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HUD Guarantee Policy

A number of users have emailed us recently asking what we would do if their poker room (generally PokerStars) banned HUDs.

While we think it is unlikely that they would ever fully ban HUDs, enough users have asked for us to make a formal policy.

The following policy will apply to every HUD that we sell here on HUSNG.com and take effect on all purchases made within 60 days of the date that a full HUD ban would go into effect for the poker room that you play on.

- All users that purchased within 60 days of the HUD ban date going into effect will have the option of a full refund.

- Users at 61+ days of any HUD ban would not receive any refund.

In the event of a change in what is allowed for a HUD to do, we will adjust our HUDs to be compliant. We did this in late 2015 when PokerStars put new HUD and software rules into effect. Color coding and dynamic stats were limited and banned respectively, and we adjusted all of our HUDs to be compliant.

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husng.com is solid

You are solid guys!! You like to make money. You know how to make money. You make money in fair way! Cheers guys!