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husng.com live or dead?

Hi guys,

here is lot of great content but all of these video packs looks pretty old. Where are all of these great players? They made money and went to next journey outside of poker?




have a nice day.

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We've just evolved over the

We've just evolved over the years. The video packs have mostly always been better for low to mid level players, and that remains true today. Lotte Lenya's two packs from the last couple years are an excellent value for low to mid level players. For any low level player, there are over a half dozen other packs that are going to be a great value too.

For higher level players that need personalized help, our staking program is a much better fit. It includes 1 on 1 coaching, group coaching and focused concept videos.

Beyond that, for all level players, our software is excellent. CoffeeHUD for HUSNGs, SpinHUD2016 and CoffeeSpins for spin and gos, these are HUDs that for a pretty small price can give you another excellent tool at the tables. InstaGTO is very powerful program for mid to high level players, nothing like that existed a few years ago, let alone 10 years ago. CoffeeCalcs is still peerless on several features for HUSNG players, which is quite a feat. Back in the day we were just pumping out videos regularly, but if you compare a ton of videos coming out regularly versus today's HUDs and GTO software as well as the personalized nature of the staking program, things have evolved and improved today and we have a lot more solutions for every type of player than we did before.

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thanks :)

thanks :)