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Moving to spin and gos. Super important questions

Im currently 4 tabling the 7$ HU hypers on stars. I want to move up higher but all that awaits me are the divisions at the 30s and above and Im not bothered to try and get into them. I suck at all non hyper turbo forms of poker so spin and go's seem to be the way to go. I have a few general questions about them. 

1. What are the lowest beatable stakes on stars in spin and gos. The 7% rake at the $1 level and the 6% rake at the 3 and 7 dollar level seem really high compared to heads up hypers. I would like to see some graphs of people beating these games over a large sample if anyone has them. 

2. I feel pretty confident heads up against the total fish cakes that inhabit these games at low stakes. So should I just buy coffeyyays video pack for everything else?

3. My bankroll is currently at 2K. How many buyins would you recommend for these games. In HU hypers when i was moving up. I used a system of moving up once I had 40 buyins for the next level up and moving down when I dropped below 35 buyins for my current level. Can I use something similiar for these games? I hate the system that is sometimes recommended of moving up once you have 100 buyins for the next level in HU hypers. It is way too slow. I'm willing to move up and down quickly so what would be the best way to do it?

4. Any graphs at any stakes at a large sample in these games would also be appreciated. Thanks.

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Now it works :)


I just saw you posted your questions again in the general section, unfortunately I can't help you with all your questions but I will just help you as far as I can, to make sure you won't have the feeling that you're speaking against a wall.

1. I don't have the graphs which you're looking for, but maybe this will help you. 2% of the buy in goes to the 120x 240x 3600x spins.  Lets assume you want to make a stable profit which is not based on the luck of spinning and winning a high multiplier. If you take these spins out of your sample space you will pay 7+2,1=9,1% rake at the 1$ Spin and Go's. I don't have a lot of experience and knowledge in Spin N Gos but I understand the basics. At the moment I have only 168 relevant games, because I wasn't playing well before this week. This is my chip graph from this week.



I know the sample isn't big but I think I can win ev80 chips/game at the 1 dollar Spin n Gos. Which should give make me 38,67% 1st. 0,3867x3x0,91=1,0556. My expected ROI should be 5,6%. So to come back at your question I think the 1 dollar Spin N Gos is the lowest beat able stake.


  • I notice that the players play worser at the 2x spins which makes that the expected ROI should be a bit lower.
  • My sample will get bigger soon, you could check it at the 'Post your goal' section.


I think that Coffeeyays pack suits you well. You will improve your 3handed play and since you're allready good in hu poker the pack should make you a good Spin N Go player. There are some other Spin N Gos packs you should check spin and go strategy in google. I can't give the site name here because the spam filter doesn't allow me to do. I don't know if they are better but they seem pretty good to me.


I would recommend half kelly. (thanks to virppa)

4 All ready shared the most relevant graph from me.

Hopefully this helped you.


I am interested to enroll in a short term 'staking only' program or a long term staking combined with coaching program.

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If you are beating the $7

If you are beating the $7 hypers you will beat 7s spins. Most off the edge comes from the heads-up part of spins. Being solid three handed will be enough against the player pool.

Coffees spin pack is excellent, but might be pricey for your bankroll and stakes. Check the free materials and try out the format first.