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HUSNG.com's CoffeeHUD Now On Sale
Custom Heads Up Display for Use with PokerTracker 4
A heads up poker hud by coffeeyay



Dear fellow HUSNGers,

The CoffeeHUD not only to be the best HUSNG HUD on the market but to stand head and shoulders above other HUDs. The idea is simple: to give you the maximum amount of information in the most effective ways.

HUSNGs have many different situations where the statistics that should be separated specific and not part of a more general statistic. The CoffeeHUD focuses on splitting up stats into their pure parts--preflop stats are split by effective stacks; post flop stats depend on whether the pot is limped, raised, or 3b, and are split according to postflop action street by street; and shoves are separated from regular bets preflop. All of this is done to give you a clear and accurate picture of your villains’ frequencies in every situation.

Many HUDs only use the statistics available within the database software. These statistics are usually meant for full ring and not heads up, so sometimes they don’t work as expected. The CoffeeHUD has custom stats that are specifically made for HUSNGs that are unavailable elsewhere.

Lastly, the HUD is made to be both as aesthetically pleasing and as accessible as possible. Statistics are put in small groups that can be moved according to your preferences. It features an advanced color coding system that complies with PokerStars new software rules.

Between the color coding system and the advanced custom HUSNG specific stats there just isn’t anything else like it. This is the HUD i've been dreaming about for years. I finally got sick of dreaming made it happen. I’m confident this tool will help you increase your ROI.




Here is the full list of stats included in the HUD:



PFR - preflop raise

MINR - minraise

OS - openshove



L/F - limp fold

L/R - limp raise

LTR - limp trap*

* Note that this statistic is available for a different depth bubble then others: 0-13bbs; Update 9/17/13 - Limp Trap (LTR) stat only records instances when the hand goes to showdown. This is the only stat on the HUD that works this way.

vs 3BET

Fv3B - fold vs non all-in 3bet (except when total, 30+ and 7-13 depth bubbles, then its fold vs all 3bet)

4B - 4bet vs non all-in 3bet

Fv3BS - fold vs all-in 3bet


VPIP -  vpip vs minraise (vpip vs 3x or smaller at 30+ depth)

FLAT - call minraise (call 3x pfr or smaller at 30+ depth)

COS - call openshove

3BET VS OPEN - total stat represents all 3b

3B - 3bet non all-in, 7-13bb all 3b

3BS - 3bet all-in


ISO - Raise limp


CB - continuation bet

FCBvR&B - fold cbet vs raise on flop, turn is fold vs turn barrel after flop raise

LCB - continuation bet in limped pot

FLCBvR&B - in limped pot fold cbet vs raise on flop, turn is fold vs turn barrel after flop raise

FvD&B - fold vs donkbet on flop, on turn is fold vs turn barrel after donk

FvLD&B - in limped pots fold vs donkbet on flop, turn is fold vs turn barrel after donk

FvCB3B - fold vs cbet in 3bet pot

RvCB3B - raise vs cbet in 3bet pot

FCBvR&B - fold cbet vs raise and barrel

FvPROBE - fold vs a bet on turn after missed flop cbet or on river after missed turn cbet


FvCB - fold vs continuation bet 

RvCB - raise vs continuation bet

…&B - after raising vs flop continuation bet turn and river barrel

FvLCB - in limped pot fold vs continuation bet

RvLCB - in limped pot raise vs continuation bet

D&B - flop is lead flop in raised pot, turn and river are barrels after leading

LD&B - in limped pot  flop is lead flop, turn and river are barrels after leading

CB3B - continuation bet in 3bet pot

PROBE - bet on turn after missed flop cbet, bet on river after missed turn cbet


PFR - preflop raise

LIMP - limp

Fv3B - fold vs 3b

FCB - flop Cbet

TCB - turn Cbet

LCB - flop cbet in limped pot

FLAT - call preflop raise

3B - 3b vs preflop raise

ISO - raise vs SB limp

FvCB - fold vs cbet
FvLCB - in limped pot fold vs cbet

LD - lead flop in limped pot

New in version 2.1

- New effective stack sizes:
 - 0-8bb
 - 8-10bb
 - 10-13bb
 - 13-16bb
 - 16-20bb
 - 20-35bb
 - 35bb+

