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jk1f2's Hyper Turbo Fundamentals V 

Hyper turbo HUSNG beginngers will be pleased to find that today we have one more vid from jk1f2. In this video, jk1f2 plays two games, one readless and one against an opponent that he has faced before and observed certain tendencies on. Those familiar with jk1f2's other videos will recognize his beginner-friendly, straight-forward approach to explaining the fundamental concepts that are integral to a successful understanding of heads-up poker. Low-stakes hyper turbo players should find value in this and other jk1f2 vids. jk1f2's previous vids, like all of our free vids, can be found in our free videos forum.

CoffeeHUD Updated To Version 2.0.3 

Hi everyone!

After several weeks of development and testing, we are proud to announce that we have just updated CoffeeHUD, our acclaimed heads up sit n go focused PokerTracker 4 premium HUD, to version 2.0.3. Improvements in this version over the previous version, 2.0.2, include:

•Several errors in stats have been corrected

•An import error involving a column name conflict has been corrected

•CoffeeHUD once again works correctly with PT 4.10.6 and newer versions, just as 2.0.1 did (2.0.2 had lost the ability to work with PT versions older than 4.11.1)

If you are already a CoffeeHUD 2.x user, PT4 will automatically import this updated version of CoffeeHUD next time it is launched, so no action is required on your part to receive this update (other than to shut down PT4 and start it again if it is already running).


As a reminder to those who have not already done so, if you are a CoffeeHUD 1.x user, you can upgrade to CoffeeHUD 2.x free of charge by filling out this form.

If you are not a CoffeeHUD customer yet, but are interested in finding out more about the best heads up sit n go focused premium HUD for PT4, check out this page.

Brand New CoffeeHUD Overview Video 

Out now is a new CoffeeHUD walkthrough vid, from CoffeeHUD's original creator, player-coach-vid producer Coffeeyay, that covers all of the stats in our CoffeeHUD 2.x series. This is the first general overview of CoffeeHUD since CoffeeHUD was upgraded to the current 2.x series, but Coffeeyay reviews all of the stats, and players with no prior experience with CoffeeHUD will find this video just as valuable.

CoffeeHUD is widely regarded as the best heads-up sit n go HUD in PokerTracker 4. For more information about CoffeeHUD, visit this page.

This week I tracked 20 players - 10 showed profit and 10 had losses. Winners combined for about $85,000, losers for ~$108,000.

A few days ago I posted an interview with Stevan "random_chu" Chew (just got into 100s division): CLICK HERE

anthonyff Won The Most

anthonyff against TOP REGS: CLICK HERE

Interview with Stevan "random_chu" Chew (just got into 100s division) 

Interview with Stevan "random_chu" Chew


Charles Hawk: Congrats on getting into the $100s division. Was it hard? How long did it take warring regs? How many games did you play in total? What are your combined results from that warring?

random_chu: yeah it was difficult, but i don't think there was ever a moment where i thought it wasn't achievable. i was beating the regs at a decent winrate early, so from there i just considered it to be a matter of volume. it did take me a while though, as i was only able to play for a few hours each day after my MTT sessions, which were in off peak times. i was grinding long MTT sessions during SCOOP, and then again while the WSOP was on. i ended up playing 4k games, and this took me probably 6 months. i mean, i could have pumped out the games a lot quicker if i wanted to, but the tournament action was so juicy, i just couldn't turn down all that EV yo!

random_chu: i'm such a pt4 fish. i had thought i had hit the 4k game mark, and my EV roi was something like 3%. then, once i tried to submit a report, i realised that i had a heap of fish games in the sample, and i had another 700 games to go! once WSOP finished, i just ended up cramming the volume in, often 4 tabling vs two different regs at once. i remember dropping like 1200 in EV in my very last session.


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