September 30th, 2011 - Welcome to the Hyper Turbo HUSNG Power Rankings.

This edition's panel of judges includes some of the best heads up players in the game today: livb112, Bjoerni89, Lotte Lenya, Serkules and SkaiWalkurrr.

Judges each gave their top five choices, discounting themselves, and corresponding points (5 for 1st, 4 for 2nd, etc.) were totaled, divided by the potential number of votes and then doubled. One judge gave four votes instead of five.

Hyper Turbo HUSNG Power Rankings Picture




Profits (Hyper and Super Turbo)


1 SkaiWalkurrr

$829,060 (SkaiWalkurrr on PokerStars,R-Quaresma on Full Tilt)

"Plays like a computer... makes no difference 1 table or 8 tables... hard to find a +EV spot because Skai is already all in...takes aggression to another level"
2 Serkules
$612,063 (Serkules on PokerStars and Full Tilt) "Master of game flow... has great feel... always right... creative + solid... he doesn't stop winning!"


Lotte Lenya
 $238,357 (Lotte Lenya on PokerStars, H2Olga on Full Tilt) "Capable of long battles... takes a lot to earn his respect... great thinker"
4 Adonis112
$134,515 (Adonis112 on PokerStars, livb112 on Full Tilt)
"Wish he still disliked these... he's just as deadly in this format"
5 berndsen12
N/A (berndsen12 on PokerStars and sanderb12 on Full Tilt unavailable)   "Tough to play... really attacks weak hand ranges well... extremely dangerous when he's in his zone.. deviates from standard play"
5 Moca Choca
$267,619 (Moca Choca on PokerStars and Full Tilt)  "Good intuition... great postflop play out of position... very good at adjusting to each individual opponent... brings horror to the fish"
7 trader0811
$10,816 (trader0811 on PokerStars and Full Tilt)  "Very loose aggressive player"
7 WhatIsICM
$374,150 (WhatIsICM on PokerStars, 16colordeck on Full Tilt)
"Plays well all around... doesn't ever seem to make a large mistake... positive attitude"
9 riyyc225  1.2
$69,135 (riyyc225 on Full Tilt)  "Wins the battle of the chat"


$100,469 (Josel2008 on PokerStars JoselTheKiller on Full Tilt)  "Fearless... played everybody"


Also receiving votes were iseeyouthrough (.4 pts) and Mersenneary (.4 pts).

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emotionzor's picture
arent profits pretty

arent profits pretty wrong?like livb 110k$ winnings but skaiwalkurr including both sites etc? 

Jens's picture
Nice list, skais profits are

Nice list, skais profits are insane.

RyPac13's picture
Total super turbo and hyper

Total super turbo and hyper turbo profits based on sharkscope numbers and adding in 30% rakeback on FTP (27% standard + a little extra, it's probably slightly short) and 40-60% rakeback on Stars (again, the spreads are probably slightly larger for SNE vs non SNE, but we should be pretty close).But I think you're thinking of total profit, not total super/hyper turbo profit.Of course livb is up over a million in non ST/Hyper games.

mrbambocha's picture
Sweet list. Can variance be

Sweet list.Can variance be so hard even though your so good (skai, lotte, bjorerni graphs)?Should the varience be less when you are a better player? Their swings are pretty insane.

RyPac13's picture
Sometimes to find the regs

Sometimes to find the regs you match up well against you have to play some games against the regs that you may find you don't match up as well against.That's my opinion at least with those graphs, plus people play better some times and then of course standard variance has an impact.  Curious if said players disagree though, lets find out.

Steffo's picture

Rams85 should definitly be on the list

Jens's picture
It wasnt an attack, just sick

It wasnt an attack, just sick sick sick profits.

RyPac13's picture
I was responding to the post

I was responding to the post above your post.

sibusisuz's picture

Why is sifosis (pokerstars) not on the list? 

emotionzor's picture
lol if mers is not on the

lol if mers is not on the list it shouldnt surprise you at all

RyPac13's picture
Sifosis is a valid point I

Sifosis is a valid point I think, his stats are certainly great in these.My guess is that he hasn't played much $500+, so a lot of the judges probably have not played him in these.But based on his stats and reputation over the years it's certainly valid to ask why he's not up here.  Solid hyper results so far for him (7k games, 70k profit, not including rb/fpps).

nicoasp's picture
Surprised Pistons is not in

Surprised Pistons is not in there. Some interesting absences actually, like primo too for example.

nicoasp's picture
Is the panel of judges

Is the panel of judges exactly the one mentioned above or thats just part of it?

RyPac13's picture
Yea, the five guys up top:

Yea, the five guys up top: Skai/R-q, livb/adonis, serkules, bjoerni and lotte/h2olga.There's definitely going to be probably another dozen guys that could've ended up somewhere on the list.  Like the last rankings, some good names are being brought up in the comments.

Mr.Pitbull's picture
lol @ that list w/o

lol @ that list w/o ramsLMFAO @ riyyc included