- New preflop stats:
 - BB Hands vs Limp
 - BB ISOnai/Fold

- New postflop stats for minraised pots:
 - SB FCBvR Turn
 - SB FCBvR Turn & Barrel River
 - SB FCBvR River
 - SB 3Bet Turn
 - SB Delay River (bet-check-bet)
 - SB Delay&B River
 - SB RvDONK Turn
 - SB RvDONK River
 - BB Fv3Bet Turn
 - BB FvDelay River (fold vs bet-check-bet)
 - BB FvDelay&B River

- New postflop stats for limped pots:
 - SB FLCBvR Turn
 - SB FLCBvR Turn & Barrel River
 - SB FLCBvR River
 - SB Delay Turn
 - SB Delay Turn & Barrel River
 - SB FvDonk&B Turn
 - SB FvDonk&B River
 - SB RvDonk Flop
 - SB RvDonk Turn
 - SB RvDonk River
 - SB FvProbe Turn
 - SB FvProbe River
 - SB FvProbe&B River
 - BB RvLCB&B Turn
 - BB RvLCB&B River
 - BB FvDelay Turn
 - BB FvDelay&B River
 - BB Donk Turn
 - BB Donk River
 - BB Donk&B River
 - BB Donk/Fold Flop
 - BB Donk/Fold Turn
 - BB Donk/Fold River
 - BB Probe Turn
 - BB Probe River
 - BB Probe&B River

The cost of the HUD is $101

Click on the image below (or the image logo at the top of the page) to purchase the HUD.

A heads up poker hud by coffeeyay
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CoffeeHUD: Nash Charts / WTS % FTS %



Thank you for this very informative video and product description. The way the stats are presented in CoffeeHUD is certainly interesting/different and could take some getting used to. Nonetheless this level of detail could no doubt be an advantage ingame compared to a more rudimentary HUD. I'm considering upgrading my HUD but I just have a couple of questions I'm hoping you (or anyone) can answer:

1. Does the CoffeeHUD currently available for download include the NASH chart dropdown box? I'm sure I saw a video on here in which you clicked the effective stacks indicator and opened a NASH chart to assist your decision. There appears to be no mention of this feature in the product description and I'm curious to know if it's included or an add-on to be purchased separately.

2. I'm concerned about a lack of Fold to Steal stat and Went to Showdown stats; I've always found these super-useful in previous HUDs I have used for determining player tendencies at a glance but I've noticed they are missing here. Can CoffeeHUD be customized/updated at all to include this or would I have to run more than one HUD to access this information?

Many thanks,


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Yes the Nash charts are

Yes the Nash charts are included, you just click on the effective stacks.

I'm not quite sure what "fold to steal" means. You can tell how much villains fold to a non-allin open by looking at their VPIP (1-VPIP = fold to an open%), and how often they fold to an open shove by looking at the Call Open Shove (1-COS = fold to open shove%).

As far as Went to sSowdown, I personally do not feel this stat is at all helpful in a HUSNG compared to more direct stats like fold frequencies as it suffers from huge amounts of variance and fluctuation in how it happened and so it was not included as I only wanted the best stats. It is possible to add it in yourself though if you believe it to be necessary :)

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hey,at the moment I use HEM

hey,at the moment I use HEM and I before I buy this hud + PT4 I have one important question and I hope you can give me a answer.How many hands should I have from villain to use all the features of the hud in a turbo game?Thank you and sorry for my bad english

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OF EACH LEVEL !!! they should

OF EACH LEVEL !!! they should have a filter by blind level to make it accurate i buy million of hh for cash game to get accurate % .. i dont think is possible to sng hu  

coffeeyay's picture
Actually, filtering by

Actually, filtering by effective stackes is more accurate than blind level, you can be 5bb deep and still be 10/20 blinds. Effective stacks are always accurate and always imply the same game situations--they are the best metric and this is why the CoffeeHUD filters by them. As for number of hands, as with any HUD the more the better. When you have a small sample you can use it like a normal HUD and look at the total stats. You can also use Bayesian inferences to get reads and start adjusting even from small samples and the benefit of the CoffeeHUD is that you now your sample is clean--it doesn't include any thing other than the stat (unlike conventional huds). The CoffeeHUD becomes a real tool to view villains gameplan somewhere around >100hands. Obviously the more the better, but especially for preflop stats getting rough estimates starts becoming possible straight from the HUD when you have around 100+ hands. Regardless of number of hands though, its easier to get reads and make adjustments with the CoffeeHUD than with a conventional HUD.

