March 20th, 2011 - Welcome to the HUSNG Power Rankings.

Our panel of judges has combined to help rank the best HUSNG players in the game today.

The panel includes professional HUSNG players livb112, h2olga, heybude, mersenneary, primordialAA and walchy.

For more information on how the rankings have been determined, check out our explanation of HUSNG power rankings.

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Rank  Name Points  Estimated HUSNG Profit 2011 Comments
1 livb112  6 $357,540 (livb112 on Full Tilt, Adonis112 on PokerStars) "He's just the best...  You can't argue with 300k profit in 2011 and 2.4 million lifetime" 
2 H2olga 4.2 $83,684 (H2Olga on Full Tilt, Lotte Lenya on PokerStars) "Adjusts very well, thinks on a high level... Fearless player... Puts players in real tough spots"


R-Quaresma 3.3 -$76,559 (R-Quaresma on Full Tilt, SkaiWalkurrr on PokerStars) "Question: What does R-Q call losing 400k in EV? Answer: A breakeven stretch."
4 bballer88 1.5 -$22,805(Bballer88 on Full Tilt unavailable, Jovial Gent on PokerStars) "Consistent high level thinker... He never makes mistakes, it's an attitude that I strive for."
5 iftarii 1.3 $61,355 (iftarii on PokerStars, iftarii on Full Tilt) "Solid is as solid does... By far the best hand reader I have ever played against."
5 whaassuuppp 1.3 $48,965 (whaassuuppp on PokerStars) "Varies his play well, unique style, very consistent."
7 iCeVeNoM 1 $73,175 (iCeVeNoM on PokerStars) "Creative... Has good feel for the game."
7 shortsharpshock 1 $38,677 (shortsharpshock on Full Tilt, carryhero on PokerStars) "The epitome of a grinder... The nit with tricks bounces back after a rough January."
9 riyyc225 .8  -$71,254 (riyyc225 on Full Tilt) "Very solid... Incredible talent... Makes livb tilting look like Mother Theresa... Runs worse than anyone in 5ks."
10 pistons87 .6 $46,788 (pistons87 on PokerStars, ftpballerstatus on Full Tilt) "Let's just say I have no intentions of 4 tabling him again."
10 OLD TIME GIN .6 $4,135 (OLD TIME GIN on PokerStars unavailable, quantum leaper1 on Full Tilt) "Very aggressive 3 bettor... Not afraid to play regulars at higher stakes."

Also receiving votes were HeyBude (.4 pts), Mersenneary (.4 pts), bigredak (.2 pts), luckychewy (.1 pt)

mersenneary's picture
I don't think R-Quaresma

I don't think R-Quaresma would be too happy with the notion that someone's running worse than him in 5ks :)

cog dissonance's picture
The world's best superturbo

The world's best superturbo player doesn't deserve a mention? I understand it's not all about stats, but Serkules has a better roi at superturbos than most of the guys on the list do at turbos. An incredible achievement I think.


Serkules  Click for  details 19,989 $14.12   $216   7% $282,329

Skype/AIM- cogdissonance1

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Serkules only having 27 games

Serkules only having 27 games lifetime above the $500 level was the reason I didn't include him on my list. It's hard to be ranked on a list of the best of the best if you don't play high stakes. That said, his stats are obviously phenomenal and if there were a ranking list for "midstakes players who are currently crushing the most", he'd have a great case for #1 (although I'd try to fight him for it :)).

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[ ] PrimordialAA.

[ ] List has PrimordialAA.lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll failboat, well played judges.


My Coaching Page

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That's a valid point Mers.

That's a valid point Mers.

Skype/AIM- cogdissonance1

hokiegreg's picture
no trader0811? really?

no trader0811? really?

Msteinberg09's picture
I'm surprised bballer and

I'm surprised bballer and whasssuppp are that high and icevenom is that low. Otherwise good list.

jbeema's picture

How can someone who is down almost $100k on scope (riyyc225) be ranked as the #9 HU player in the world?

hokiegreg's picture
@jbeema: bc we are 3 months

@jbeema:bc we are 3 months into the year, and there is a lot of variance in poker. 

Webmaster222's picture
My fav player/coach is

My fav player/coach is Croixdawg.Anyone else think he should be in the list or am I way off the mark. 222

mersenneary's picture
Only 500 or so games in 2011

Only 500 or so games in 2011 has kept Croix largely off the radar in terms of a list like this. He's been described as "the best in the business" to me before though, and is obviously very highly regarded.

