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Spin & Go HUD For HM2

By popular demand, the Spin & Go HUD is now available for HM2!

The Spin & Go HUD is a valuable addition to the software toolbox of any poker pro who is seeking to maximize his or her Spin & Go profits. The Spin & Go HUD package comes with two HUDs, "SpinNGo Pro" and the "SpinNGo Plus". The "Pro" edition is great for players who wish to see the most important stats at a glance. Those who hunger for more stats will enjoy the advanced "Plus" edition, which displays stats specific to four different stack sizes (07-10, 10-13, 13-16, 16+) directly in the HUD.

The Spin & Go HUD:

  • Contains 200 Custom NoteCaddy vsHero stats
  • Distributes frequencies by position
  • Tracks limp and raised post-flop stats
  • Displays stats specific to four different stack sizes

Just like with the HM2 version of CoffeeHUD, we have once again teamed up with Assaultware, the folks behind NoteCaddy, to bring you this HUD. For a more systematic introduction to the HM2 version of this popular HUD, check out the video below:

For a closer look at this HUD, check out these screenshots:

Here's a view of the Pro edition:

Here's a snap of the Plus edition:

Donk Bet popup:

Facing Action BB popup:

Facing Action SB popup:

Unopened Button popup:

Unopened SB popup:

Price: $99

Requires: NoteCaddy Premium

To purchase this HUD, head over to our partner Assaultware's sales page for the HUD, or click the button below:

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Hello, guys,

I got a couple of questions:

1. Im using coffeeHUD for HM2 bought here, is any discount possible for me with regard to the spins HUD?

2. If Stars decide to imply software limitations (NoteCaddy, in particular) will that mean one won't be able to use either CoffeeHUD or SpinsHUD for HM2?

Thank you in advance!

My best regards,


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1) We can't currently give

1) We can't currently give any discount on buying those two products, I'm sorry.

2) If Stars limits Notecaddy, I believe it would be certain functions, and likely functions that both of our HUDs do not currently utilize. However, if any functions of our products (HUDs, software, etc.) are ever banned, we'll make sure to quickly adjust them to be within the rules. In the rare case where we could no longer offer a similar, within rules product, we would work out a refund or reimbursement (depending on the situation, obviously a person who bought Coffeehud version 1.0 in 2012 and has used it for 3 years, if somehow PT was banned on PS in some weird reality, we wouldn't refund that person, but a person that just bought it a month ago would get a full refund... people in between would vary... this is all off the top of my head and very theoretical bc PT would never get banned, but just trying to give you an example of what I would do for customers, from full refund to no refund).

If you notice, I'm not posting on behalf of our products in that thread on 2p2. If the community wants to make changes that put some of our products into a disallowed area, we'll happily adjust our products. We make the best products that we can within the current rules structure and PokerStars is a popular enough poker room to where we'll base our adjustments on the rules that they set forth.

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I bought it to work my game out of the table.

Is it possible to display the hud for hero in the replayer ?

Also, do you fix a minimum of oportunities to the stat display ?

In advance, thank you.

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Hi, from our programmer: -

Hi, from our programmer:

- "it is possible but he will not have any stats because they are all vs hero stat. he can add any stats he wants to the HUD via HUD Settings > Stat Settings > tick Display for Hero."

- "Yes, up to 99 opportunities. After 99, they will not show anymore."

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Hi there!

Are there a 3bet bb vs sb steal and fold bb to sb steal, I cant seem to find it?

Thanks in advance,


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We do not have those stats in

We do not have those stats in the spin hud, only overall fold vs steal and 3bet vs steal.

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Hello, i've a problem with

Hello, i've a problem with HUD size. I wanto to make it bigger, but if change the font size in general settings it blows all HUD.
In the image the result. How i have to do in order to have a bigger HUD on my tables?
And another question: if i continue to use this hud also while in heads up, what happens? It still works or not?
Thank you

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The HUD will work heads

The HUD will work heads up.

You cannot change the font size of the hud. You can try ticking HM2 HUD Settings > General Settings > HUD Font > tick Scale font.

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missing popups

Hello, if i pass the mouse over my hud stats, the only popup that opens is when i pass over vpip, pfr or agg%. Looking on "stat appearance" in hm2 hud settings i have, besides vpip/pfr/agg popups, popups set for limp cbet fold vs raise flop, turn and river, and they don't work. For all other stats popup boxes are empty.
I think there's some errors somewhere, but don't know where and what to do to fix.
Thank you.

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HUD stuck on 'waiting for hands'



I've installed the HUD and followed all the setup instructions, but the HUD remains stuck on 'waiting for hands'.

In HUD Settings the HUDs show up as installed. On the table I can select them to be used, but no stats are ever displayed. I've tried restarting and a few tournaments. NoteCaddy is running and successfully taking notes as the tournament continues. But the HUD never shows up - any ideas?

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Hey, shoot an email to

Hey, shoot an email to membership@husng.com and I'll connect you to the programmer. Sounds more like HM2 side than NC, but he'll make sure to get it figured out.