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Does someone who purchases

Does someone who purchases this, then have access to your custom stats for making our own huds? Mainly interested in the filtering by effective stacks.

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I had the pleasure of

I had the pleasure of betatesting this HUD and I can assure you that this is - by far - the best HUSNG HUD around. I love the stats for different stackdepths, the color coding and the general cleverness of the HUD and I can recommend this to anybody who takes his HU game seriously. I wiould advise, when you buy the HUD to invest some proper time in exploring, grasping and managing the HUD so you know how to use this. The introductionary video Coffeeyay made offers a great start. Tmplr 

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I love this HUD. I have

I love this HUD. I have play-tested it over the past month or so and I highly recommend it. You will definitely see me using it in my upcoming videos (yes, i'll be making vids again soon). 

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I like that you can see the

I like that you can see the different  stats filtered by stacksize . i use hm1 and there you have: Hud tourney filters -filter for big blinds remaining, but if my opponent has a big stack i cant see already how he plays like a shortstack.  Is this only   a feature in pt4 and not in hm2?

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This HUD is built around

This HUD is built around effective stacks not actual stacks so you avoid this glaring flaw. I don't think you can make effective stack based stats out of the box in HEM2--I chose PT4 to make the HUD for the power it gives in making custom stats.

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How smoothly does it

How smoothly does it update? My computer is pretty slow, so if after a big pot it takes 5 seconds to show me accurate stats that would not be helpful for me.

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I have a pretty old computer

I have a pretty old computer (actually so old that it died a couple of days ago :) and I had no problems with the HUD updating. Furthermore we have a performance update planned in the near future and that should make it even smoother.

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I just payed few sng whit

I just payed few sng whit this hug .. 1 : It will incrase my winning for sure 2 : Is fucking my brain to read all this stats but i will get use to it .. 3 : They clearly have place for update edit : EX Allow me to see that when the blind go up ma vilain was way to tight so i open my steel range and rape him  

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very useful tool! I already

very useful tool! I already bought it! Thx coffee for it! Good job!

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I add the total chips win to

I add the total chips win to the hud in a new panel ... But this week i try to add Vilain Number of BB to be able to quickly use the chart be BB level but i cant ...  Are you planing to update this ? because we need vilain number of BB .. wait to long to make the calcul on each table and after look the stats in the Panel separet by BB level .. 

coffeeyay's picture
Sorry I'm not entirely sure

Sorry I'm not entirely sure what you're asking about. I will say that there is already a display of effective stacks in Big Blinds. This is all you ever need  since the stats are also based on effective stacks--actual stacks are not useful in game as they don't accurately represent the in game situation.

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Is it possible to modify some features as one likes ?

Hi Coffee,I have been using a very detailed HUD with HM over the last 2 years with loads of statistics. Your HUD looks like the ultimate one for HU multitablabling grinders like me. I do not have PT but I may buy it in order to implement your HUD. As said I have got used quite a bit with my colours and stuffs, so my concern is quite simple:Will I be able to modify some peculiarities as I wish ? Or your HUD cannot be modified at all ?ThanksBenedetto

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Hi, You can add, delete or


You can add, delete or move stats as you wish in our HUDs on PT4.

The only thing you cannot do is modify definitions of protected stats.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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New version (1.2)

New version (1.2) is available.


What's new:

- faster statistics

- fold vs 4bet stat

- built in Nash charts (click on effective stack to display)


After installing the new version go to "Hud - Edit Hud Options", under "Profile Select" delete old version from "Tournament - Active Profile Definitions" and add the new one (Tournament - CoffeeHUD v1.2).

