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CoffeeHUD for Notecaddy (Holdem Manager 2)

CoffeeHUD for Notecaddy is here!

The popular PokerTracker 4 HUD is on sale now, through our partner assaultware. This HUD is custom designed to have a similar look and feel to the PT4 design. Take a look at the video below to get a real feel for the state of the art heads up display.

Pricing on the HUD is tiered, to make it more affordable and fairly priced for lower stakes users.

Up to $23 buyin level costs $89.

Up to $99 buyin level costs $99.

Up to $250 buyin level costs $119.

Unlimited buyin level costs $149.

You can purchase the HUD here. The HUD requires you to have the notecaddy add on for holdem manager 2.

Once purchased, you can find instructions about the HUD here.

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That´s a nice HUD, but I

That´s a nice HUD, but I think it´s crazy that the HUD can cost more than HEM 2 itself. Anyway, nice work...

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It's one of the cheaper

It's one of the cheaper Notecaddy HUDs in terms of price right now. The cash game ones go up to $500+.
I think it has a lot to do with the market for this. If HEM could double their buying base by dropping their price 20%, I'm sure they would do that. Or, in an extreme example, if HEM could get 50x the customers by dropping their price 90% to $10, they would almost certainly do that.
At the end of the day they are a platform, and it does happen at times. Think about an average computer, $500-800, and then running professional level software on it (which can range into the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars). One is made for a mass market, one is for a very small market.

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sample sizes

my HEM CoffeeHUD currently doesnt show the sample size of a given stat if I hover over it or click on it the way you can do it in PT4. This information is obviously pretty important so I am wondering what can be done about it.
Is this due to HEM restrictions or is there any way that I can change the setup of my HEM HUD or popup configuration so that I can see sample sizes of the stats in the CoffeeHUD? If this doesnt work, how else can I access this information in HEM?

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Sample sizes are coming, it

Sample sizes are coming, it should be by the weekend.

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I know NoteCaddy is included

I know NoteCaddy is included in HEM2, but I have never used it before. Do I need to purchase NoteCaddy Premium or this HUD works with the free version ?

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Yes you need to purchase

Yes you need to purchase NoteCaddy Premium. CoffeeHUD won't work without it.

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Here is a photo of the

Here is a photo of the update. You should be prompted to update once NC opens. Sample sizes are now added.

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I started creating notes from

I started creating notes from my hands. I have total of 1.4M hands. It was running with 80 hands/sec and then after the 200K hand it runs with 0.4 hands/sec which will take several weeks to complete. I have 6 core 3.6 GHz, 8GB Ram and 256 SSD Samsung Pro (where the DB is located). Obvoiusly thats insanely terrible performance for my setup. I tried using filters cause I wanted to create notes only for mu HU games, but then the speed agains drops to 0.5. What to do ?
P.S. Problem is with the CoffeeHud Definitions. HPS drops to 0.5 if I activate them on FullTilt, PokerStars or Pacific tournaments. Cash games are being processed with about 50-60 hps, but obviously I need it for tournaments. Boss media tournaments import with 200 hps or so. Thats why it hangs after 200K hands, cause first it processes cash games and then moves to tournament. Anyone please respond ASAP!

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We've got some interface and

We've got some interface and stat updates from the last month. A new video by Coffeeyay is embedded in the original post now.

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where can i download the

where can i download the update ? ty ;)

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The updates are auto

The updates are auto emailed.
The last update mentioned was end of October, so any purchases since then should have it automatically. Any purchases prior to that would have received an email prompting to update I believe.

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Are the note definitions from

Are the note definitions from the CoffeeHUD in note caddy locked by the designer? Or can i self edit the note definitions if i want?

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I believe you can add or

I believe you can add or remove, but cannot edit.

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Purchase CoffeeHUD

Can I make a purchase CoffeHUD through moneybookers?

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Yes, email us

Yes, email us (membership@husng.com) for that.

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SB and BB stats filter

i got a problem with my filter. if i set the hud settings to the option that i only wanna see new hands (not older than 6 month) it works only on the small main pop up but the SB and BB popups are showing all hands from the database!!!  do i have to change settings in notecaddy too??? 

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Hello, CoffeeHUD can't be

CoffeeHUD can't be filtered through HUD settings because vast majority of it's stats made using NoteCaddy. You can try to set up filters in NoteCaddy but remember that you'll have to reprocess all hands in database so it can take a lot of time.

COffee hud

Can I use this Coffee HUD on winamax ?

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If Holdem Manager 2 and

If Holdem Manager 2 and Notecaddy both work on the site, then this HUD will as well.

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Hi ! Is it possible to add

Hi !

Is it possible to add panels and NC notes to the coffeehud ? 

Tx in advance for a reply ;)

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Hi Darkuy,It's possible to

Hi Darkuy,

Sorry for the late response. I'm the new programmer of the NC CoffeeHUD, with the change your post slipped through the cracks.

It's possible to add anything you want, but you can't use the definitions in the CoffeeHUD package to display ranges in NoteCaddy popups at the moment. So if you'd want to add those you have to create them yourself.

An update of the NoteCaddy CoffeeHUD which will likely be released within a month will include notes in some way. I'm currently working on that.

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I want to put in $enemycardrange in the note definition, for the statistic [CoffeeHUD]SbPFMR07-13BB. But the definitions are locked.

Can you help me to make this possible?


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That is correct, because the

That is correct, because the definitions are locked it is impossible to add a variable or change them in another way. If you want to display the cardrange the only way would be to recreate the definition yourself.

