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Coffeeyay Explores GTO Solutions And What They Mean To Your Game

Using the powerful GTORangeBuilder software, Coffeeyay explores GTO ranges in HUSNGs and what these ranges mean to your every day strategy. Coffeeyay looks at a variety of limped and minraised pots using estimated GTO preflop ranges from Will Tipton's books. Twenty additional solutions that can be viewed online are included with purchase of this video pack, so once you've learned how to analyze GTO solutions in a valuable way, you can study twenty more solutions.



Video 1: Introduction
Coffeeyay explains what Game Theory Optimal (GTO) means, answering common questions about GTO play. He also talks about how we can hope to learn from GTO play, applying it to realistic situations in game.

Video 2: GTORangeBuilder

The GTORangeBuilder program is used heavily in this pack, and in this video, Coffeeyay conducts a tutorial on how it works and how to use it.

Video 3: Tipton Preflop Estimates
Coffeeyay talks about Will Tipton's preflop estimates (used as the foundation of the flop GTO situations), and what they mean for the solutions in the video pack.

Video 4: J63 Minraise Flop Solution

Coffeeyay looks at a J63 board and the GTO solution for that flop play in a minraised pot.

Video 5: J63 Limp Flop Solution
Coffeeyay goes through a limped pot GTO solution for flop play and looks at major differences compared to the same situation in a minraised pot.

Video 6: Q97 And A63 Solutions
Coffeeyay explores two more boards, looking at minraised pot GTO solutions and picking apart the most valuable things we can learn in these situations.


About Coffeeyay

Coffeeyay has coached hundreds of students, with dozens in the mid and high stakes HUSNG games. He is known for having a fact based coaching method and being able to quickly improve many facets of a player's poker game. He designed CoffeeHUD, created the video packs Beating Spin and Go Poker and Math in HUSNGs, and was also instrumental in the design function of CoffeeCalcs.



Price: $149.99

Length: 2 hours, 20 minutes

Size: 916 MB

Format: .exe (requires Windows)


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Hi, Is there any advice on


Is there any advice on how to implement the simulations at the tables in these videos?
For example controlling bluffing frequencies and picking the best bluffs.

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The videos focus on getting

The videos focus on getting as much information to use at the tables as possible. I talk as much as possible about things that can directly help your bottom line and are directly applicable at the tables, including understanding hand values for bluffing and bluff catching.

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Really enjoyed the pack. it's

Really enjoyed the pack.

it's not an 'idiots guide to...' some prior knowledge of GTO / game theory will be beneficial, but not absolutely necessary. an overview of GTO and what is is provided, but its a difficult subject to provide a simple 10 minute overveiw of.

the concepts are readily applicable at the table, the pack doesnt just describe the solutions for specific situations but also explains their implications and how they could be applied in similar situations that come up all the time.

but the biggest benefit the pack will have is in providing the background, tools and skills to do your own study. you'll be much better placed and confident to run your own simulations and how to interpret and strip apart the results, and apply them in game

often the downside of packs is they 'hand hold' you through strategies that in time become dated. learning how to do your own study is going to be much more beneficial long-term but will require a little extra effort from the viewer. if you want to passively learn how to play GTO poker, this isnt for you. if you want gain a deeper understanding of the suject and learn to learn how to solve your own situations / use game theory to improve your game then it's a really cool package.

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Thanks for taking the time to

Thanks for taking the time to write this review. That's one of the more detailed and helpful reviews of a video pack that I've ever read on this site, and I really appreciate that.

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Can I use this with Piosolver rather than GTORB?

How dependent on GTORB is this video pack? Can I use it with Piosolver just as well? Does studying the twenty additional solutions require a GTORB licence?

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The 20 solutions do not

The 20 solutions do not require paying for a GTORB license.

You should be able to cross apply what you've learned in this pack (setting up, analyzing and gaining the value out of GTO situations) to any of the popular GTO programs including Piosolver.