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Really love this :-) Well,

Really love this :-)Well, after my last "hate" post, I feel like I need to also distribute some love - but seriously, I really love your HUD :-)Just a quick question, though: is there an easy way of increasing font size on all the stats ?  I fixed it by manually clicking on all the stats (Ctrl-Click on everything that has the same font) and increasing, but it took me some annoying ~20 mins to do it.  Without that, it was very hard to read the stats on my computer (it had some >1900 pixels in width).I can send you my modified version if you like (next weekend or so, I'm travelling without that computer at the moment), maybe it would be worth to ship a high-res version of the HUD.

butitswrong's picture
Thanks for the good

Thanks for the good words!You can try selecting everything with ctrl+A.No need to send the modified version as we are launcing a new version soon.

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Raise limper

I was curious as maybe I don't use the hud effectivly enough yet, but one stat that I have used alot over the hears is raised limpers.  I see there is a stat for limp raise however I am looking for something to see if my opponet will let me limp or if he is going to be someone that raises alot of limps.
Any way to get something like this?
Or am I just able to add it myself?

coffeeyay's picture
This stat is already in the

This stat is already in the CoffeeHUD--it is called ISO. In the next version (should be released this weekend) there will also be a distinction between shoving over your limp and not (ISO Shove vs ISO NAI).CheersCoffeeyay 

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I'm brand new to HUSNGs and I

I'm brand new to HUSNGs and I purchased this HUD yesterday because I like being on top of everything. I obviously have no sample size yet, but I can 100% see how good this HUD really is. <3 it!

coffeeyay's picture
Glad you <3 it :-) Thanks for

Glad you <3 it :-) Thanks for the kind words.

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This is HUD is

This HUD is incredible. 
Each stat related question I had beforehand is answered with this HUD.
Today was the first day I used the HUD, I succeeded to find countless new spots to exploit that I did not saw without the HUD.
Great job.
Some minor questions (or suggestions for maybe future updates)
- is it possible to set-up somewhere to show the mucked hands a bit longer ?
- is it possible to set-up somewhere to show the result of mucked hands in # of big blinds instead of in chips ?
- is it possible to add the total number of hands BB shoved in total as extra blue number 0-8 bb as it would be nice to figure out the sample size without having to hover over?
- how can I easyly delete the 30+ line as I only play Stars hypers

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It Works!

I upgraded and the hud is running awesome.  Thanks for the help and great job making it.  I am so much less frustrated playing the game now.  Ill tell other regs that its the nuts for ya.  GL at the tables.  

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Great HUD!

Ive always wanted stats like this, but ive been way to lazy/unskilled w/ PT4 to put it together. After using it for the past week, Id feel naked with HUD, especially the Effective Stack stats. Its a great tool. Over all its well worth the $100. Thanks Coffee!

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Does it work with FTP?

Does it work with FTP?


coffeeyay's picture
Yep works with every site ;)

Yep works with every site that PT4 works with ;)

thisisparta's picture

for PROBE it says "bet on turn after missed flop cbet, bet on river after missed turn cbet"
does the river value act on the assumption of a flop cbet then turn check or not or is it independent from the flop cbet from hero?

butitswrong's picture
Probe river is when flop cbet

Probe river is when flop cbet was made but turn cbet wasn't.

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Hands Played

Hey,just got the Coffe HUD, that's really great.I have only one problem with that, couldn't find the option that  if I have more then 1000 hand on enemy, the Hands Played form to be for example '1.2k' instead of '1238'. It could save some space for me.Cheers

butitswrong's picture
You would have to change the

You would have to change the 'Hands' statistic to 'Hands Abbreviated'. 

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Can I change color coding without affecting future updates?

