zZzTILT and phl500 Present: Crushing Hyper Turbo HUSNGs

"Whether you are a beginning player, or mid to high stakes regular, I highly recommend this video pack. It is packed full of information that is crucial to success in hyper turbos." - Grayson "Spacegravy" Physioc; High Stakes Hyper Turbo Pro


Crushing Hyper Turbo HUSNGs is the premier hyper turbo poker video pack. Authors zZzTILT and phl500 have shown excellent results both at the tables and in private coaching. They've teamed up to bring you the ultimate guide to playing and winning in one of the fastest growing and most profitable games today: hyper turbo heads up sngs.

zZzTILT has enjoyed tremendous success in the game of hyper turbos. Known for his intense dedication to breaking down opponents and discovering new strategies to stay ahead of the curve, as well as coaching dozens of students over hundreds of hours, Matt brings a lot to the table in this comprehensive video package.



Fellow professional poker player, phl500, has also had a very good record in hyper turbos. He's been playing this format over a year now, and has been a consistent winner. He also has excellent feedback from taikogod and eric2991, talking about his strengths of being a natural teacher, having "fish crushing" skills, and giving a professional coaching experience that stresses life balance. Below are Phil's hyper turbo stats.

Crushing Hyper Turbo SNGs phl500 zzztilt

Below is a detailed breakdown of what you can expect to find in this video pack, with free preview clips on some sections of the pack. These clips are taken directly from the pack, so you can see the type of premium content you'll enjoy after purchase.


zZzTILT and phl500 discuss the contents of the video pack, their background and success in the game. The full video is below.


Preflop Small Blind Play (13:08)

- Readless 25bb strategy (see free clip below)

    - Population tendencies

    - Openraising vs Limping (the bottom range of hands)

    - Facing a 3-bet shove

    - Facing a non all in 3-bet

- Shallow play (16-10bb)

- Under 10bb play

- Gameplan against aggressive opponent

Big Blind Play (13:38)

- Readless 25bb strategy

    - Population tendencies

    - Flatting, 3-bet shoving, non all in 3-betting

    - Playing against 3x raises

    - Playing against limps

- Shallow play

- Gameplan against an aggressive opponent

Continuation Betting and Barreling (45:43)

- Planning a hand

- Readless strategy

- Common barreling situations

- When a bad card is actually a good card

- Value betting

- Adjustments

- Getting barreled

- Limped pots

- Examples/hand histories

Check/Raising and Playing Against Check/Raises (32:56)

- General Strategy

    - Factors to consider before check/raising (see free clip below)

    - Sizing

    - Which boards/range should I check/raise

- When to barrel

- Check/raising the turn or river

- Facing a check/raise

- Examples/hand histories

Donking & Playing Against Donkbets (31:04)

- General strategy

    - Factors to consider before donk betting

    - Sizing

    - Which boards/range should I donkbet?

- When to barrel

- Donking the turn or river

- Facing a donkbet

- Examples/hand histories

Interpretation of HUD Stats (20:23)

- Common mistakes when interpreting stats

- Correlation of different stats

- Analyzing different opponents

Analyzing Population Tendencies in One's Own Game with PokerTracker 4 (7:50)

- How to analyze population tendencies

- How to check the EV of certain situations

Video Review - zZzTILT (46:32)

Matt reviews his own play, along with Phil, on two tables at the $60 and $100 hyper turbo level on PokerStars.

Video Review - phl500 (44:57)

Phil and Matt review Phil's play on two tables at the $60 and $100 hyper turbo level on PokerStars.

zZzTILT vs phl500 - Reg Wars (39:04)

Matt and Phil review a two tabling session that they played against each other. Free clip below.

Leakfinder - not_so_good0 (58:48)

Matt and Phil review $60 and $100 hyper regular not_so_good0's play on two tables.

Mental Game and Other Non Strategy Topics (24:59)

- Tilt

- Motivation

- Learning/studying

- Playing long sessions and multi tabling

- Playing A-Game

- Not focusing on EV and $ winnings

- Playing professionally

- Bankroll management

- Notetaking


Price - $199


Release Date - July 5th, 2013

Release Price - $199

Total Length - 6 hours and 19 minutes

Total Size - 724mb

Video Format - MP4


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