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Spin N Go Prrofitability

Ok, so , i dont know where to start.... Outside of the rake and variance, what makes you believe that Spin ares profitables?

On Cash game Zoom, over a large Sample Size , I'm making around 9.32 BB/100 hands (49 000 hands)

On Spins though, due to lack of stack depth, I can makes Plays on Turn and River, its almost like played preflop and on the Flop most of the time it gets all in before you get to see the turn or river because stack sizes are shallow, so Profits are made of what ? You exploit sometimes A Nit that fold too much and on the other hands you exploit the maniac ?

How much EV do you truly get from SPINs ? I can barely get 15.8 % ROI overall on 38 shots but this is a very small sample size.... 

What stats do you use ? Like only Basic stats ? VPIP/PFR/3B/CBet/Fold to CBET .... check-raise / check-fold and donk and fold to donk ? Fold v Raise Maybe ? VPIP based on stack size ? LRR?

I feel i can exploit a tons of stats at cash game but at SPIN, i feel so handicap as i cant get really deep in stats, and we dont get to see players over and over so its hard to build information...


Arent SPINs, a rake Factory ? what are your ROI at Spins ? Can you truly make a decent income at SPINs ? 

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15% ROI is pretty huge, you

15% ROI is pretty huge, you can multi table and get a bunch of these in per hour, it'd be a couple buyins per hour in a rate. Your ROI will likely be lower than that, but just to keep it into perspective on $/hr not ROI per game (as speed is a HUGE factor).

There is a lot of edge preflop and on the flop. Don't be afraid to limp hands in against players, particularly passive ones, see some cheap flops and take advantage of your postflop edge.