Heads Up SNG Poker Software and Tools

Portal page dedicated to a variety of free and premium poker tools for players to use in both in game situations and for off table study.

Heads Up SNG Poker Variance Calculator Our most popular tool allows users to input winrate and buyin information, pick an amount of games and get an idea of the type of variance (in graph form) you can experience as a player with that true winrate in that sample of games.

Hide Bankroll (FTP) - AHK script to hide your bankroll in 3 different ways on the Full Tilt Client. *PS added as well!

Kelly Criterion Calculator A calculator specifically designed for HUSNG poker players which outline some possible ways in which the Kelly criterion can be utilised to help you ascertain what buyin level you should be at in a HUSNG match.

3 Bet Shoving Equity Calculator An embedded youtube video explains the effective and easy to use calculator. Available for both Excel and Open Office.

Heads Up SNG Binomial Calculator Would you like to know the % chance you have of winning an amount of games (or more/less than that amount) over any given sample size? All you need to do is estimate your winrate over that sample, type in the amount of games and how many games you want to know the likelihood you are to win/lose over that sample and the binomial calculator will give you the likelihood of it happening.

Hole Card Blocker - (click to download) This tool is easy to use and allows you to block or peek at your hole cards with the click of a button.  This tool was used in RyPac13 Video 10 and ITRIED2WARNU Video 24 to demonstrate bluffing and hand reading strategy

HUSNG Hand and History Converter This converter makes it easy to convert individual hands for posting in our heads up sng poker forums.

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