At the moment I'm working on a complete overhaul of the NoteCaddy CoffeeHUD which will make use of the possibilities NoteCaddy 2.5 has to offer http://forums.holdemmanager.com/notecaddy/471062-notecaddy-2-5-beta-we-d...

The release of the update will depend on the release of the new NoteCaddy but I don't expect that to take longer then a month. You might want to await that result before spending much time on customization yourself.

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Hello,  I am interested in


I am interested in  buying the coffehud for notecaddy, HEM2. 

Is there a testversion I could use for a week or so, or even a day or two?

Also do the stats in the HUD update after every hand or do I have to run the "automatic report" in Notecaddy after every of my sessions, so the new hands can 

be imported into the HUD?

Best regards R. :)

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Stats don't have to be

Stats don't have to be imported, they update every hand.

The video should give you a good idea, but we have a huge update ready, with some notes included too, we're just waiting for Notecaddy to do their big update (the update is built to work with Notecaddy's next update).

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News for the coffehud update?

News for the coffehud update?

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It depends on the release

It depends on the release of NoteCaddy 2.5. Once that has been released the HM2 CoffeeHUD update will follow within a week.

You can see NC 2.5's new features and follow it's progress here: http://forums.holdemmanager.com/notecaddy/471062-notecaddy-2-5-beta-we-d...

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I've just bought notecaddy

I've just bought notecaddy and I'm considering purchasing the coffeehud, I'm concerned effective stacks will not be updated at the beginning of each hand. 

Could you tell me if this is the case still? Someone previously mentioned a lagging of data post hands.

Kind regards,

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Hi Forrest,Stacks will be

Hi Forrest,

Stacks in bb will be updated at the beginning of each hand based on the action in the previous hand. When the blind-level goes up there's a 1 hand delay to adjust to the new level.

The general stats can have a small delay of 1-2 hands.

Let me know when I can help you with anything else.



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  Another question.  I tried

  Another question.

  I tried to introduce new stats and I receive the message ,,Sorry the maximum nuber of stats is 256,, I know this is the maximum numbers of stats suported by HM2 HUD but even if I removed some stats I can not replace them with others.

 Solutions ?



I resolved this. Sorry for disturbe. I m verry happy with Coffe HUD. IS a good investition.

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Glad to hear that you

Glad to hear that you resolved it, thanks for informing us!

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Missing stats


would you please help me with the stats missing? I have hem2. I include the shot.


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So that everyone is aware,

So that everyone is aware, this is the recommended action if you have the issue above:

Create a new database and reimport hands:

Email us with a link to this post if that does not work. Thank you!

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a couple of questions about coffee hud for hm2

i have hm2 pro version should i have notecaddy too??

can hud work on 2 different pc?

can it work on bossmedia pokerclub.it and italian room cause this stupid room track all hup avery buy in like freerolls so can it be a problem???



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Hey, Yes you need


Yes you need notecaddy.

All the rest of the questions are the same answer as HEM 2 questions. So, if HEM 2 works on boss, so does this HUD. If HEM 2 sees a HUSNG as a MTT, then this HUD would see the HUSNG as a MTT, etc. Same with 2 PCs, the license follows your HEM2 license.


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I have the newest version of

I have the newest version of CH for NC and its not showing me the sample for a stat when hover or the nash charts. The only popups are the standard preflop pop ups.



fixed by deletign reimporting and overwritign all the .pop files


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The hud


The hud does not works fine.

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This looks to be a similar

This looks to be a similar issue as the one that I recommended creating a new database for a few posts above.

If that doesn't work, please email us membership@husng.com and we'll get you fixed up. Thanks!


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Would like to purchase this

Would like to purchase this via moneybookers(skrill) as having issues with my paypal how do I do so?

Can I use this HUD whenever any type of games gets into headsup? I'm new to using a HUD so unfamiliar with whats possible

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Hi, you can pay through

Hi, you can pay through skrill directly through our payment system.

You can use this HUD any time you are heads up in any sit and go or tournament.

Hope that answers your questions!

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Any news regarding badges?

Any news regarding badges? Or should I consider the option of getting PT4? I understood u had similar things done to that?

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We've pushed some updates,

We've pushed some updates, but what are you looking for specifically?

Nothing likely happens in any case, until PS clarifies their new software rules that might restrict some of what Notecaddy can do.

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Wrong fields


i buy it today through holdem manager2. But the display are wrong? 

The numbers/texts are not in the right field:


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Hi, our programmer

Hi, our programmer replied:

notecaddy: most likely he is missing the note caddy definition for the text in the HUD. the stat that controls this in the coffee hud is the HUSNG.com'sCoffeeHUD stat. if he has the hud installed but this definition is missing, it will mess up the layout of the HUD.
imo, he should delete the coffee hud note definitions from notecaddy, reimport the package and reset and create notes again.
1. Navigate to NoteCaddy > Note Definitions window > select the Coffee HUD definitions > right click > Make Inactive
2. After making all the notes inactive > navigate to the Inactive tab > select the note again > right click > delete
3.Naviage to NoteCaddy Help > Download latest NoteCaddy coaching pack version
4. Download the .zip file sent to his email. DO NOT unzip it.
5. Navigate to NoteCaddy Tools > Import coaching package > select the .zip folder downloaded from the email.
6. NoteCaddy File > Reset notes
7. Recreate notes

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Are you going to upgrade hem2

Are you going to upgrade hem2 version anymore or did I just make the wrong bet when I decided to go with the hem version of this hud. Just being jealaous here for the lot simplier presentation and more information that PT version is offering nowdays :/