Brilliant27's picture
mbn to be up 357k in 2011.

mbn to be up 357k in 2011. sick life

nicoasp's picture
Very cool ranking. Props to

Very cool ranking. Props to all the content the site has been putting out on the news feature lately, interviews, this, very interesting, keep it up!

MastAAce08's picture
what about treezer? who was

what about treezer? who was the biggest husng winner of 2010 by far.


H2Olga's picture
When making a list like this

When making a list like this its always a deliberation in looking at who's the best technical player and who makes the most money. I think this list is made with the focus on the strongest technical players. This explains why names like treezer and serkules have been left out and why riyyc, with a negative sharkscope, is on it.

Slatey's picture

That is one sick graph for superturbos over that many! 

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MastAAce08's picture
ah oh thanks for clarifying

ah oh thanks for clarifying h2o that makes sense, its also a more interesting way to judge.


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By the way, since a few

By the way, since a few people asked, our rankings system is explained if you follow the link near the top of the post.Also, as some others asked, livb did receive every single first place vote (besides his own, nobody on the panel was allowed to vote for themselves).

hokiegreg's picture
are their plans to update the

are their plans to update the power rankings every once in a while? i think every 6 months or so would be cool.

RyPac13's picture
The suggestions from the

The suggestions from the panelists range from 2 months to 1 year so far.As of now I plan to ask the panelists if their votes would likely change in 2 months or so and monitor it.  Once they give me a general idea that their votes would change I'll probably add a few more similar players (active HS players) to the panel and do another edition of these.  So at least two months, and I don't anticipate waiting longer than 6 months as of now (I really think there will be changes within 6 months for most people).

eldooder's picture
husng member vote

Nice list. Would be interesting to have a husng member vote also!

Jens's picture
Pretty nice list. Maybe Ive

Pretty nice list, who commented who?

RyPac13's picture
Votes are private, the judges

Votes are private, the judges are already under some scrutiny for their votes and one person passed because he didn't want any flack from peers in the high stakes over votes.

Jens's picture
Ah okay, cool. Thanks.

Ah okay, cool.Thanks.

Majaline's picture
Best in the world = best on

Best in the world = best on Tilt and Stars ?What about players on EU sites for instance Sifosis ?  

RyPac13's picture
I would imagine that guys

I would imagine that guys like Sifosis and Nina Wiggle were considered in these rankings by the judges.  They are known enough in the HS husng community and have been around awhile (Sifosis used to play Stars a lot if you didn't know too).I think they are considered similar to some of the "just missed" guys.  You have to remember, that the HS guys on non PS/FTP sites just don't face the same top end caliber of player nearly as often as the guys on PS and FTP do.  Making 300k a year when you run into world class regs fighting lobbies and getting into mini wars is more impressive than making 300k against mostly relative fish.That should not subtract from the money at the end of the day, but the power rankings are for the absolute best players and I would guess Sifosis would end up somewhere in the 15-30 range if the rankings went that far, quite impressive in my book.So short answer: not quite good enough but very good (this is my opinion, by the way, on why he was not included).

RyPac13's picture
I think Sifosis was

I think Sifosis was considered one of the better HS husng regs when he was on Stars too.  But maybe just outside the top handful of guys back then.  This is all subject to my somewhat suspect memory, if any regs wanna correct me or insert their opinion please do.

Majaline's picture
Just rembered reading

Just rembered reading an interwiew where livb mentioned that he considered Sifosis to be one off the best in the world in his PS days.Thats why i wondered if "Out off sight, out off mind" was part off the reason why he wasnt on the list ?And then he is from Denmark like me, that might have a little to say about my questioning too ;) 

RyPac13's picture
Oh ok. I'm right there with

Oh ok.I'm right there with you based on my personal experience.  I've faced Sifosis a few times and felt he was quite strong.  In the limited few times I've played both, Ice Venom and he reminded me of each other.  With so few games against each that's almost meaningless though.

joeblow's picture
Do you still plan on updating

Do you still plan on updating the rankings every few months even after the US crackdown?

RyPac13's picture
I think so, yes. We may have

I think so, yes.We may have to alter the criteria somewhat, or wait another month or two until all the top regulars are playing publicly and regularly, but we'll certainly do another installment as soon as the time is right.

RyPac13's picture
New rankings coming this fall

New rankings coming this fall (September or October)