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Scratching my head for a while.Maybe I shouldn't.But since I'm here...

Villain posts the small blind 10.00
Hero posts the big blind 20.00 [QdKh]

Villain raises to 40.00
Hero calls 20.00

Flop: [Ad 6d Jd]

Hero checks
Villain bets 34.00
Hero raises to 108.00
Villain calls 74.00

Turn: [6s]

Hero checks
Villain bets 372.00

HERO FOLDS...Would need some help guys.Been scratching my head for a couple of hours.

ps:Villain has 57% opening range at 25bb ef st.

Thanks in advance!





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Just flat. The problem here

Just flat. The problem here is that vs a min raise you are 3betting hands like AA Ak Aq Ajs etc... Your opponent still has these hands in his/her range. So your check raising in a spot where your opponent has a much stronger range. The other problem here is that when you do Ch raise in a spot where your opponent has a superior range. You should do it with more of a polarized range. 

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Hello and thanks for your

Hello and thanks for your response..I flatted pre and check raised the flop...With his 57% opening range I don't give him much credit for Ax to be honest,i put him most likely on two hands!TJ with maybe the Td,or T6  spiking another 6 on the turn..Of course all these are assumptions.Just wanted to know if i should have called his shove on the turn.

More info about villain: 92% cbet flop, 50% Turn cbet.

I'm getting the odds to call his shove vs his 57% open I think(i need more than 52% which i have 53% on turn..If he's on a 6 then it's another case.And to be honest felt like a six to me that's why I folded..Also since it was so early i thought  I could get him on another spot!

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Well with a high cbet% he can

Well with a high cbet% he can have 6x for sure. He can also be overplaying an ace or have an equity draw. The problem is that the math only helps you if your opponent has bluffs in his range. With this type of line, I find it unlikely for most players to not be mostly value heavy in these spots. Have you ever though about getting coaching? 

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