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SpinHUD 2016


Our brand new HUD is here. Designed by a new programmer, with the help of veteran sit and go players, comes SpinHUD 2016. This is a three handed HUD for Spin and Go Poker.

Included in the purchase price is two HUDs:

Regular Version - Stats from your opponents that show how they are playing against everyone on the table.

Vs Hero" Version - Vs Hero stats allow you to see only data from your opponents in hands that they played against you.

Introduction video (below), including stats and information on the HUD.

Layout and popup information video (below).

SpinHUD 1

Screenshots of the HUD in action (below)


  • New customers: $129
  • Previous Spin & Go HUD customers: $29


  • Email the programmer Martynas, at spinhud@husng.com with any questions, technical problems or feedback.
  • Within 24 hours after you purchase this HUD, we will activate your PT4 license for access to this HUD, and then your PT4 installation will automatically download and install this HUD. Be sure to completely fill out the checkout form with your PT4 registration e-mail and 6-digit code. You can find that e-mail and 6-digit code in PT4 itself by clicking the "Help" menu and selecting "About".
  • Read about our HUD Guarantee Policy.


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Looking at this screenshot, I

Looking at this screenshot, I doubt that you used sng veterans, but went straight for WoW-Addon creators o_O


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Warcraft eh? i don't think

Warcraft eh? i don't think the graphics are that good lol.

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Does this work on America's

Does this work on America's Cardroom

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Yes it works anywhere that

Yes it works anywhere that PT4 works.

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it looks nice, bought it and

it looks nice, bought it and waiting for it

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I'd recommend a custom cache

I'd recommend a custom cache rebuild for anyone that buys the HUD. See the video below.

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So, what's the deal here?

So, what's the deal here? Will the old HUD still be supported or anyone who bought it and does not wish to upgrade, is just really screwed?


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Of course the old HUD will be

Of course the old HUD will be fully supported as it always has been. We've had a couple of people email with problems on the old HUD in the last few weeks, as we always do, and they've been taken care of just the same.

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hud issue since last pt4 update

Hi Rypac13, are you sure about this ? since the last pt4 update i could not use the previous one of  spin's hud on Winamax.fr as you can see on the pic below.

All the spin hud of the pack have the same issues.

Could you confirm this in give a solution ? thanks 






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Hi, many users across custom

Hi, many users across custom HUDs (not just our HUDs) are experiencing an issue since the last two PT4 updates. PT4 is aware of this and trying to fix it.

I've been told you can temp fix it by doing the following:

 go to Hud -> Edit Hud Profiles, selects the bad profile and clicks ‘Options’ then ‘Replace with Original,' doing that should resolve the issue.

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ok thanks

that fixed it, loose some customs but good enough.

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HiThis hud is only for 3way?


This hud is only for 3way?

For spin and go hu hud I have to buy coffeehud also?

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2016 is a 3 way HUD,

2016 is a 3 way HUD, correct.

For heads up, it depends on what you want. If you want an incredibly advanced HUSNG HUD, then CoffeeHUD is a great choice.

You could also opt for something a bit more basic, such as the free CoffeeHUD Lite in the PT download warehouse store. It really depends what your needs are.

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From 3 handed to HU

I just bought the spinhud2016 and I was wondering the same. When I move from 3 handed to HU the hud shows no stats. Can it not be used for HU? So to use the spinhud for spins, I would have to switch to another hud every time I get to HU?

After buying the SpinHud, am I allowed to use your custom stats to make my own hud? I bought your hud mainly because I would like the preflop betsizing stats. It seems inefficient to have to switch betwen two different HUDs when going from 3handed to hu.

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We could've made the stats

We could've made the stats work for both, but unlike HM2 on Notecaddy, you can't really do it in an effective way. On PT4, it would show stats for both 3 and 2 handed, which basically renders the HUD data useless.

You can check this out for switching HUDs - http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/185/heads-up-sng-spin-gos/change-hud-m...

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My huds gone mental

Everything becomes the size of the window, it was working well then randomly started looking like this, not sure whats gone on.

Pro+ hu only shows the overview line

and the spin pro goes mental


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I could be wrong, but that

I could be wrong, but that looks like an issue similar to what someone posted above (related to a recent PT4 upgrade).  Read some of the posts above and RyPac's suggestion - maybe it will help?

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I've just started using this

I've just started using this HUD. I've done a custom rebuild cache as suggested but I'm getting problems with PT4, basically PT4 is not responding. 

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Every time I try to edit the

Every time I try to edit the HUD PT4 locks up, although I can actually continue to edit the HUD itself.

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Most of these recent PT

Most of these recent PT issues are a result of an error in PT4. Here's the relevant thread - http://www.husng.com/content/important-pokertracker-4-issue-regarding-cu...

My last post in that thread has the solution, it should fix these problems.

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HUD just work 3handed

Hi guys. I bought the HUD for Spin and Go 2016 and every stat is created to work (3H) 3 handed. Even I configured my PT4 to set de 3Handed HUD on the HU game, the stats are set up to work, and record stats just for 3H.

Quite unhappy with that. Are you solving this problem?



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Hi, as mentioned in the

Hi, as mentioned in the description and the comments, this is a 3-way HUD.

I have an idea for you though if you want to email spinhud@husng.com we'll talk more there.

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Hi I did everything you said

Hi I did everything you said while configuration (rebuild cache),and have all stats but my pop ups dont work. General stats are ok but when I click on single stat to see details( different BB) there everywhere ------  that sign. Any idea what I can do to fix this?

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Hey, that sounds like the PT4

Hey, that sounds like the PT4 bug here - http://www.husng.com/content/spinhud-2016#comment-45778

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Is it possible to buy and modificate it? I i want to change amout of BB stat to adjusted amount of BB, cuz we have ante at ipoker network

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Hey, I also replied to your

Hey, I also replied to your email yesterday, but you can add new stats, delete existing stats and move the HUD around. That's true for all of our HUDs.

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Spin hud

Hey there guys i purchased this a couple of days ago, but still haven't received it in pt4, or had a confimration email from you??


Is there any feedback you can give on how long it may take? 



Thanks, Tim



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For some reason it said

For some reason it said pending in the system. I've verified the payment, so we're getting you setup now. Sorry about that.

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Hello, over 24 hours ago i

Hello, over 24 hours ago i ordered and paid for the hud, i'm sure i entered my pt4 email and 6 digit code, got an email to send them again by  spinhud@husng.com  and sent them yet again, but still no hud. On top of that i have already purchased the first version so you have this data. Please improve your comunication in the site, don't waste my time with resending and reentering data you already have countless times and send me the bloody hud. Thank you.

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Hi, you did not send in your

Hi, you did not send in your email and 6 digit code as required. These orders go directly to the programmer. If you don't fill in an email or code he emails the customers.

He does not have access to previous customer orders, as he is the programmer only for this HUD.

This is why we mention in the HUD above as well on the order details page to fill out the email and 6 digit code.

Nobody wasted your time, failing to fill out the details we require now cost the programmer an extra email to you and me having to respond to your post here to state what happened and why.


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HU Hands


I just purchased th HUD and it works quite good in 3 handed play but when it gets to HU it seems like the HUD isn't recording any hands. Do i have to configure something?




ohh just saw its only for 3 Handed play. Thats pretty sad b'cause i like the clear and simple format.... :(