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I had the same problem in

I had the same problem in Office for Mac 2011, then I tried to install Open Office and everything worked fine. 

"If you want to win, you must not lose!"

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  Yeah, it's still a problem.

Yeah, it's still a problem. When I open the file I am prompted to enable macros, but the scroll bar is just an image/picture and I cannot manually alter the percentage box as it's protected.

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OK no worries, let me look

OK no worries, let me look into this.

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ok could you please try this

ok could you please try this one instead and let me know.

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No change - scroll bar is

No change - scroll bar is still a picture.

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Ok let me look into this

Ok let me look into this further. Also add me on skype (genher1) I will have a look for you.Alternatively you can always get it to work on the free poker office. (this is why I hate Mac:))

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all good

ok all fixed now. if anyone else has an issue pm me with your skype

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Wow! Thank you for this!

Wow! Thank you for this! Amazing what can some people do with excel! :)

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stupid me

I may come off stupid, but i guess i might aswell ask the question. When i set bbs to 20, i spose its because the smallest stack has 20 bbs, opening range = his sb pfrcalling shove raise is somethign i just personally try to figure out whether he is tight or lose in his calling range i guess? and then the diagram that comes, is that so that the dark green hands, is the hands i should shove or the hands he wil lcall with?yes i watched the video, but apperently im retarded.

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On the top right of some of

On the top right of some of the fields in the excel sheet there are is a red "point". If you browse with your mouse over it, you receive valueable information, like as: "This the effective stack - after posting the blind"What you have to do is the following: 1) define the amount of Big Blinds2) define opening range (of the opponent)3) define if his open-raising range does include 22-55 or ot4) define if he does min-raise or 3x open-raise5) define his calling range. Right below the drop down box there is a field in which a range appers (this would be HIS calling range over YOUR shove)--------> on the bottom of the Excel field there is a chart. This chart is showing YOUR EV, if you shove 96s or 22 or whatever.


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thanks for that Barrin

thanks for that Barrin

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WOW! just found this...

WOW! just found this... thankyou for making this, its epic. This is going to help me study so much!!

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Open Office download button

Open Office download button doesnt work :/

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The download pops up fine for

The download pops up fine for me. Is it not popping up at all for you?

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No, it is not popping. It

No, it is not popping. It just link me to the http://www.husng.com/content/membership-plans. Can you send OpenOffice version to my email x@seznam.cz please? Thank you

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Emailed.Edited out your email address, just to eliminate any risk of spam.

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I have the same problem...

I have the same problem... can you send exel version to my email allstarsinall @ gmail.com please? Thank you

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I created a scenario in

I created a scenario in ICMIZER and in the 3bs equity calculator 16 BB deep where villain raises 60% (66+,A2+,K2+,Q2+,J2s+,J6o+,T4s+,T7o+,95s+,98o,85s+,75s+,65s,54s) and calls "Loose 1" from the 3b equity calculator.
Now I don't know why the results are so different. If you try it yourself you will notice quickly that ICMIZER tells you to 3bs way more hands ((81.9%) 22+,A2+,K2+,Q2s+,Q3o+,J2s+,J4o+,T2s+,T6o+,92s+,95o+,82s+,85o+,72s+,74o+,62s+,64o+,52s+,53o+,42s+,43o,32s) than the 3b equity calculator (22+,A2+,K2+,Q2s+,Q8o+,J2s+,J8o+,T2s+,T7o+,92s+,97o+,82s+,86o+,73s+,76o+,62s+,65o+,52s+,54o+,42s+,32s) tells you to.
Where does that come from?

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not sure i don't use ICMIZER.

not sure i don't use ICMIZER. It could be hands ordering. If you have ICIMIZER you are probably better of using it as it is obviously much more efficient than my litlle calculator.
CREV gives me the same results for what it's worth

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Yes I checked it now with

Yes I checked it now with ICMIZER and its true ICMIZER suggests wider range, sligthly -EV hand in this excel 3bet shoving calculator is slightly +EV hand in ICMIZER and it does a few hands deviation.
EDIT: Can be caused by uneditable and visible opponent´s opening range, so I can be using different range.
EDIT2: I just realized composition of opponent´s opening range isn´t important...

