HSR weekly report #183: Biggest Winners - "koh1990"; Biggest Loser - ''Saauron1'' 

This week I tracked 46 players - 22 showed profit, 13 had losses and 11 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$71,000, losers for ~$37,000. "koh1990" played biggest sample - 881 games.

koh1990 Won The Most (+$9,629 after 881 games)

Charles Hawk:  What is the toughest or most challenging about being poker pro?​


Zak 'BOOMF' Wray: The biggest challenge is YOURSELF!​ It has to be the variance part of the game, of which, we're all exposed too, especially as games get more and more tougher. It will effect different people in different ways but how you respond to disappointing results might just be the defining factor for me. It can push some people on to play more, study more, get better or it can force others to different formats, for better, for worse​.


Ankush 'pistons87' Mandavia: The most challenging thing about being a poker pro is dealing with downswings in my opinion.  You never know when they are going to come and how long they are going to last.


Daniel 'Pl@yerABC" Sklar: After reading your question, I paused for a while a thought about it. Answers like bankroll management, tilt control, handling downswings, etc. immediately came to my mind. But none of them sounded right.

Charles Hawk: What is the biggest advantage that the poker world brings to your life?


Stevan 'random_chu' Chew: I guess the easy answer is freedom​

Jack "jackstack99/aisixer3jk" Ketendjian: it brings freedom for you to work your own hours and do whatever you want . this freedom can hurt some guys and make them lazy, and can also separate the greats from the good. it really tests you as a human being to see how much discipline you really have, each day you have a choice. you can wake up study piosolver and grind, or you can wake up scratch your ass and watch tv. Or you can do something in between. Being in direct control of how you choose to behave on a daily basis and the impact that it has on your financial success in poker is an incredible thing​.

Knut 'smatt' Turk: I think the obv answer is to be able to work/study/take time off at your own shedule. Its also a great benefit not to have any sort of "deadline" pressure nor to have to be somewhere at 8am. I think overall any kind of 9to5 work enviroment is rather inefficent not as productive as a more relaxed shedule and being a poker player is the exact opposite of that :)​

This week I tracked 43 players - 20 showed profit, 8 had losses and 15 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$65,500, losers for ~$47,000. "WhatIsICM" played biggest sample - 650 games.

mavrickkk Won The Most (+$14,395 after 432 games)

  • $1000: -$1,290 after 27 games;
  • $500: +$3,794 after 97 games;
  • $300: +$5,578 after 74 games;
  • $200: +$4,433 after 86 games;
  • $100: +$1,880 after 148 games.

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Weekly question: what would your non poker dream job be?  

I asked several pros what would their non poker dream job be? 


Arturs "IKSecret" Kurnajevs: Taught about it and it is Psychologist

Daniel "Pl@yerABC" Sklar: I can't pinpoint one specific job. For me it's important to be my own boss, to have the freedom to choose projects that excite me and reject the boring ones.

Daniel "Pl@yerABCSklar: Just of the top of my head - writing books, programming computer games, running small business - are examples that seems to me like really interesting choices.

Sam "BlueNowhere4": Professional footballer, but I sense I am too old and untalented for that to happen

Chris "CHD17" : My dream non poker related job is becoming a fire fighter. Always a job I've wanted as a kid and teenager and I like to help people/my community when I can.