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How To Post Hands Correctly.

Hi Everyone.

I'd like to post hands in the forum but have never figured out the correct procedure using copy n paste text HH from PT4.

I just tried again taking step by step instructions from the 'How to post HH properly' but it wouldnt work for me.


I think the problem may be -

The HTML options drop down menu in the convertor - Or the Disable/Enable rich-text / Input format selction in the Forum topic window where I paste the results from the HUSNG Hand History Tool.

I feel like a bit of an idiot asking for help here, but I really need to post some horribly mundane spots where im trying to figure out my best lines.

If thee is someone who is using PT4 to post hands who could help me it would be really realy great.

Wishing you all God Mode.


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A lot of people seem to struggle => toggle "source" function

In pokertracker hand replayer click:
=> options
=> in the "Hand History Viewer" tab click the Copy to Clipboard icon 3rd from the left (it looks like a piece of paper with the right hand corner missing), next to the "Options" button
=> open the hand history converter http://husng.com/converter/
=> paste in text box and with "html" drop down selected hit submit
=> copy the html code the converter created
=> start your forum post
=> hit the "Source" function (10th button from right) next to the quote function denoted " => this turns on the html view so you can paste in the html you converted
=> paste the html you copied (hint hit enter a couple of times first so it pastes below where you will want to type your thought process etc)
=> hit the "Source" function again => you're now back in normal view and you should have a pretty looking hand history for people to discuss :)

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You Sir... Are a life saver.

You Sir...
Are a life saver. Thankyou for your help Cdon !!!!

Go forth and CRUSH !

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What's the problem?

Think I followed correctly ur instructions, but this messaged appeared on the hand converter:


An error occurred: Code: 109 Reason: 'XML error: Invalid character at line 6, column 92'


It' was a hand from stars french site, dunno if the euro sign had anything to do with it, but I don't think so, any help???


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Can you email the hand to

Can you email the hand to rypac13@husng.com please?

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Did you receive a hand from

Did you receive a hand from stars.fr that was sent to you this weekend?


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Yes, awaiting word back from

Yes, awaiting word back from the programmer of the converter.

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I just can not find the

I just can not find the source button and it is driving me crazy because i looked 10 times and still didn't see it.

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    Lol, same here, really



Lol, same here, really frustrating not knowing how to do it.


The 2 buttons I see next to the " function are one that says "Create DIV content " (to the right) and "Increase indent" (to the left)


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FYI: The interface has been

FYI: The interface has been changed since I wrote these instructions.

You still convert the same way but to get your post into html mode you have to toggle the view using the view option below the comment box.

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Hi, This should be all good


This should be all good now.

CLICK on Source button as seen below and then post code from hh convertor.