Greetings I am switching over from 6max cash to HU SnG. I am planning on purchasing your HUD. I have the following question. Can I change the color of the individuals stat without messing up anything, such as future updates.
I am usually trying to do one of two things. 1) Attacking opponents and trying to get them to fold when I have junk 2)value betting opponent when I have a value hand.
I use Green, Yellow and Red when attacking opponents. Green means in this situation attack will with any two cards. Yellow means use caution, attack but not with any two cards. Red means don't attack in this situation, vaule bet only.
When vaule betting I use Gold, Silver, Bronze and Grey. Gold means in this situation bet large opponent will call. Silver means in this situation opponent will call reasonable size bets. Bronze means in this situation opponent will only call small bets.  Gray means in this situation don't bet, opponent will bet for you.
I would like to use these colors since I already know them.

butitswrong's picture
Changing color coding

Changing color coding parameters is fairly easy in PT4.

jackziyang's picture
Size of HUD/text

I bought this a few days ago as it is clearly the nuts. 
Unfortunately I am unable to use it as the font and the HUD in general is way too big and does not scale to the size of the table. I need to be able to play 4 tables, but with this HUD I cannot even play one (playing on laptop). Maybe this is more of a PT4 question but I really can't work out how to do it. I think I can change the text size one-by-one, but obv not going to change 100 different stats manually.
Any help greatly appreciated. Really want to start using this asap

butitswrong's picture
You can select all the stats

You can select all the stats on one group with ctrl+A and then change them all smaller with one go.

mjanos54's picture
hero stats

I have purchased the Hud and it works fine, the only problem on Ongame (sometimes on Cake too) i always have to postition to the right place the Hud it does not save the appearance even if i  save it.
My main question is that how can is see my own stats on that detailed HUD? How can i be the villain ? :)

butitswrong's picture
First one is a PokerTracker

First one is a PokerTracker issue. Please submit a support ticket here.
For the second one you need to assign all the relavant HUD groups to 'everyone' using the HUD editor.

vherreral's picture
coffeehud with PT4 trial version

Hi, do all the coffeehud stats work with the pt4 trial version??


butitswrong's picture
CoffeeHUD can't be used with

CoffeeHUD can't be used with the trial version of PT4 (as far as I know).

Fludae's picture

Just wanted to post and say thanks to HUSNG, Coffeeyay, and butitswrong. Been playing with the HUD for a couple days now and am very pleased with it. Worth every penny.

Oliverrrrr's picture
How do i hrink the size of my

How do I shrink the size of my stats? they are too big for my tables on my osx...Please help

butitswrong's picture
Do you have the "Allow Vector

Do you have the "Allow Vector Scaling" ticked under advanced HUD options? This option should automatically change the size of the whole HUD respectfully to the poker client table size.

RyPac13's picture
Update on the limp trap stat

Update on the limp trap stat - Limp Trap (LTR) stat only records instances when the hand goes to showdown. This is the only stat on the HUD that works this way.
Thanks to PokerTracker for pointing this out to us recently.

klifhanger63's picture
V 2.0

I see that v 2.0 is now out, and there are quite some new stats. Its cool actually cause just last time i was wondering if some of these stats exist, that were now added. It would be still nice to have all the new stats explained . Sorry if they allready are, and i missed it :)

RyPac13's picture
We're going to do a big

We're going to do a big announcement about it tomorrow (including details on how users from prior to October can get updated on the new system), that will explain what was added and changed for the update.
I wanted to first release it to make sure that it worked on the new system (it's the first update on the new system) before making a big announcement, in case it did not update correctly (it appears to have worked fine though).
Expect this post to go up in the next 16-24 hours on the main page.
Glad to hear you're enjoying it!

Lawboyy's picture
What difference is between

Hello. I've just bought PT 4 and planning on using CoffeHUD on both Mac + Windows (Got a MAC but sometimes switches to Windows XP through a parallell)

Simply I want to be able to use the HUD on both operative systems but on the same computer. Is this viable? 


Also - what differs from the CoffeHUD on the Pokertracker HUD-site, and this version that is for sale here? 
(https://www.pokertracker.com/custom/hud) <-- Top of the site




Student who eventually gonna crush. Just learning. PM if u need a analyze-buddy.

RyPac13's picture
Your CoffeeHUD License will

Your CoffeeHUD License will follow your PT4 license, so wherever you run PT4 on your computer, the CoffeeHUD will show up.

As for differences, there are dozens of custom stats, a better interface. The CoffeeHUD Lite is really just a skeleton version of the CoffeeHUD.

Check out some of our CoffeeHUD videos, particularly Coffeeyay's last video (in the free poker videos forum), to see the full CoffeeHUD in action.