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zZzTILT: Hypers Hand History Reviews Part IV 

This video is the fourth part of zZzTILT's recent series of reviews of hands he received from many different players ranging from $15 to $60 hypers. In this video are the next nine reviews.

For more from Matt, be sure to take a look at his latest premium effort, zZzTILT Presents Crushing Regs: The Way to Beat Tough Opponents, a production of over six hours.

Faarcyde: Exploiting A Static Opponent In Hypers Part III 

Today we continue Faarcyde's series of reviews on exploiting a static and transparent opponent with the third video in the series. Faarcyde plays the same FullTilt $35-$100 reg across the entirety of the series, which allows him to develop specific adjustments to take advantage of this opponent's tendencies, who on the other hand has not been making many noticeable adjustments of his own to counter Faarcyde.

This week I tracked 27 players - 21 showed profit and only 6 had losses. Winners combined for about $205,000, losers for about $72,000.

Yesterday I posted interview with Mersenneary. If you haven't read it yet: CLICK HERE Also take a look at MIX Hand Pack:  CLICK HERE

SwanRonson Won $47,875 after 417 games

He finally managed to end his huge downswing!

  • Report #64: lost $10,164 after 472 games
  • Report #63: lost $91,839 after 390 games
  • Report #62: lost $75,700 after 498 games
  • Report #61: lost $43,046 after 303 games

Richard "chadders0' Chadwick: +$12,572!

Interview with Mersenneary 

1. I noticed you went into the finance world after Black Friday. Did Black Friday influence you in any way to leave poker? Why did you decide to give it up?

Yeah, Black Friday had a big impact. My bet was that the right job in finance would end up being more lucrative and have bigger long-term upside than poker. I had those types of thoughts before, but Black Friday pushed me over the edge.

Part of me still wanted to move abroad and keep playing, mostly because it felt unsatisfying to stop playing poker when it was getting bigger for me. I always imagined giving up professional poker when I couldn’t hack it anymore. But it seemed like the right opportunity and I took it.

2. Please remind to the audience your main successes in poker?

I earned over 300k from HUSNGs, most of it in the months before Black Friday. I taught a lot of people things that helped them play better poker, on and elsewhere.

3. What exactly do you do in finance? How do you like it?

zZzTILT: Hypers Hand History Reviews Part III 

We continue zZzTILT's series of $15 to $60 hypers hand history reviews with the third installment. This video has eleven more hands reviewed by Matt that he received from many different players.

For more from Matt, be sure to take a look at his latest premium effort, zZzTILT Presents Crushing Regs: The Way to Beat Tough Opponents, a production of over six hours.


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