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studying database


I’m reviewing my database to improve my preflop game in spin and go. Here are my results for defending [K2o,K3o…K7o] in BB vs BU ( 3 handed ) and SB fold. You can see results here: 


(Below I took 60 as standard deviation cause I think there is a mistake with the average made by PT4)

I calculated a confidence interval for this sample and got this. Copy and paste from google spreadsheet formula:

Confidence interval wanted: 90%

standard deviation (bb/100): 60

hands/100: 1,6 (sample is 160 hands)

results (bb/100): -125,51

Confidence interval: 98,69 (bb/100)

Confidence interval with results: [ -26,82 ; -224,20 ]

- Are my maths correct here?

If so, given this confidence interval I can’t conclude folding is better than calling for those hands.

I’d like to make sure both my maths and methodology are correct here so I can check various preflop situation.

What do you think?

Thanks a lot!