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Mattraq1's ICMIZER Tutorial

This video from Mattraq1 is a tutorial on how to use the popular ICMIZER analysis software. ICMIZER is a very powerful tool enjoyed by many top players. Here is Matt's summary of what he covers in this video:

  1. Analyzing open push / Analyzing open call
  2. Analyzing 3 bet and 4 bet spots
  3. Using nash calculations for above spots
  4. Analyzing raise-push spots
  5. Using Charts - Range chart for spots without hero vpip range
  6. Range chart for spots with hero vpip range
  7. Hand EV Chart
  8. Using different hand rankings in charts
  9. Ability to create and save custom hand ranges
  10. Range editor controller - selecting hands while holding mouse and hovering over hands,
  11. Pushes vs SB limp from BB (http://www.icmpoker.com/en/articles/which-hands-to-push-against-sb-limp-...)
  12. Using display modes - Chip EV, Chip BB EV, % EV - difference etc.
  13. Detailed results tree view
  14. You can get the same numbers you get in pokerstove from icmizer
  15. It also allows to calculate your bust probability in resteal spot for example
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Chips Min EV Diff

Hi Matt,

Nice video. Tnx!

Lets say we have an edge on villain and we don't want to go into close spots. So we want to adjust our Min EV Diff. Any indicator  how many chips we should put in + for each 1% of ROI vs villain?  As I suppose more edge we have on villain, then in less "close spots" we should be involved.