

I've spent about 20 mins trying to upload the screenshot, unsucessfully and am at my wits end.. i tried to copy and paste the text, and it wouldn't let me.. basically its a bunch of text that is filled with "hud" language.. 


(also everytime i hit enter in this box the cursor goes to the beginning of my text, also frustrating, ha i think im just not meant to test out this hud)

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download issue

update: i was able to download via firefox... my previous attempts were with microsoft egde and internet explorer fwiw


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i am trying to download

i am trying to download coffeeyay lite, it can not find a programe to open the file? Any suggestions? I am tried it on chrome and internet explorer

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Hey, you need PokerTracker 4

Hey, you need PokerTracker 4 to open the file.