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The composition of opponent's

The composition of opponent's opening range is important!
ICIMIZER has a diferent card ordering that this spreadsheet and also ICIMIZER can take into account split pots. This spreadsheet doesn't. 
To be honest, because of the margin for error in assessing opening and calling the 3BS ranges the small diferences in EV shouldn't matter that much.

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I think composition of

I think composition of opponent´s opening range isn´t important while the percentage of hands is accurate and 3bet calling range  is the same. Then only open/fold to 3bet hands can be different in his opening range and there´s nothing such a split pot.

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Your Calculator is still very

Your Calculator is still very good for quick access!!
Changing the composition of hands that villain raises pre doesn't really change the EVs in the result, that ICMIZER gives you. Additionally, I arranged villain's opening ranges via Sklansky-Chubukov, Power Push, Power Call etc.
I was just wondering if the slide differences come from circumstances that I couldn't find! Probably the split pot argument is the main reason.

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not opening on my Mac

I wanted to use the sheet but it doens't seems to opne on my mac. 
Can somebody advice me on that ?

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Try using 'open office' for

Try using 'open office' for mac. Google, find free download.

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still not working

HI , 
I try to use open office and excel to open the progam without succes.  When downloaded the file: 3_bet_shove_calc_v5_01-2.7z  shows. 
Doesn't not look like a Open office/ excel file to me. Keep somebody please help me out ? 
thanks in advance.

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It is a compressed file

It is a compressed file (.zip) so you have to uncompress it first using free tools like 7zip or winrar, for example.
I'm not sure if either of those files works for a mac, you may even have a tool on your computer to uncompress it already.
Cleaner or other mac familiar guys, what's the easiest way to have him unzip the file on mac?

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1. Download the 'Open Office'

1. Download the 'Open Office' file from the original post - http://www.husng.com/content/free-software-3-bet-shoving-equity-calculator
2. Unzip using 'Stuffit Expander' - http://www.stuffit.com/mac-expander.html
3. Open the resulting file - '3_bet_shove_calc_v5_01_open.7z' again with 'Stuffit Expander'
4. You end up with a file - '3 bet shove calc v5.01 Open O.ods'
5. Open this with 'Open Office' - download here - http://www.openoffice.org/download/
GL !

Go forth and CRUSH !

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Thanks your everybody for the help ! I got it now .

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This tool is a funny thing.

This tool is a funny thing. The accuracy is amazing once you have figured out what your opponent is calling ur shove with. The problem I have though is that in real life players calling range is determined by his perception of your shove range and so a feedback loop is created within which the ranges flux. 
So it is a bit artificial to label players as loose or super loose etc with regards calling a 3bet shove. And this inability to actually pin down a players calling range for a particular hand within a real game (with game flow) makes the level of equity accuracy generated by the programme fairly academic imo.
Nevertheless an impressive piece of work which helps with study away from the tables.

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I'm having the same Mac issue

I'm having the same Mac issue with the slide bar for pfr %. The slide is just a picture that i can not interact with, macros are enabled. Thanks

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Still need help with the open

Still need help with the open range slider in mac os. If you could help or if anyone who had same issue let me know what to do. thanks

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In relation to the numbers in

In relation to the numbers in the chart - is folding assumed to be 0BB or -1BB?

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not working scrollbar big blinds

Hello Thank you for the classroom program. I have a poser not working scrollbar dig blinds v Excel. Can send me the program format in World

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Bit of a grave dig but I also

Bit of a grave dig but I also couldnt use the scroll bar so I cracked the sheet and fixed it and added a few things. Now you get a visual of villains calling range, can filter the results by Chip ev, $ev and the org bbev.


So anyone that wants a copy can pm me

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Hey, I messaged Genher for

Hey, I messaged Genher for the file but I haven't received a response. I don't have it currently, we lost it in a server move, sorry about that!